Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats?

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats
Written by Arlene S. Lane

15 Reasons Why They Might Be

We all have seen beetle of sexes, music genres or movie genres what is better? But, forget all because the latest rage topic nowadays on the internet is “ why dogs are better than cats”. The Internet is filled with posts, videos, and memes with this. There are cat people who love cats because they are small and cute but on the other hand don’t care about the world, (to be honest, they are much like those plastics in mean girls’ movies to me). On the other hand, there are Dog people who love dogs because they are easy to train, they can make you laugh, and though a little messy again they are worthy to be kept as pets. So which is better dogs or cats? Not biased, this article will let you understand why I believe that ” why dogs are better than cats” as pets rather with proof. Just continue reading below.

Why Dogs Are Better Pets Than Cats

Following is my take on dogs vs cats or why dogs are better pets than cats. Remember this is just my personal opinion.

1- Your Life Matters To Them

Now, this is something that you all will have to agree on when it comes to why dogs are better than cats. And this isn’t just about Hollywood movies where dogs are always shown as heroic but there are documentaries and real-life stories where we witnessed how dogs put their lives in line to save their owner’s life. On the other hand, cats will flee to safety if anything happened to their owners. While some will argue that this is because of the small size of the cats but the fact is, several small pieces of bread from dogs that have the same size as the cats will still stand for their owner’s life. It won’t be wrong to say that when it comes to dogs vs cats, then it isn’t just about the size but the willingness of the pet to save what they love.

2- Dogs Are Funnier Than Cats

If you wonder which is better dogs or cats then I prefer dogs. Don’t get me wrong here. Cats can be funnier but how many times you have seen cats doing funny things as randomly and commonly as Dogs? This is why Dogs are way funnier when it comes to dogs vs cats. In several pieces of research, it has been found that dog owners tend to laugh more than cat owners. Even those who don’t own a cat will admit they found dogs much funnier than Cats. On the other hand, Cat is just there standing or sitting staring at you or will just randomly freak out and hide somewhere.

3- Dogs Are More Outdoor Friendly Than Cats

Another reason why dogs are better than cats is that they love the outdoors and by outdoor means, games and there are plenty of fun interactions for dogs with their owners. If you visit your nearest local park then you can notice how many cat owners have come with their cats and how many dogs are there. We all know how they love playing “fetch” or just playing around with little butterflies. They love to play games and have fun whenever they will get the opportunity. They love to spend time with their owner. However, this is somewhat the opposite with the cats. They do like to play but for a little time and this doesn’t include them having interactions with their owner.

4- Dogs Can Help You Make Friends

Dogs are way better conversation starters among humans than cats. They win the spot in our list of “which are better dogs or cats ” debates. While cats may look cute but how many times you have seen a cat owner friendly with a stranger? Though it may be possible it isn’t as common as with Dogs. In a study, it was found that strolling around with a dog was a much better way to have a conversation with strangers than walking alone. People will often chat around with those with dogs than cats in parks or while strolling around. Another reason why dogs are better pets than cats.

5- They Are More Expressive

If you ask me who is better dog or cat If you own a dog then it would be easier to tell how your dog is feeling by just looking at its face. This can be one of the best reasons why dogs are better than cats. Though animals, in general, can show their expressions. So cats and dogs, in general, can show their emotions. While it is visible on your dog’s face, you will need to see your cat’s face to see how it is feeling. No, it doesn’t mean cats aren’t expressive but the level of expression that makes its owner comfortable isn’t as good as that of Dogs. You can easily notice the happiness on your Dog’s face more than on the cat’s face.

6- More Useful To Humans

This may not be one of the best reasons why dogs are better than cats. Because Dogs have a long history to stay closer to humans and they have been very useful for humans as well. They can get involved in different activities with humans such as hunting, fetching, protecting lands, being helpful to shepherds, protecting the owner’s life, and even being great nannies by giving company to babies. In other words, these are the reasons why dogs are better than cats and though cats are there as well they haven’t been that much more active for the owners like the dogs except for being a rodent controller or leg huggers.

7- Dogs Have More Varieties

Ever wonder how many dog breeds are there? This is what every dog owner thinks and enjoys owning a dog as a pet. This is another reason to start the argument regarding who is better dog or cat! There are different kinds of dog breeds according to geography and environment. While cats with smaller sizes may adjust in the household, not everyone will look for a small-sized pet and this is where dogs excel. Dogs come in different sizes. So if you need Dogs then you will find them in different sizes. This can be a greater reason why dogs are better than cats for someone who wants a unique dog as a pet. So, if you need to own a small size dog then there are dogs that will not change their size even when they grow up and there are larger-sized breeds as well for those looking for larger-sized dogs.

8- They Act Better on Commands

Now, this is something we all have witnessed in our lives. One of the best reasons why dogs are better than cats is their learning nature. Cats don’t really act well when it comes to teaching them about commands, compare to dogs. It is easier to teach them how to dance or roll over, sit, play dead and different others. Not only they can entertain greatly both kids and adults. On the other hand, cats are hard to train. They don’t act as well as dogs can.  

9- They Can Make You Feel Welcomed

Who doesn’t want to feel welcome when entering their house? If you wonder who is better in the dogs vs cats discussion then you may already know who can make you feel welcome when you just enter your home. Just when you get back from your job or from your tour after a few days then the dog will be just there waiting for you to welcome. From exciting barks to tail wiggles, it is hard to ignore the excitement that they will have right when they see their owner. And this is something that you will see with the cats. They might come to you and sit on your lap but it depends on their mood. So it’s up to you to decide who is better dog or cat!

10- Great Service Animals

Now, this is something that you surely already know. If someone needs a service pet then the only reliable choice would be a dog because the current federal rule states that only a dog can be a service animal. People with impaired vision, elders living alone, or people with some sort of disabilities from sensory, psychiatric, or mental disability, where they can’t go out without a companion then they will be provided with a companion dog.

This is because there are dog breeds that are easy to train for this purpose. They can help them go out for groceries, go to a park, or just for a walk. This is another good reason why dogs are better pets than cats. Cats, because of their nature are hard to train and they are not allowed on domestic airlines anymore. In this scenario ask anyone who is a better dog or a cat and the answer will be obvious.

11- No Litterbox For Dogs

Cats even with their small size aren’t good at keeping their surroundings clean themselves only. Take the litter box for instance. Ask any cat lover and they probably will hate to own the litter box. Place it anywhere in the house but the odor will still be there. Also, if you have a small house then it is practically impossible to place the litter in a good place.

On the other hand, dogs can be trained for outdoor potty and urination. If you are going for a walk with your dog then you can use a poop bag for dogs to keep the walkway clear. Also, you can set a schedule for the dogs for their nature call. So compare the pee and poop that will happen outside with cat litter and you will definitely understand why dogs are better than cats!

12- Helpful In Having an Active Lifestyle

When it comes to who is a better dog or a cat to maintain an active lifestyle then the obvious winner is a dog. Cats tend to stay at home and they do what they want to do at home. Or if you take them outside, they will want to do their own stuff. Though some people have been seen to take their cat out with a harness on that is very uncommon. On the other hand, when it comes to dogs ten they just love the outdoors. They want to do exercise so as a dog owner, you can get them to go with you to have some exercise. They can be trained to become your workout partner. Some dogs can be trained to run with bicycles and they can be taken to hiking as well. They can promote an active lifestyle as they can participate in their own sports such as agility, flyball, disc, and diving. They are best to fulfill their mental and physical requirement of staying fit.

13- Detect Diseases Like Cancer

We all know dogs have a better sense of smell, This is why they are the greatest companions while going on a hunt or sniffing drugs by law enforcers, especially at airports. Breeds like bloodhounds aren’t just good for hunting small rabbits but their enhanced sense of smell can largely useful in sniffing the chemicals that may exist in cancers such as ovarian cancer.

14- They Are Controllable

Do you know why dogs are better pets than cats, it is because of how controllable they are. This isn’t easy when you own a cat. Cats don’t like when you try to control them. They will go wherever they will want to go. They can break while crossing from precious china crockery to glass decor everything. And those furballs can just be disgusting when you get in touch with them while walking barefoot. Though dogs can also cause destruction. However, you can train them to stay in their place or not to run around the house. You can cat-train your dog so that your dog will connoisseur its place special only and will spend its time, making the environment controlled and clean.

15- They Can Change Your Life

If you have been living a lazy or lifeless routine then a dog can hugely impact your life. To live an active life with an active companion, having a dog would be a great option. You will have to take him out for a walk almost daily. During that time, you can meet people around you or people with their pets taken out for a walk. You can socialize with them. In other words, you will feel your life is hugely changed by owning a dog.

Facts Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

1. Dogs are more loyal and loving, often forming deep and lasting bonds with their owners.
2. Dogs are more social and easier to train than cats.
3. Dogs are usually more playful and active than cats.
4. Dogs can provide protection, as they are more likely to bark when an intruder is present.
5. Dogs are better for people with allergies, as their fur is less likely to cause reactions.
6. Dogs can be taken for walks and hikes, which can be beneficial for both their physical and mental health.
7. Dogs can detect changes in their environment and alert their owners if something is amiss.
8. Dogs can help reduce stress and anxiety, as they are known to be calming and comforting.

Bottom Line

If you ever wanted to own a pet and wonder Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats then this article will surely be helpful in this regard. And once again, this isn’t a biased one, or I ain’t an anti-cat person. But these are the facts about why dogs are better than cats you are more likely to agree with them. In the end, it is up to your personal preference. All you need is a pet that can make you feel comfortable and suits your lifestyle. Follow our pet care blog to learn more about dogs.

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