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Best Friendliest Rabbit Breeds For Families

Friendliest Rabbit Breeds
Written by Arlene S. Lane

The friendliest rabbit breeds are largely preferred by most people who want to own a pet. Apart from cats and dogs, there is another type of pet animal that is heavily adored by Americans. Rabbit, this cute-looking furry animal can be a great pet but just like every pet animal, not every rabbit breed is a great breed to be kept as a pet.

Selecting the ideal rabbit breed can be difficult because there are so many different types, sizes, colors, personalities, and dietary habits of rabbits. There are 50 unique kinds of rabbits recognized by the (ARBA) American Rabbit Breeders Association, from cute English Lop to jovial Californian rabbits. If you’re thinking about adopting a rabbit, In this post we will talk about the best rabbit breed from the black rabbit breed to long haired one. Here is our list of the friendliest rabbit breeds.

Dutch Lop Rabbit

This tiny bunny is the ideal companion for urban residents. This is one of those friendliest rabbit breeds that have an incredible 14-year lifespan, only weighs four pounds, and have adorable floppy ears. If you have the room, give your Holland Lop a special area where they may peacefully sunbathe, hop around, and keep their toys. It comes in a variety of colors as one can search for a mini lop color chart as well to understand its fur and colors.

Angora French Rabbit

The French Angora is a long-haired rabbits breeds. This rabbit is great to choose if you want one that will stand out! Of course, to keep it tidy and free of mats, their fur also known as wool needs constant care. Being around people is supposed to make them friendlier and sweeter, making them the perfect pet for a couple looking to start a family.

English Spot

After a long history as a show rabbit, this long haired rabbit breed, English Spot was able to readily adjust to life as a house pet, which enabled it to grow used to regular stroking and petting. It is advised that the breed spend a minimum of two hours outside of their cage to relax and hop around. This rabbit will fit well into any home.

Dutch Rabbit

One of the most well-liked breeds is the Dutch, which was created in England in the 1830s. This lively bunny needs to socialize since it can feel depressed if it spends too long in its cage. Its laid-back disposition makes children more than happy to take care of it. It has distinctive long black ears and dark-colored fur which can be recognized at a distance.

English Lop

This is one of those friendliest rabbit breeds which is also known as “the Dog of the Rabbit World” because of its affable, laid-back demeanor. It is also the holder of the record for having the longest ears, thus it is not surprising that this distinctive trait necessitates some upkeep. Their nails must be maintained short, and their ears should be checked frequently so they shouldn’t step on them. They are a bit smaller in size and the mini lop full grown size still looks way shorter compared to its predecessor.

American Rabbit

The calm, pleasant temperament of the unusual breed makes it a fantastic choice for new owners especially if you don’t like the black rabbit breed. However, it is not good for young children to care for them because they are timid and may bite if handled roughly. The American rabbit has a life span of approx 12 years with proper care and nutrition.

Blanc de Hotot

The Blanc de Hotot is not so long haired rabbit breed native to France. It is easily identifiable by the “black eyeliner” kind of look. It makes contrasts with the rest of its white body. Additionally, as long as they grow up with them, these rabbits get along well with kids and other pets. Walking outside and setting aside time to clean their teeth are wonderful opportunities to connect with them.

Belgian Hare Rabbit

The Belgian Hare is one of the oldest breeds, having its origins in the 18th century. It grows best in the open air with lots of hay. It’s a sensitive temperament, which is why you can spook them unless people adequately declare themselves when approaching it.  It is largely to blame for its reputation as high maintenance.

Californian Rabbits

The dense coat of the Cal is a hybrid between a Chinchilla and a Himalayan. This is one of those long-haired rabbit breeds that can spend time both indoors and outside even in snowy environments. The Californian enjoys playing and cuddling with its owner and family despite being famous for acting as a show dog.

Harlequin Rabbit

The Harlequin, known as “the joker of the rabbit world,” enjoys investigating its surroundings, inch by inch, even after having done so a dozen times previously. Kids and first-time owners find them to be one of the ideal friendliest rabbit breeds because of their vivacious personalities.

Lionhead Rabbit

After gaining popularity in Europe, the United States in the 1990s got Lionhead and its mane in the country. This little and not-so-black rabbit breed weighs approximately three pounds and has a lifespan of up to ten years. It is another excellent option for apartment dwellers. Any size family can comfortably accept this small lion into their home.

Tan Rabbit

The Tan originally appeared in England in 1880, and its appeal peaked more than a century later. Although the complete adult breed is inherently vivacious. It is not the preferred choice for little children or the elderly because of their active persona. The energetic rabbit can be challenging to keep up with because it needs a lot of time to move around outside of its cage.

Final Words for Friendliest Rabbit Breeds

Rabbits are great pets! They are social creatures that enjoy being around people and other animals. They are also easy to care even for new pet owners. Rabbits can make great pets for a number of reasons. They don’t require heavy maintenance and they can bond closely with their owners. Rabbits are also relatively quiet unlike other pets like dogs and cats, and they don’t require a lot of space.

Additionally, rabbits are generally very clean animals and you can litter-train them easily. And because you can understand the rabbit’s body language with a little attention, make them a perfect pet for anyone want to be a great pet owner. If you want to own one then make sure to do a little research regarding the friendliest rabbit breeds for families with children. You will surely enjoy owning one. For further information, browse our pet care blog for more information.

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