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Written by Arlene S. Lane

When we talk about small house pets we often don’t consider them “exotic pets” but things can be drastically different than you can expect. While small pets such as tiny rodents and guinea pigs are common, there are some of the best exotic pets that are compact, quiet, and many times don’t require any outdoor space. 

This simply means those who have small living space and cannot afford a special exotic pet enclosure can opt for such exotic pets for beginners. You can also consider them because it is highly unlikely that they won’t cause any damage to your home. Also, they happened to be the quietest pets so they won’t bother your neighbors. However, in our list, there are some names that might be intimidating at first but they are cute and fun to own. 

Why These Exotic, Small House Pets?

In the big cities, people often tend to live in small spaces mainly in apartments where having a backyard or front yard is out of the question. Also, because of the nature of their living, having a cat or dog isn’t easy, not only because of space but because of their active nature danger may be lurking around (falling them or throwing out something) so this is where these small exotic pets come in handy.  

Finding the right small exotic pets can be a daunting task. We have made 12 of the best exotic pets for small living that aren’t just easy to maintain but they will not put any burden on your small living. So continue reading the following for a better idea.

  1. Hedgehogs

If you are looking for unique but small house pets then hedgehogs can be a good option. It is like owning a pet with built-in acupuncture needles? Hedgehogs are one of those small exotic pets that will win your heart with their adorable, quill-covered backs. They’re quiet, low-maintenance, and don’t need a massive enclosure. Just make sure they have enough space to roll around and explore.

  1. Sugar Gliders

Sugar Gliders can be good cage pets without a doubt. They are like the party animals of the small pet world. These marsupials are tiny and fit snugly in your pocket, which is perfect for those who can’t resist carrying their exotic pets everywhere. They’re social creatures, so be prepared for some lively company. Just make sure they have a buddy for company because they’re best enjoyed in pairs.

  1. Chinchillas

Looking for a small pet with a luxurious fur coat that even fashionistas would envy? Say hello to chinchillas! This cute pet for kids is a fantastic critter and has an incredibly soft body. They love to hop around, and their quiet demeanor makes them perfect for small living spaces. Though a lint roller would be a good idea it would comparatively lower than the cat or dog’s fur.

  1. Tarantulas

Well, they aren’t really cage pets and not even a usual pet for many. I know what you’re thinking – spiders as pets? Well, if you can get past the creepiness factor, tarantulas are intriguing and exotic. They are quite unique pets. Also, if you want the quietest pets for your small apartment then get them now. They are also low-maintenance and don’t need much space. Just make sure to keep their enclosures secure – we don’t want any accidental escape artists!

  1. Ferrets

Ferrets are like small tornadoes of curiosity. These small house pets are full of energy but not destructive. These playful little mammals will keep you on your toes with their boundless energy. This is one of those cute pets for kids that is highly interactive and will have your kid laughing at their antics. Just make sure you have plenty of toys to keep them entertained.

  1. Hermit Crabs

If you want to own truly unique pets then why not these eight-legged cuties? Hermit crabs are travelers in the small pet world. They carry their homes on their backs, making them perfect for nomadic owners (just kidding, they won’t actually leave your house). These tiny-shelled pets are low-maintenance, and watching them change shells is like witnessing a quick-change artist in action.

  1. Axolotls

Axolotls are like the water-based superheroes of the small pet kingdom. These aquatic creatures are cute, unique, and absolutely fascinating to watch. They’re relatively low-key, but their underwater antics will keep you glued to their tank for hours.

  1. Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

Okay, before you run away in terror, hear us out. They are one of the best small exotic pets for kids that can give your child an opportunity to learn about insects. Madagascar hissing cockroaches might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they are incredibly low-maintenance. They don’t fly, don’t bite, and they even hiss – making them a conversation starter like no other. Just don’t expect them to fetch your newspaper.

  1. Stick Insects

Stick insects are the camouflage kings of the insect world. These creatures look like, well, sticks! They’re quiet, fascinating to observe, and require minimal attention. If you want a small exotic pet that blends seamlessly into your home, these little guys are it.

  1. Pygmy Goats

While they aren’t also cage pets they are unique on their own. Pygmy goats are definitely unique and tiny enough to be considered small house pets. They’re not just for farms anymore! These pint-sized goats are friendly, and charming, and will munch away on your lawn. Just make sure your neighbors are on board with the idea.

  1. Parrots

Parrots are the colorful chatterboxes of the small pet world. They come in various sizes, but the smaller ones like budgies and lovebirds are perfect for small living spaces. They’re smart, and entertaining, and some can even mimic your voice. Just be prepared for the occasional noisy outburst.

  1. Snakes

For those who crave something truly exotic, snakes might be the way to go. They’re silent, don’t take up much space, and their unique beauty is a conversation starter. Just ensure you do your homework on their care requirements because these cold-blooded buddies have some specific needs.

  1. Frogs and Toads

Frogs and toads are like nature’s sound machines. Their soothing croaks can create a zen-like ambiance in your home. They’re easy to care for and come in various sizes and colors. Just be prepared for some hopping around during feeding time!

  1. Hamsters

Hamsters may be more common as small pets, but they’re worth a mention for their adorable antics. These tiny furballs are perfect for kids and beginners. They’re relatively low-maintenance and come in different breeds, each with its own unique charm.

  1. Miniature Pigs

Miniature pigs have taken the pet world by storm. They’re cute, intelligent, and can be litter-trained like cats. While they’re not as small as some other entries on our list, they’re certainly smaller than a standard pig. Just be ready for their mischievous side.

Final Words

Now that we’ve explored this motley crew of small house pets, you’re probably wondering which one suits your lifestyle and preferences best. Keep in mind that while these exotic small pets are unique, they still require proper care and attention. Research their needs, consult with experienced owners, and ensure you’re ready for the responsibility.

In the end, whether you choose a pocket-sized sugar glider, a quill-covered hedgehog, or a hissing cockroach, these small house pets will add a touch of the extraordinary to your everyday life. So, go ahead and embark on this exciting journey with your new, not-so-traditional companions. They may be small, but their personalities are larger than life, and they’ll bring endless joy to your home. Brose our further pet care guides and tips to become a better pet parent.

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