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Dog Neuter- Best Time For Dog To Spay Or Neuter

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Written by Arlene S. Lane

dog neuter or dog spaying is one of the most searched topics of the pet dog owners in the USA. Though those dog owners who have bought their dog from the shelter will get a dog who has already been spayed or neutered. However, if you have bought your dog from a pet shop or elsewhere then you must be wondering if dog spay should be your first priority. If you have some unique dog breeds that you want to breed then the dog owner will not want to neuter a dog. But most dog owners in the USA will not use their pet dog as a breed dog so they may want their dog spayed. But before we go any further let’s discuss some important things.

The Dog Neuter Or Spaying

If you are new to this then you may want to know the basic of dog neuter or spaying. In simple words, it is the process of removing reproductive organs among dogs so they will not have any offspring in the future. Neuter a dog is a process done on male dogs while it is known as spaying in female dogs. Dog neuter and spaying is a healthy procedure among dogs. While there are some precautions before going to neuter a dog, this procedure involves lots of health benefits if done at the right time. 

As a caring pet dog owner, you may want to see your pet dog healthy, happier, and live longer without any pet health emergencies which is why you may want your dog spayed by professionals. Also, in a shelter home for dogs, neutering and spaying can be useful in controlling the population. But there are several benefits involved and here is what you need to know.

Best Age For Dog Neutering

When it comes to nurturing the dog then first you should know that there isnt any serious health concerns observed by neutering the dog at as early as 6 months. While some experts claim that early neutering may cause joint problems but they haven’t been observed on a serious level among most dog breeds. So the answer for what age to neuter dog is as early as 6 months old. It is considered quite a good age for the dog neuter process. In the same way, you may want to know when to spay female dog then they should be around 5-6 months old or when they are about to get their first heat.

If you have a large dog breed then you may want to wait for them to stop growing. They can wait to be nurtured or spayed until they reach the age of 9-15 months old. On the other hand, the dog spay process for females is suitable when they are 5-15 months old. Keep in mind that dogs weighing under 45 lbs as an adult are considered small breed dogs and those more than 45 lbs as an adult are large dog breeds.

Consider checking the following chart for a better idea.

Dog Breed Size And Sex Best Age To Spay/Neuter
Small-breed male dog 6 months old
Small-breed female dog 5-6 months old

Large-breed male dog

9-15 months old

Large-breed female dog

5-15 months old

If you still are nervous about when to spay a dog then you can consult with your vet to have a better idea about when to spay a dog. You should clear your concerns to have peace of mind.

Limit Of Age To Spay or Neuter Dog

“No” There isn’t any specific age limit to dog neuter if your dog’s health is good. Pet dog owners are usually concerned because it is a minor surgery and requires anesthesia. Most American pet dog owners will not want to let their pet dog go for general anesthesia. There is a minor risk associated with anesthesia but it shouldn’t even be a thing among healthy dogs.

And yes, the cost is another concern for them as well when they want their female dog spayed. The cost is just one time and that too isnt high for most dog owners. However, most vets will just look for any health issues among dogs before taking the dogs for anesthetics. 

What Are The Benefits Of Going For A Dog Neuter Process?

If you are wondering if you should go for a dog spay process then continue reading the following for a better idea.

Elimination of Animal Over Papulation

This shouldn’t come as a surprise that our planet is heavily overpopulated. But when we talk about overpopulation then this isnt just about humans but animals as well. You will be surprised how important dog neuter and spaying are considered because almost every year over 1 million healthy but unwanted dogs and cats are because of a lack of shelters and diet facilities. The procedure of neuter a dog is the best way to cope with such animal overpopulation problems to create a balance.

Behavioral Benefits

There are some problematic behavior issues among dogs that we all have witnessed. Most of them can be treated by going through the dog neutering process. You should know when to spay a dog if your male or female dog keeps running away and looking for mates. If your dog is having problems like marking their territory by urinating or having trouble living with other male dogs then going for a dog neuter can be a good solution to solve the issue.

Decrease The Risk of Certain Cancers and Infections

Your pet dog can develop a certain type of cancer or may get an infection in its reproductive tract. Process of female dog spaying at earlier ages or before its first heat can eliminate the probability of mammary cancer in female dogs by as low as 95%.

Not only just that, but a huge number of female dogs are also at risk of another condition pyometra which is a uterine infection. It is also common in unspayed adults and older dogs. Dog neuter and spaying can eliminate the risk of testicular cancer in male dogs as well. 

– No More Heat Cycles

A female dog spay process can also eliminate the heat cycles in female dogs. So, not having heat cycles means there will not be any:

Yellowish discharge

Bloody discharge from the vagina


Unpredicted behavior issues

Are There Any Risks In The Process Of Dog Neuter And Spaying?

The process of dog neuter and spaying involves surgery and it involves anesthesia. Anesthesia involves some health risks among dogs but only when the dog has some underlying health issues. So, it is best to talk to your vet before going for a dog neuter so they have a good diagnosis first. 

Also, you may want to neuter a dog that is adult or older. It can be risky for them due to their underlying health issue. They will get a thorough diagnosis first before going for neutering. 

A very small risk of urinary incontinence or cancer after neutering has been reported in some studies. However, those studies are done on a very small scale. There haven’t been any associated serious health issues among them after neutering.


Deciding whether or not to neuter a dog is an important choice that pet owners must make. It’s important to reduce the number of unwanted pets and prevent unnecessary euthanasia. However, it’s also important to consider the dog’s future health when determining the best time to neuter. So, it’s a good idea to have a thorough chat with your vet about when is the best age for dog neutering. They can help you make an informed decision about what’s right for your furry friend. Check out our more dog care tips and tricks to take care of your furry fella in the most effective way possible.

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