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Written by Arlene S. Lane

When it comes to cross breed horses then they are one of the best types of horses to keep for anyone new to keeping horses as pets. However, if you ask us, we believe that every horse is beautiful. You will be surprised knowing that most of the beautiful horses you aren’t pure breed. Horse cross breeds aren’t a very uncommon thing and in fact, horse breeders have to breed horses that come from different breeds to get the different features in one breed. While pure breeds are considered great, a horse mix breed poses the same beauty and even the beauty of different breeds that make them even more unique. You will be surprised they are easy-to-maintain horse breeds as well. Here is our list of cross breed horses that you will surely like to keep as pets. Continue reading to learn more.

1- Appendix

AppendixYou may have found this horse breed name rather interesting and weird which is rightly so. This horse cross breeding feature Quarter Horse and a registered Thoroughbred. Both of these horse breeds are considered papular and so is this cross breed horse. This is one of the athletic mixed breed horses that has the best of two horse breeds. The Quarter and Thourogh are known for their speed. Quarter ones are known for their shorter bursts while the thorough ones are known for their longer runnings.

They are good ranch horses and good riding horses as well. These cross breed horses can be registered with American Quarter Horse Association as an Appendix if both of the parents were registered with AQHA and the jockey club.

2- Morab

MorabAfter the Arabian and Morgan horse cross breeding, you will get these magnificent cross breed horses. They have quite a history just like their parents. They are considered very good-looking and sleek cross breed horses that are good in everything that one can expect from horses. 

These days, this horse breed is considered a separate breed and not referred to as mixed breed horses. They are good about everything. From being a ranch horse to horses best for beginners. These crossbreed horses are great for trail running, endurance, and driving. You can register the Morab horse to their specific association and according to them, these cross breed horses should have a 50/50 mix of both Arabian and Morgan breeds.

3- Anglo-Arab

Anglo ArabAnglo-Arabs are a magnificent blend of horse mix that has been selectively crossbred to create a unique breed perfect for equestrian competition. They have inherited the speed of a Thoroughbred and the endurance of an Arabian, making them exceptional athletes in events like show jumping and eventing.

These magnificent cross breed horses come in different types and sizes. They are generally taller and less refined than the average purebred Arabian. In order to be registered in a special section of the Arabian registry, Anglo-Arabs must have at least 12.5% Arabian bloodline.

4- Desert Norman Horse

Desert Norman HorseThese mixed breed horses have two best breeds as parents which are Percheron and Arabian. These cross breed horses feature the best of both parents. They do look like the earlier type of Percheron. One of the best things about these mixed-breed horses is that they have a very well-refined and defined shape like their Arabian parents. They are considered very athletic types of horses.

These horses are good in several things, from driving to jumping. They are also a good choice for light farm work (if you think you need them for that)

5- ArAppaloosa

ArAppaloosaIf you are looking for the cross breed horses that are good in endurance then this cross breed is best for you. This breed features two of the best horse breeds the Arabian and the Appaloosa. Both of the parent breeds are known for their speed. And this horse mix gets the best from both parents. You can recognize them because of their unique looks. They have those cool horse skin patterns from Appaloosa’s and Arab breed’s refined body type.

Known for its unique looks, the ArAppaloosa usually has the Appaloosa’s spotted coat (thanks to the leopard-complex gene) and the Arabian’s refined body type. You can register them with Appaloosa Horse Club, or as a “part-bred Arabian” with the Arabian Horse Association, USA. You can also register these mixed breed horses with ((Appaloosa Sporthorses) as well.

6- National Show Horse

National Show HorseYou may find this a strange name for the cross breed horses but it is just a cross between an Arabian breed and an American saddlebred. This mix breed got its name because it was just bred for a TV show. It has also performed very well in several competitions. This horse cross breeding is very well known for its speed and this is why they are great for pleasure mounting. However, they can be good riding horses with good training.

To register these horse cross breeds, they should have at least 25% Arabian. They should only have Arabian and American saddlebred and there shouldn’t be any other breed blood.

7- Quarab

QuarabThese cross breed horses are a breed between quarter horses and Arabian horses. While the mix breed of quarter horse and the Arabian breed has always been papular but the Quarab is one of the most papular breeds famous for being aesthetically and versatility.

Quarter Horse crosses that perform well in the competition are eligible for merit registration under the American Quarter Horse Association. These cross breed horses are known for doing well in on-trail, English hunter events, and rodeo events. To get registered with IQHA, the foal should have at least 1/8th blood from both breeds, the Arabian and stock horse.

8- Warlander

WarlanderThe Warlander is the type of cross breed horses that comes from mixing Iberian horses with Friesians, which has been happening for a long time. It’s not clear when this specific breed was first created. People only started paying attention to them in the 1990s. They’re called “superhorses” because they’re a really smart, powerful, and flexible horse mix. 

Many breeders try to make more of them because they’re good at everything, and they do well in competitions like dressage. Warlanders are friendly to people and easy to teach, which makes them great for many different activities. This is an example of cross breeding horses to create new and improved breeds.

9- Welara

WelaraThis interesting and cute horse mix is the result of mixing Polish Arabians and Welsh ponies in the 1920s. They are perfect for small children and adults who want to get the best horse breeds for the first time. To register a purebred Welara with the American Welara Pony Registry, it should have at least 1/8th Welsh Pony or Arabian genetics and shouldn’t have more than 7/8ths Arabian ancestry.

Basically, if a horse called a Welara doesn’t meet the specific height requirements to be registered as a Welara Sport Pony, there’s still a chance it can be registered as one if they’re a mixed breed with at least 50% Welara blood. So, even if they don’t fit all the rules, they can still be recognized as a Welara Sport Pony.

10- North American Spotted Draft Horse

North American Spotted Draft HorseThis horse’s family tree is a bit tricky. Most horses have two parents, but the North American Spotted Draft Horse comes from a bunch of different horses. They’re a cross between a few kinds of draft horses like Percheron, Clydesdale, Shire, American Cream Draft, Suffolk Punch, and Belgian. Not all Spotted Draft Horses have the same family background, though.

Actually, these cross breed horses can be made up of any combination of draft horses. The only thing that makes them special is their cool spotted pattern. This horse cross breeding has been around for a really long time, even back in the old days they were used as drum horses. But nowadays, people are trying to keep this unique pattern going by creating a registry for them. That way, we can make sure that these cool horse patterns don’t disappear.

11- Irish Draft x Thoroughbred

Irish Draft x ThoroughbredThe Irish Sport Horse is a mixed breed horse that comes from crossing Thoroughbreds with Irish Drafts. This crossbreed is popular because the Irish Draft has a great temperament. They can help improve the thoroughbred’s personality. The Irish Sport Horse is a strong and sturdy horse, just like both of its parents.

Although they are best for farm work like their Irish Draft ancestors. They are mainly famous for competitions. Interestingly, only one of the parents of the Irish Sport Horse needs to be registered for the offspring to be registered. This is not like other mixed breed horses, which require the registration of both parents.


The cross breed horses have become very common among people looking for the best horse breeds to own for the first time. The best thing about them is that they possess the qualities of both breeds and offer good from both parents. You should take care of them by providing a proper diet and shouldn’t do any common feeding mistakes which can be dangerous for your pet horse. You can visit the special Vet to understand the horse care tips and tricks for the best experience.

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