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Written by Arlene S. Lane

When it comes to different types of foods for horses then you will be surprised that several types of common foods can affect a horse’s digestion negatively. You will love to spend time with your horse and it isnt necessarily about riding but just some good time with your pet horse. Knowing what fruit can horses eat or favorite horse vegetables can be helpful in introducing healthy food to your horse. Not only just that but you may want to make sure that you aren’t committing any horse feeding mistakes. So in this blog post, we will discuss your concerns regarding what can I feed my horse and other healthy yet horse favorite food. Continue reading the following.

What Can I Feed My Horse?

Following is the list of favorite horse food that your horse will enjoy eating.

1- Oranges

OrangesIf you are wondering what fruit can horses eat then the first fruit we have is the orange. Yes, horses can eat oranges safely and soundly. Oranges are one of those fruits that are considered safe and healthy that your horse enjoys. You can feed an entire orange with peels to your horse.

Your pet horse will love to have this juicy and sweet fruit. If you want to change the regular treat option and think that can horses eat fruit? Then start with oranges. You can use the washed peels of orange for this purpose. During summer, you can simply cut the orange with peels and freeze them. Oranges can be one of the best foods for horses as a treat. 

2- Grapes

GrapesAnother answer for what fruit can horses eat would be grapes. Your horse will enjoy having grapes. In fact, green and red grapes will work great as horse treats. It would be better to freeze them first for a great experience.

Though grapes aren’t really a great horse favorite food because if they will be sour to taste your horse will be more likely to stay away from it. However, they will love to have the sweeter ones. You can go a little further and remove seeds from grapes to make them more appealing to your horse.

3- Pears

PearsAnother answer for can horses eat fruit is Pears. They can eat pears without any concerns. You can feed them to your horse without any issues. You can combine the regular horse bran mash with sliced-up pear and it will likely become the best food for horses. Or if you want to, you can feed them as a whole like an apple. If you are wondering what can I feed my horse or clueless about their feed then get some pears to remove the base and stem and slice them just like an apple and feed it to your horse without a doubt.

4- Strawberries

StrawberriesCompletely clueless about what can I feed my horse. Then another good option and treat would be strawberries. Your horse will appreciate your choice of feeding. Just make sure to feed them in moderate quantities and it will be one of those safest foods for horses. If you get them in the season then your horse will love to enjoy their taste.

5- Watermelon

WatermelonWho doesn’t like watermelon? If you want foods for horses that have high water content then watermelon is a great choice. From flesh, rinds to everything, they can eat everything safely. When you will first introduce them to the watermelon then they will find it hard to bite from the rind so you can first start feeding them by cutting them into slices. 

6- Mango

MangoFor those wondering if can horses eat fruit without any issue then yes, feed them mangoes. They aren’t just great summer treat for humans but your horse will love it too. However, don’t forget to remove the pits as they can be consumed by horses which may end up affecting their digestion. 

If you want to introduce a new treat to your horse then mangoes are a good option. Mangoes can be horse favorite food as a treat then I would recommend peeling the mangoes in chunks.

7- Apples

ApplesWhen we talk about the best foods for horses then we cannot forget about apples. They are the most commonly used fruit for horse treats.. You can try apples in small quantities both red and green apples. Not only horses but ponies and donkeys can enjoy this as well. 

It is highly unlikely that you haven’t fed your horse with apples. If you don’t know what can i feed my horse then simply go for apples. You can combine different varieties. Try mixing green and red.

8- Bananas

BananasBananas are another answer for what fruit can horses eat. They also like to eat banana peels. They have high sugar content and they shouldn’t be fed too much. Your horse will love to eat the bananas. They can be given to horses as treats either frozen or fresh. The horses that are insulin resistant and cannot eat sugary food, banana peels can be a great option.

9- Pumpkin

PumpkinIf you want to know what vegetables can horses eat then you can go for pumpkins. Pumpkin can be used as a great horse treat. Horses can be provided with the flash and skin but make sure to remove the seeds. Just make sure that the pumpkin that was placed outside and carved shouldn’t be given to the horses. This is because they can grow mold. One of the best foods for horses can be fresh pumpkins.

10- Honeydew

HoneydewWhen it comes to finding foods for horses, I discovered that honeydew melon is one of her favorites! I learned that horses can eat both the sweet flesh and the rind of honeydew. But I always make sure to remove the seeds first. Sometimes when I buy a honeydew that’s not quite ripe or sweet enough for my taste, I’ll give it to my horse as a special treat. It’s great to know that there are so many different foods that are safe and enjoyable for horses, and honeydew melon is definitely one of them!

11- Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are one of the best vegetables for horses, as they can be fed raw or cooked and have a naturally sweet flavor that most horses find delicious. One of the benefits of sweet potatoes is that they can be stored in cool and dry places, making them a convenient option for the barn. You can bring a bunch to the barn and leave them in the feed room or tack room to feed later. Additionally, sweet potatoes can be prepared in a variety of ways, such as cooking, mashing, or even making sweet potato fries, which can add some variety to your horse’s diet. Overall, sweet potatoes are a nutritious and tasty option for horses to enjoy.


There are several foods for horses that one can go for. From fruits to vegetables for horses, one can choose. However, just because a certain type of food is good for your horse, you shouldn’t give it in high numbers or regularly. Just make sure to feed your horse with the best food that suits your needs. For a better idea, consult with your vet to get the best idea regarding what vegetables can horses eat. Browse through our blog for more horse care guides for better information.

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