Things to Know Before Adopting a Pet Bird

Adopting a Pet Bird
Written by Arlene S. Lane

Adopting a Pet Bird can be an exciting experience. But this does come with great responsibility as well. When it comes to owning one of the cutest pets to own that looks and makes you feel good then birds quickly come to mind. They are one of the most famous types of pets in the united states among dogs, cats, and freshwater fish.

People like to own the birds because of their colorful persona and fun-loving nature. A huge number of people thinking about Adopting a Pet Bird.  If you want to adopt the birds then there are several shelters around your neighborhood where you can adopt pet birds. However, there are several things to consider before you adopt the birds. 

Adopting Or Buying A Bird

Before adopting a pet bird, it is important to make sure that you are ready to make the commitment to care for the bird properly. You should research the breed of bird that you are interested in adopting, as well as the type of cage and other supplies you will need. You should also consider the costs associated with adoption, such as food, veterinary care, and other supplies. Additionally, you should consider the amount of time and energy you have to devote to caring for the bird. Here is what you know.

What Do you Need For A Pet Bird?

To properly care for a pet bird, you will need a large cage, food and water dishes, perches, toys, a cage cover, bird food, a bird bath, and a birdsafe area for it to fly around. Additionally, you will need to be prepared to clean the cage regularly and provide regular veterinary care for your bird. Other things you need before owning a bird include:

1. A suitable bird cage,
2. Bird food and water dishes,
3. A bird bath,
4. Bird toys,
5. A perch,
6. Bird treats,
7. A bird-safe environment,
8. A veterinarian and
9. A commitment to providing proper care, love, and attention.

Some Behaviors Can Be Disruptive

Birds love to make noises. So when it comes to owning a bird it also means getting used to loud chirping and tweeting sounds. It is in their nature. Some may find their chirping and vocalization attractive. However, some may find it irritating. If you get irritated with the sounds then you will need to have them in mind before owning them. You will need to commit to that. Also, they like to do this early in the morning and you will need to bear it. If you don’t get up early in the morning then you will need to modify your behavior accordingly.

One of the most helpful tips before adopting a bird is to understand its behavior. Some birds also have weird behavioral problems such as screaming and trying to rip their cages apart. If your bird is acting like this then you should contact your vet asap because it can be a medical problem. On the other hand, it can be just stress or a reaction to boredom. You will need to spend time with them every day because they are intelligent and like to be mentally stimulated.

Medical Issues With Humans

People with compromised immune systems should take care of certain health issues such as Chlamydiosis (psittacosis) and avian tuberculosis before buying a bird. They can be transferred from birds to humans through air. This can cause some serious illnesses. Also, feather dust that will be shed continuously by birds which is the feather particles can cause asthma or other respiratory condition in some people. Before adopting a pet bird, you can opt for HEPA-type air filters in your home for the rooms with birds for allergy control caused by birds.

Adopting A Bird Means Lots Of Attention

One of the best tips before adopting a bird would be to have free time. So when you are thinking about buying a bird then you will need to understand the fact that birds are social creatures and they do not want to live alone. If a human has adopted one then it will need to provide a good amount of time to them.

The time isn’t just about cleaning the cage and feeding the birds but it is also about socializing with them as well. Not only it is beneficial for their mental stimulation but they can learn some good habits from their humans as well.

It’s a Life-Long Responsibility

Birds such as parrots come with a longer life span. Depending on the species you have got, they may live up to 25 years. So it simply means if you are thinking about adopting a pet bird then it will e a lifelong responsibility. One of the most useful Tips before adopting a bird like this would be, just to put your social media away for a moment. You will never have to be regret on this

They Are Active Pets

One of the best things about adopting a pet bird is that they are active by nature. They love to fly around and play around while flying. This is the reason why you should provide them with a separate room where they can move and play without any problem. A simple small room with some swings, small platforms, covered windows and no interruptions from other pets (dogs, cats, etc) will greatly be helpful for them as they can continue learning to fly. This will help them to get rid of boredom as well. If you have clipped the wings of your bird then they can climb, swing and flap as well if you have added climbing structure, toys, and space.

Messy and Noisy

Though it has been mentioned earlier that they can be noisy and they like to vocalize full day, however, you should also consider the mess they made as well. Loud sounds (depends) is the part of their socializing so there isnt nothing you can do about this. Pet birds like Parrots, including lovebirds, parakeets, and cockatiels, can be noisy and messy and may even show destructive behavior.

Also, they like to eat a small amount of food the whole day and poop out accordingly. They want to chew and shred wood from trees to any wood furniture to even wooden toys and frames, as this is their natural instinct so you will need to consider this before owning a bird.

Sensitive Respiratory System

When it comes to air quality then birds are one of the most sensitive pets toward air quality. Unlike other animals and humans, they replace the entire available air in their lungs with new air when they breathe. Because there isn’t any air left in the lungs so they transfer more oxygen and more pollutants every time they breathe.

Birds shouldn’t be exposed to unhealthy smoke types such as tobacco smoke, cleaners, perfumes, hairsprays, etc. Sometimes a small amount of toxic air can result in immediate death. Birds should never be exposed to tobacco smoke, Exposure to some toxic inhalants can cause immediate death; chronic exposure to other toxic can lead to premature death. So, consider your environmental situation before buying a bird.

Importance of Light and Sleep

One of the most important things to know before owning a pet bird is its exposure to light and sleep. Birds will require direct exposure to UVA and UVB rays and sunlight. Though some pet owners will just place the cage in front of windows, the window can block some important UV rays necessary for synthesizing vitamin D for their bone health.  The most practical tips before adopting a bird and for its better sleep they should have at least 10 hours of darkness and a quiet environment.

Regular Visits to the Vet

One of the major parts of Adopting a Pet Bird is to take care of its health.  If you want to make your pet birds look good then don’t overlook this. So you can become a responsible pet owner. Due to any reason, pet birds may grow some health conditions that you can’t even think about. Regular visits to the vet will let you know the best health conditions of the pet bird. You can learn about their food routine, recipes, and the best possible food combination to boost their immune system.


When it comes to adopting a bird then you should know that these little feathery fellows require way more care and attention than cats and dogs. Make sure to understand everything before adapting the birds. If you are wondering what do you need for a pet bird or what do you need to know before owning a bird then follow this blog and you will get constant updates about tips and tricks for pet birds and other pets.

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