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Tips On Keeping A House Clean With Pets

house clean with pets
Written by Arlene S. Lane

Keeping a house clean with pets is not so easy task. Pets such as dogs and cats are like those naughty balls of energy, full of dirt that will go everywhere that you don’t want them to go which is the cleanest corner in this scenario. Yes, I know that dogs are great pets, they bring joy and happiness into anyone’s life, and families with pet dogs will have an extra dose of entertainment around all the time. While some pet owners may prefer calling the pet friendly cleaning services, not every petowner can afford to call them to clean their house. They can be pricey and you may not know if their service will be worth hiring or not. 

But we believe keeping your house clean with cats, dogs or any other pets shouldn’t be hard and with our simple yet complete guide, you can keep your house clean with pets without having stress.

Embrace the Pet Friendly Cleaning Services

Yes, we talked about this earlier but sometimes calling the pet friendly cleaning services can be a blessing for you. Pet friendly cleaning services are like the superheroes of the cleaning world. They will sweep in and save the day, leaving your home sparkling clean and pet-safe. These professionals understand the unique challenges of keeping a house clean with pets and using products that won’t harm your furry pals.

Just think about coming home to a house that looks and smells like it’s never seen a pet hair in its life! It’s like having a secret cleaning army working its magic while you focus on cuddles and playtime with your pets.

Vacuuming Is Your New Best Friend

Keeping your house clean with pets can be daunting at a point. But house cleaning with pets can be easier with a good vacuum cleaner. It can be your trusty sidekick. Pet hair, crumbs, and dirt can accumulate quickly, and a regular vacuuming routine is essential to keep them at bay. A quality vacuum cleaner designed for pet owners will make short work of even the most stubborn fur.

Think of it this way: vacuuming is like a pet friendly version of the red carpet treatment for your floors. Roll out the carpet and say, “Welcome home, my furry friend.”

Regular Grooming Is Key

Now, let’s talk about the source of most of the mess—your adorable pets themselves! Regular grooming is not just about keeping your pets looking dapper; it also helps to minimize shedding and keeps their fur in check.

Grooming sessions are like spa days for your pets from fur trimming and de-matting the fur to cutting dog’s nails, everything matters. They get pampered, and you get a cleaner home. It’s a win-win situation!

Invest in Pet-Friendly Furniture

You love your pets, but that doesn’t mean you have to let them destroy your furniture. If you want your house clean with pets then invest in pet-friendly furniture that can withstand the wear and tear that comes with having pets around. Look for materials that are easy to clean and resistant to scratches.

Consider it an investment in peace of mind. Plus, pet-friendly furniture often looks just as stylish as its non-pet-friendly counterparts.

Keep Those Paws Clean

Whether it’s a cat or a dog, they love to roam around and explore. This means they will bring in all sorts of outdoor debris and dirt on their paws. To combat this, place a shallow dish of water near the entrance for them to step into and wipe their paws. It’s like a mini pet spa before they enter your clean haven.

However, keeping house clean with cats or dogs with dirty paws can be difficult sometimes as they show a little reluctance. You can dip their paws into the water by yourself. This will calm them down and give them a little treat as this will train them and they will be encouraged for their life.

Use Washable Pet Bedding

Beds for pets can get stained over time. Instead of throwing it all away and buying new beds, why not consider washable bedding instead? Not only is this convenient when your furry pal comes home smelling unpleasant but you can simply throw the bedding in the washing machine when their fur starts getting filthy; then voila: your furry companion now has their very own brand-new bed!

Consider it as the ultimate refresh button for their cozy corner!

Use The Lint Roller

Your house with pets needs a lint roller in order to keep the house clean with pets, making this tool invaluable in fighting pet hair. Keep multiples handy across rooms and give clothes, furniture, and guests quick once-overs with it to remove pet dander before using!

Think of a lint roller as your go-to tool for maintaining professional looks when dealing with pets who insist on sharing their affection (and fur).

Create a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Consistency is key when it comes to house cleaning with pets. Establishing a cleaning schedule will keep things running smoothly and stop the mess from building up over time. Make it part of your routine to tackle tasks such as sweeping, wiping down surfaces, and cleaning litter boxes or pet areas on an ongoing basis.

Consider it your pet-friendly version of an efficient routine, where each task contributes towards maintaining an uncluttered home environment.

Ask the Whole Family

Maintaining a clean clean home with pets that welcomes pets requires a team effort from everyone involved, from your immediate family members and children alike. Make it fun so everyone is on board quickly. Consider it as a bonding experience with an added twist: clean up together while sharing stories and laughing together along the way!

Pet Activities and Distractions

When your pets are bored then chances are they will opt for destructive activities such as tearing sheets, and cushions and even damaging other household stuff like furniture. In such a situation even calling pet friendly cleaning services will not be helpful for your house as they will do it again and again. So what you need is to get the favorite toys of your dog or cat that will not only give them mental stimulation but keep them busy and distract them from other household stuff as well.

Be Patient and Forgiving

Our final note on pet ownership is that, the Pets may be messy, but they bring tremendous joy into our lives – don’t sweat the small stuff, as your furry companions should come first over an immaculate home!

Think about it this way: any minor mess caused by pets in your life is only a minor sacrifice when measured against all they bring into it!

In Conclusion

Well, here it is; our guide for keeping your house clean with pets! By employing pet-friendly cleaning services and regularly performing maintenance on it yourself as well as showing some patience towards them, your home will soon become the envy of all its neighbours!

Remember, creating the ideal environment isn’t about finding perfection; rather it should focus on building loving and comfortable surroundings for both you and your furry family members. Celebrate all that comes with owning pets while embracing any inevitable messes they cause; this way you will enjoy having happy, healthy homes for both humans and furry creatures alike!

Just take time out now to appreciate their company – there’s no cleaning task that compares with their warmth! Check out our more pet car guides and happy pet parenting!

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Arlene S. Lane

Arlene S. Lane is a veterinary technician and hospital manager with over 12 years of experience. Arlene has been contributed expert content to The Pet's Rise for over 10 years.
Arlene has worked in veterinary medicine since 2017. Arlene's veterinary experience ranges from routine wellness care and preventive medicine to emergency and specialty care, where she has performed duties ranging from specialized nursing to clinical administration.

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