Should You Keep A Raven As Pet?

Should You Keep A Raven As Pet
Written by Arlene S. Lane

Raven as a pet is one of the most searched topics among bird owners. At least for those who want to own a pet bird which should make them look edgy and unique. We have seen ravens cawing around in our backyards and parks. We have witnessed their soaring sounds but admit it, at least once you tried to befriend them by feeding them. Mainly because seeing ravens as pets isnt something that we witness every day. A Raven pet can be confusing for many because of their similarity with the common crow. A common raven is usually larger than the common American crows and instead of flying in groups like crows, they are usually with their partners. 

Even if you never thought about keeping a raven as a pet you will admit that raven and crows are some of the most interesting birds around humans. They are known for their intelligence, complex behaviors, and memorable dark appearances that have grabbed the attention of several pet bird lovers. They often wonder if raven pet birds are a thing or if it is a good idea. After all, who wouldn’t like to own such fascinating birds? In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of having a raven or crow as a pet, helping you make an informed decision about welcoming one of these remarkable birds into your life.

The Appeal Of Raven as a Pet

Ravens and crows have captivated the human imagination for centuries. We have seen them in suspense thrillers and horror movies where they represent a malevolent force that wants to attack our protagonist or in gothic horror and suspense novels especially Agatha Christy style where ravens have been a sign of mystery and somewhat creepy. This is another major appeal for bird lovers who want to own the best pet birds in their house and have the idea of keeping “pet ravens” Here are some of the reasons why Ravens make intriguing potential pets:

Intelligence: One of the major appeals behind keeping a raven as a pet is its intelligence. Ravens and Crows are incredibly smart birds. Experts have observed them using tools, solving puzzles, and even understanding cause-and-effect relationships. 

Communication: Relate to their intelligence, Ravens and crows are known for their complex vocalizations. They have one of the smartest ways to communicate with their partners and groups. They can mimic sounds and they can even recognize human voices.

Aesthetic Beauty: Dark or jet black in the case of raven birds is one of the best things about keeping a raven as pet. With their glossy black feather set and intelligent eyes, they are undeniably gorgeous-looking birds.

Longer Lifespan: If you have seen pet ravens then you should ask their owners about their lifespan. They can live up to 20 years or more in captivity, making them long-term companions.

I believe these are enough tempting reasons to keep a raven as a pet. 

Can You Have A Pet Raven?

Oftentimes, first-time pet bird owners wonder “Can I own a pet raven?” They search online and ask around the community because of their love for such unique birds. However, the answer is not so simple. There are pros and cons to know. Continue reading the following:

Companionship: If you love pet bird’s companionship then you will love raven pet birds. Ravens and crows can form strong bonds with their human caregivers. They can be affectionate and enjoy spending time with their owners.

Entertainment: You know why birds make better pets? Because they can be entertaining for the entire family. The same can be said about the raven as a pet bird as well. These birds are highly entertaining (might be surprising though) and can provide huge amusement with their playful behaviors and vocalizations.

Easy Learner: Keeping ravens as pets can be fun for those who want their pet birds to learn tricks. Ravens can be taught tricks and commands as well. They can provide you with the best moments and actually funny moments. Raven pets are great learners without a doubt.

Low Allergenic Potential: Birds such as crows and ravens tend to cause fewer allergies in humans compared to furry pets like furry mice or fluffy puppies.

Low Maintenance: Having Low maintenance pets is a dream for a pet lover who doenst have enough time to maintain their pets. pet ravens don’t require as much grooming as some other pets and are generally low-maintenance when it comes to their physical needs.

Longer Lifespan: Their long lifespan means you can enjoy their companionship for many years to come.

Why Keeping Raven as a Pet Is Not A Good Idea

With so many tempting reasons, there are some cons as well that show why ravens make good pets as well:

Legal Restrictions: One of the major problems with owning a raven bird as a pet is the fact that they aren’t legal to keep just like any common pet bird. Many local laws make it illegal to keep native species such as ravens or crows as pets without proper permits. Because they are considered “Wild Animals” and keeping wild animals as pets isnt legal it’s always wise to research “Is it legal to have a pet raven” and any regulations before considering one as an addition to your family. Check your laws first when considering keeping one for pet purposes. 

Messiness: Yes, they are low-maintenance birds but just birds. However, when it comes to their living environment these birds can be messy. They can scatter food and create debris. Regular cleaning is necessary to maintain a clean living environment.

Noise Level: Loud vocalizations from these animals may not be ideal in apartment living environments or near neighbors.

Aggressive Behavior: Keeping raven pet birds requires you to beware of their aggressive behavior. As they mature, Ravens and Crows may become territorial or display aggressive tendencies. Also, their beak is a serious threat to anyone managing them in their cage.

Specialized Diet: They require special foods that may be difficult and costly to meet, including fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables, and protein sources.

Lifespan Commitment: Because of their longer lifespan, you will need to prepare for longer ownership. Your long-term commitment must include caring for them as they age.

Final Words on Can Ravens Be Pets!

If you want to keep the raven as a pet then you should first consider the following:

Legal Requirements: Always research your local and national laws regarding keeping ravens and crows as pets. It’s crucial to adhere to legal requirements and obtain any necessary permits.

Socialization: Raven birds require regular socialization and mental stimulation from toys that provide visual stimuli. Therefore, engaging them regularly with these toys is vitally important in order to promote their well-being and ensure the bird’s overall welfare.

Healthcare: Finding an avian veterinarian capable of caring for ravens and crows is essential, with regular check-ups essential in maintaining their well-being.

Enrichment: Provide Raven birds with stimulating activities, including toys and puzzles to engage their mind while foraging for food sources to maintain mental stimulation and to stimulate foraging for resources. To encourage brain activity in young minds.

Rescue and Adoption: Consider adopting an unowned bird as your new pet; many rescued creatures need loving homes.

Ravens and crows are captivating animals with intelligence, beauty, and distinct personalities that capture our attention. However, unlike traditional pets, pet ravens present their own set of challenges and responsibilities to consider before considering adding one to your life. Make sure that you consider their long lifespan when making this decision!

If you are thinking about keeping a raven as a pet, it is essential that you consider other options first. While ravens might pique your interest initially, other birds such as parrots or cockatoos might prove better options because not only can these species often be kept legally within many states (although please check for specific restrictions), but their amazing intelligence also adds another level of fascination into pet ownership experiences.

Respecting laws and regulations surrounding keeping ravens or crows as pets is of the utmost importance while providing stimulating yet loving environments is vital to their well-being. With proper preparation and dedication, This remarkable but migratory bird can become a fascinating companion who brings many benefits into your life! You can browse our blog for more pet care guides, tips, and tricks.

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