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How to Keep Your House Clean With Pets

Keep Your House Clean With Pets
Written by Arlene S. Lane

Owning a pet is great. Whether it is a cat or a dog, these furry fellas will make you feel happy and warm, and smell a little odd. Well, kind of if you didn’t care about pet hygiene. However, If you don’t know how to keep your house clean with pets you cannot get rid of certain smells for sure by taking a shower and using some cologne. It won’t be wrong to say that your major concern would be house cleaning with pets. No, you don’t need to give up on your pet because several research studies have shown that people who own a pet are happier than those who don’t.

However, your house environment may not be. But don’t worry, you can keep your house clean with pets and it isn’t as hard as it may seem. You just need to stay active for a while to avoid hair shedding around couches, unexpected loo or urination, or some unpleasant smell from the fur of the dog or cat. Here is how to keep your house clean of dogs or cats.

Keep Your House Clean With Pets

If you want to keep your house clean with pets then one of the basic things to do is to keep the pet clean all the time. If your dog looks dirty and feels like he has got mud after a walk then performing a pet grooming routine would be a great idea. This may sound obvious but the dirt removed through the grooming routine is the dirt you got rid-off from your house. However, you shouldn’t use pet shampoo on daily basis to clean the fur but a simple wash with clean water would work for them.

How to Keep Floor Clean With Dogs?

When it comes to house cleaning with pets, you can keep the damp dog in one room. Instead of wondering how to keep floor clean with dogs just spare some space for your fury fella. A room that you can easily clean such as a bathroom or laundry room. Wet fur can emit a really annoying smell which you can avoid by performing a thorough cleaning.

At least once a week (depending on the season) you should give your dog a wash with pet shampoo. Dogs with heavy fur coats will require trimming and de-shedding either by you if you know the dog grooming tips or by a professional pet groomer.

Vacuum Cleaner for Keeping House Clean With Cats

Vacuum is an essential part of our house cleaning. Even if your dog or cat is a “non-shedding” pet, you will need to use a vacuum constantly for keeping the house clean with dogs. You will not only have to deal with the dog hairs constantly but dirt and debris will also make their way to the house. They will just sit on the paws and fur of the dog. Because dogs and cats shed so you will need to prepare for this. The vacuum cleaner is also recommended for dog owners as well.

Once you have done the vacuum to clean your house, do it once again when your dog is back from the backyard. If this is tiring for you then go for the robot vacuum. It would be greatly helpful in keeping the house clean of cat and dog shedding, mud, dust, and debris. If your concern is how to keep the floor clean with dogs then this can be done with it easy peasy.

– Create A Dog Cleaning Station

You may be in love with the entrance having clean pots for plants and that classic carpet creates a good impression upon entering the house but what about your muddy dog?  Having your beloved stuff right in front of your pets can make house cleaning with pets a little troublesome. Your Danish console table and fiddle-leaf fig might look like the perfect entranceway, but not when you’re armed with a muddy dog. If you own a dog then you will constantly be wondering how to keep the floor clean with dogs. Relax, you can set up a dog cleaning station in an area like the laundry if you have one.

If you don’t then your entry is a good place to have the dog station set. Don’t go overboard with fancy ones. Just use some heavy-duty doormat with wipes, dog towels, and a water spray bottle to clean their paws with mud on it. To make them sit calmly while cleaning, have some treats there as well. 

– Cover Up the Dog Spots

Keeping the house clean with cats is much easier than with dogs. Dogs are pretty resilient pets than cats against the environment. They can sleep anywhere around the house. However, keeping the house clean with dogs will require you to have some spare sheets for your dogs if they have some set spots to sleep around the house.

If you are wondering how to keep your house clean with dogs then dot stress out. You can use these sheets to cover them. This will not only keep your dogs comfortable but will eliminate any dog hairs and scratches on furniture as well. You can then throw the sheets in the washing machine with the regular laundry for an easy wash.

– Keeping Your Pet’s Belonging Clean

Whether it’s a dog or cat, whatever belongs to them should be cleaned regularly. To keep the house fresh with cats it is crucial to clean the toys, pet beds and everything that needs to get in contact with as several of them can carry a strong cat or dog odor. It would be great if they can be washed with the machine.

On the other hand, you can wash them in the sink by hand as well. If you live in an area with sunny days most of the time then this chore can be done on any day. Also, a sun-dry would be helpful in killing the bad odor and this is how to keep your house clean with cats and even dogs.

 – Wash The Paws

One of the best ways to keep your house clean with pets is to keep their paws clean. This can be helpful in keeping the mud, dust, and debris away from the floors. On a good weather day, you can keep an inch or two of water outside of the house and put the paws of your pet inside. Then put them on a dry sheet or dog towel to dry them off. However, you can use a dog paw washer alternatively to get the paws clean.

– Upgrade The Sofa

Keeping away your pooch from your sofa may not be easy. Especially he is too much into spending time with you watching Netflix or big-game. If you are stressing over how to keep your house clean with dogs then you will need to look for alternate ways regarding sofas. However, if your sofa is made of a material that traps odor inside or attracts too much hair then it would be a lot hassled to clean that sofa. And it will make your room look dirty all the time.

If you are thinking about keeping house clean with cats and dogs then consider buying a couch that is made of material that doesn’t attract dog or cat hairs. It should easily be cleaned without much effort. Also, it would be nicer if you get a sofa that is close to the color of the pet’s fur. Alternatively, you can keep a pet-friendly throw blanket for your pet that should be machine washable for a convenient wash.

– What’s inside your Cupboard?

Practically there are several cleaning products for pets. From hair shading to pet cleaning brushes, cleaners, and things alike. However, if you want to keep your house clean with pets you can use things already available in the cupboard. You can use alcohol to eliminate any odor from the couches. You can also use baking soda to neutralize the odor of rugs and carpets.

White vinegar is also a great option to remove bad odors and smells. In other words, if you want to go organic with your pet and house cleaning then such simple items can greatly be more helpful than fancy items. Remember, keeping the house clean with cats just requires you to have some basic cleaning knowledge and the internet. You can do i

– Get A Good Quality Pet Bed

Your dog will be way fresher if you get him or her a nice and adequate bed. While shopping in the dog aisle, you can get distracted by the number of different bed designs with fluffy beddings and cushions. They may look cleaner but it will be a nightmare to clean. Instead, go for a rather sturdy and water-resistant bed. Wipe it down at least once a week. Not only to remove odors from it but also for a better sleeping option for pets.

– Opt for Durable Material 

Living with pets or children isn’t so different. Both can be messy. You will constantly be wondering how to keep your house clean with cats or dogs. No one of us doesn’t like chewed-up rugs, carpets, or anything like that. This is why buy the decore item that can withstand the dog or cat’s bite and nails. Such durable materials are washable outside while cleaning household items conveniently. A stain-resistant sheet can be helpful in easy cleaning and avoiding stains by your pets. 

How to Keep Apartment Clean With Cats

Keep Your House Clean With Pets

In case you are wondering how to keep the apartment clean with cats, then do the following.

1. Vacuum regularly. Cats can be messy, and vacuuming can help keep their fur from building up.

2. Use pet-safe cleaning products. Regular cleaning products can be dangerous for cats, so opt for natural, pet-safe cleaning products when possible.

3. Keep litterboxes clean. Regularly clean out the litterboxes to avoid odors and messes.

4. Use a pet hair remover. Invest in a pet hair remover like a lint roller or a pet hair broom to help keep fur off of furniture.

5. Block off areas of the house. Use baby gates or other barriers to block off certain areas of the house to keep cats from getting into places they shouldn’t.

6. Grooming your cats. Regularly brush and groom your cats to reduce the amount of fur they shed.

And this is how to keep an apartment clean with cats and enjoy your day off.

How to Keep Floor Clean With Cats

1. Brush and groom your cats regularly to help reduce the amount of fur that is shed around the house.

2. Vacuum frequently to get rid of any fur or dirt that has settled on the floor.

3. Place a throw rug or runners in high-traffic areas to help trap dirt and fur.

4. Put a litter box in an area that is easy to access and clean.

Finishing Up

Ask any cat owner and they will tell you that they often think about how to keep floor clean with cats. It is natural because cats are naturally stubborn (my opinion)Your concern regarding how to keep your house clean with cats and dogs is natural. Pets are great companions despite the choice between a dog or a cat.  You can choose whatever you like and make sure this isn’t just about stressing over muddy paws or shedding. You can have fun with them while following the guide to keep your house clean with pets. Learn more about Dogs with our daily updated dog care blog

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