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Cats Age
Written by Arlene S. Lane

How to determine your cats age is an age-old question that often cat owners search for. It can be hard to determine Cats’ Ages. Because cats have some mystical aura around them even when they aren’t your pet. They just walk around without taking care of what their owner is trying to say, unlike dogs. One of the most amazing things about cats is their looks they look cute for longer and it is hard to tell if they are aging. You might have heard the saying that one year of a cat’s life is equal to seven human years. But do you know this myth is believed by most pet owners whether it is a cat or dog?

So why does this happen? why is it important for me to know “how to tell cat age” It was thought that one year or seven years, the calculation for both a cat and a dog’s life which is mostly “one year to seven years” was created simply to demonstrate a dog or cat’s age or to simply display how faster our pets age?

When it comes to determining “what Your cat’s age cats” or “how to know your cat age” most of us will believe in this myth but the truth is that our pets age much faster. So, how do you calculate your pet’s age, especially the cat’s age? Let’s dig in

How to Determine Your Cat’s Age?

Whatever they have to claim, the fact is this 1:7 ratio is quite misleading. While determining cat age keep in mind the fact that Cats age faster in their first two years. Then the aging process gets slower and steadily after that. So you must be wondering how veterinarians understand the cats age calculator set by humans.

The AAHA states have their own set of rules and guidelines that are based on the physical changes and changes in behavior when it comes down to a cat’s life stages and these stages are matched to the human life stages. So when it comes to how to determine your cat’s age then a one-year-old cat is much like its 15-year-old human counterpart. Though they have their own living style and life cycles, humans and cats have similar stages of growth and development.

And just like humans and dogs, for instance, the way cat ages will have some variations, or the cycle will be a little different. But compared to the dogs, there is little variation with different breeds of cats and how they age. Among the dogs, we can see that smaller dog breeds have a longer life span but when we look at cats then these variations aren’t large enough that we can contribute to determining the age differences.

Indoor Vs Outdoor Cats Age

This is a somewhat controversial topic for AAHA but the fact is, this play an important role in determining how cats age or determining what your cat’s age is. But this has both reasonable arguments on both sides.

AAHA has to state that indoor cats don’t have to face the trauma and exposure to certain infectious diseases which is why they have a longer life span than outdoor cats and they also don’t have to go through the factors that outdoor factors that an outdoor cat has to such as cats surviving from dogs, searching for food and harsh environmental conditions that also affect the cats age.

Although the outdoor environment is somewhat stimulating and cats can take benefit from it but they are still at a much greater risk to face diseases and trauma which is the reverse is true for them. 

However, to determine your cat’s age it is upto the cat’s parents what sort of lifestyles suit their cat and this will ultimately decide how and in what way your cat will age.

Understading Cats Age

Now discussing the elephant in the room, How to determine your cat’s age. Here is what you need to know.

Cat’s Teeth

In other words, when you are determining the cats age then start by looking at its teeth. if the cat is older then the teeth will be more stained. If your cat has white teeth then it is more like it is younger than one year. If the teeth are yellowish then it is between 1-2 years. When tarter is building up on all the teeth then it is the indicator of 3-5 years of age.

However, certain breeds of cats are more prone to tartar build-up than others. There are different types of diet that also cause tarter. No tarter may also be a sign of good dental care as well. If your cat has missing teeth then this means that your cat is senior. But there can be some health issues as well such as dental surgeries that may also result in the loss of teeth.

Cat’s Eyes

Cats when they are young usually have much brighter and clear eyes without any discharge, but it also depends on their health and breed as well. You may find a jagged iris as the cat ages. If the eyes of your cat seem cloudy then it may also be an indicator of being senior but consider the health condition as well. Some of them may require a quick visit to the vet. There can be some underlying health issues. While determining what your cat’s age is, if you found your cat’s eye watery or cloudy or if it is squinting too often then you should consider visiting your vet as soon as possible as it can cause more discomfort to your cat.

Cat’s Coat

The older the cat is, the thicker, and rough the fur would be. But you should mind that different breed comes with different coat thickness and some naturally have that plain and thick fur according to their age. Just like humans, senior cats have patches of gray and white hair. So when you are wondering what your cat’s age is, mind this fact.

The Muscle Structure

Younger cats have defined and muscular looks and look active. On the other hand, the older the cat is, the sagier skin with a skinny body would be. Also, you can determine cats age as well if their shoulder bones may seem more protruding. 

Why Determining Your Cat’s Age Is Important?

You might be wondering why it is important to know what your cat’s age is. As you may have already known that cats live longer than dogs. Their aging is much different than that of dogs which is why understanding how it will work is also crucial. 

Determining your cats age is crucial as when you will have the idea that they are now in their senior age, you can better take care of them according to their age. You can look for diseases and any other problems that may be caused due to aging. You will be surprised to know that cats can suffer from diseases of arthritis, cancer, and kidney problem while aging.

It is also crucial to understand that determining your cat’s age will also be helpful in understanding its health issues. Also to determine how they should have a proper diet in this regard. You can maintain their appropriate diet for better health even in your senior years. After all, you are a cat parent so it is natural to feel attached to it. You will want to provide good health and lifestyle for its longevity.

The Bottom Line

In the end, it would be right to say that cats can age much more quicker than humans. Especially in their early year. By the age of two, your cat will be 24 years old in human years. However, after two years, you can calculate your cat’s age without any issues. Just add four years for additional years. Make sure to understand your kitty’s age for taking better care according to its age. For further cat care tips and guides, keep browsing our blog for further information.

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