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Our Picks For The Best Bird Hunting Dog Breeds

bird hunting dog breeds
Written by Arlene S. Lane

Do you know having the best bird hunting dog breeds for your burd hunting mission can make the whole experience even more fun? Yes, this is true. While dogs make great pets without a doubt, there are some dog breeds that can work great for hunters. The best dove hunting dog can help you carry out the small bird hunting mission during the peak season with ease. 

However, having an idea about the right dog breeds for bird hunting isnt easy. We’ve put together an exceptional collection of bird hunting dog breeds that will have you saying, “Who’s a good boy?” in no time. From dove hunting and quail hunting to small bird chasers – our list has you covered for your next bird-hunting expedition! So grab your hunting gear and get ready to check our list of top bird hunting dog breeds here for your next hunting expedition.

  1. Brittany Spaniel: The Bird Whisperer

Brittany SpanielLet’s kick off our list of bird hunting dog breeds with Brittany Spaniel, a small bird dog breed that’s as charming as it is effective in the field. Brittany Spaniels (commonly referred to simply as Brittanys) are legendary hunting companions known for their undiminished energy and keen bird hunting capabilities.

These pups are like the energizer bunnies of the hunting world – they just keep going and going. With its keen nose and agile body, it can be the best dog for quail hunting and flushing out birds from their hiding spots. Their gentle natures and eagerness to please make training these dogs enjoyable; making them suitable for novice hunters as well as veterans alike.

  1. Golden Retriever: The Versatile Companion

Golden RetrieverNext on our list of bird hunting dog breeds is the much-beloved Golden Retriever. Although they might not immediately come to mind when thinking of bird hunting dogs, Golden Retrievers can actually prove adept. Also renowned for their friendly disposition and intelligence.

Golden Retrievers offer a calm demeanor in the field and excel at retrieving games. From dove hunting to quail-hunting, their adaptability and trainability make them invaluable hunting partners – not to mention those expressive eyes will steal the show every time!

  1. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever: The Compact Hunter

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverIf you’re in search of an adorable yet best dove hunting dog to accompany your hunting activities, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is commonly referred to by its short form Tollers for short. Hailing from Canada specifically developed for duck hunting.

Do not underestimate Tollers; their small stature belies their talent of drawing ducks closer to your hunting blind. Their vibrant red coats and playful antics on the water mimic that of a fox to draw more waterfowl into the range for hunting. Their webbed feet and strong swimming abilities also allow Tollers to retrieve any downed birds quickly.

  1. English Springer Spaniel: The Classic Choice

English Springer SpanielThe English Springer Spaniel, commonly referred to by those familiar as Springers, has long been revered among bird hunters due to their remarkable talent for flushing birds from cover. Their name may suggest otherwise but what truly sets this breed apart from others is their adept ability at flushing birds out from cover – making their name somewhat ironic as springer means springer!

Springers are energetic canines with boundless enthusiasm who provide invaluable aid when hunting quail. Boasting long ears and waggling tails, Springers add charm and enthusiasm to every hunting excursion.

  1. Cocker Spaniel: The Bird Enthusiast

Cocker SpanielCocker Spaniels may be smaller dogs, but their passion for bird hunting can make up for that in spades! Widely recognized for their velvety ears and expressive eyes, Cocker Spaniels provide endless entertainment even to experienced bird hunters.

Cockers are versatile hunters that excel in both flushing and retrieving game. They’re particularly skilled at hunting smaller birds, making them a top choice for dove hunting. Their friendly and loving nature makes them perfect companions, whether they are playing together or just hanging out.

  1. Chesapeake Bay Retriever: The Water Warrior

Chesapeake Bay Retriever | bird hunting dog breedsChesapeake Bay Retrievers, also referred to by their nickname – Chessies, are well adapted for waterfowl hunting in its demanding conditions and known for their strength and endurance.

Chessie dogs are excellent swimmers with webbed feet and dense waterproof coats – they make excellent retrievers of ducks and geese from marshes or ponds! For waterfowl enthusiasts, Chessies make reliable companions in retrieval efforts.

  1. Boykin Spaniel: The Southern Charm

Boykin SpanielIf you are you are searching for bird hunting dog breeds in South Carolina? Look No Further than Boykin Spaniels. The Boykin Spaniel’s recognized brown coats and floppy ears keep spirits high when hunting or enjoying life by the water. Although smaller in size than some breeds of dog, their determination and love for hunting make an impressionful presence no matter the terrain you find yourself hunting in or relaxing by. Whether tracking down birds or relaxing by the shore a Boykin Spaniel will surely keep spirits upbeat.

  1. Wirehaired Pointing Griffon: The Natural Born Pointer

Wirehaired Pointing GriffonWirehaired Pointing Griffons (known by their nickname as Griffs for short) were born to hunt. These versatile dogs possess an inherent talent for finding and pointing at the game, making them indispensable tools in bird hunting.

Griffs are famous for their distinct wiry coats and bushy eyebrows. When on the trail of birds, their intensity can be palpable – their devotion and commitment are unparalleled, which are certain to impress any serious bird hunter.

  1. German Shorthaired Pointer: The Athletic Hunter

German Shorthaired Pointer | bird hunting dog breedsGerman Shorthaired Pointers, or GSPs, are the athletes of the bird hunting world. These enthusiastic hunters are famous for their lean, muscular bodies and boundless energy.

GSPs excel in both pointing and retrieving game, making them a versatile choice for all types of bird hunting. Whether you’re after doves, quail, or larger game like pheasants, a GSP’s athleticism and eagerness to please will make your hunting trips a breeze.

  1. English Setter: The Regal Hunter

English Setter | bird hunting dog breedsThe English Setter is a breed that combines elegance with hunting prowess. These small bird dog breeds are known for their distinctive feathered coats and graceful gait.

When it comes to bird hunting, English Setters shine as pointers and retrievers. Their calm and friendly demeanor make them an absolute pleasure in the field, while their striking appearance will have everyone talking wherever you go. These dogs excel at hunting quails, where their steady pointing ability can make an important difference in success or failure.

  1. Weimaraner: The Gray Ghost

Weimaraner | bird hunting dog breedsThe Weimaraner is widely recognized for their legendary endurance in hunting games. Commonly referred to as “Gray Ghosts”, their sleek coat makes an impactful statement about them as an extremely hard-working breed in pursuit of game. These dogs are legendary.

Weimaraners are versatile small bird dog breeds and are equally at home in upland hunting and waterfowl hunting. Their striking appearance and piercing blue-gray eyes make them a breed apart, and their unwavering dedication to the hunt is sure to impress any avid bird hunter.

  1. German Wirehaired Pointer: The Weather-Resistant Hunter

German Wirehaired PointerIf you’re the type of hunter who won’t let a little rain or cold weather deter you from your pursuit, the German Wirehaired Pointer (GWP) might be your perfect match. These dogs are papular to withstand tough conditions.

GWPs have a distinctive, wiry coat that provides excellent protection against the elements. Their versatility in both pointing and retrieving games makes them a popular choice for hunters seeking a resilient partner in the field. Rain or shine, a GWP is ready to hunt.

  1. Irish Setter: The Energetic Companion

Irish SetterIrish Setters are great hunting companions papular for their striking red coats and high energy levels. Ideal companions for hunters seeking something energetically engaging.

Irish Setters may be best known for upland game hunting, but their versatility extends well beyond this environment. Their enthusiasm and agility make them great hunters of quail or other small birds; plus their friendly temperament means they will easily make friends among your hunting party.

  1. Vizsla: The Velcro Dog


Vizslas have long been revered as “Velcro dogs”, due to their unbreakable bonds between owner and animal. If you want a hunting partner that won’t leave your side anytime soon, Vizsla is an outstanding pick.

Vizsla dogs are versatile hunters who excel at both pointing and retrieving games, boasting sleek coats of rust color that stand out in the field, expressive eyes, and sleek, unwavering loyalty that makes each hunting trip truly special. Whether you are out quail hunting or dove hunting – your Vizsla will ensure every journey remains an experience to cherish forever.

Conclusion: Choosing Your Bird Hunting Companion

Here we present our pick for the top bird hunting dog breeds to suit avid hunters like yourself. Whether your passion lies with dove hunting, quail hunting, or small bird pursuit, one of these breeds could make the ideal companion on your hunting adventures!

Remember, adopting a hunting dog is more than a practical decision; it’s an emotionally fulfilling one as well. These friendly companions will become an invaluable part of your hunting experiences, with their faithful service making each trip unforgettable.

Choose your bird hunting partner wisely and prepare to create unforgettable outdoor memories together. Happy Hunting!

However, Although these breeds of hunting dogs are generally well suited for bird hunting, proper training and care must be provided when selecting one for yourself. Make sure your needs as a hunter and his or her temperament match before selecting one as your hunting partner.

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