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What to Feed Your Pet Fox

Pet Fox Diet
Written by Arlene S. Lane

Pet Fox Diet can be quite a daunting topic to search for pet foxes aren’t as common pets as dogs or birds. Often pet fox owners wonder what to Feed Pet Foxes – Protein, Vegetables, and More for a Healthy Fox. When it comes to owning a pet then we all know the famous pet type around the USA. You will be recommended to have either a cat or dog or might be a bird. Even if you search online for pet care tips then you will mostly find tips for them. However, there is another pet with its fuzzy looks, shy personality, and soft-looking fur that may be tempting enough for one to go for it. We are talking about the fox. With such cute looks and persona, you may want to adopt it. While some states have strict rules for owning it, many states will not let you own it as a pet.

These are the animals that belong to the wild so if you want to own a fox as a pet then you will need to consider some of the most important things such as the Pet Fox Diet. You should have the right idea about what to feed a fox? Because they haven’t been domesticated like dogs and cats so they find it hard to live in human society. But if you own one then consider learning about pet fox foods and other healthy pet activities.

Do Foxes Make Good Pets?

Foxes belong to the canide family which also includes dogs and wolves. Unlike dogs, foxes haven’t been domesticated. Foxes are considered wild animals. There are different types of foxes red, grey, and arctic foxes. Though many of the species have adapted to live in the area where humans are living as well but again, they still require everything that a wild animal will need. This also includes regular prey and exercise. 

If you want to own a fox then the answer would be a “NO”. But if you are so tempted to own one then check your state rules. There are only 15 US states that allow you to own a fox as a pet. If you believe that you have information about foxes’ favorite food and can fulfill their requirements then you can keep them as pets.

What Do Foxes Eat And Drink

If you want to keep your pet fox in a good state of health then you should take care of its diet. Here is what you need to know about what to feed a fox.

Protein-Rich Meals Work Well

Foxes love to hunt small rodents in the wild. In general, they love to prey on small animals. They are quite intelligent animals and they are natural hunters from their childhood. They learn hunting techniques more quickly and catch their prey. If they are kept in captivity then they should be provided with a protein-rich diet In the wild, foxes hunt for small animals, especially rodents. From the very start, foxes are trained in hunting techniques to move quickly and catch their prey. In captivity, a pet fox should be given protein-rich meals with taurine.

When it comes to fox foods then the natural fox foods will include mice, small rats, and rodents. Fennec fox types will prefer mostly the diet of smaller rodents. The red or Siberian foxes will even prey on small rabbits. Regardless of the protein source, the fact remains the same they need meat. Pet foxes can also get protein from insects. From grasshoppers, crickets, and beetles to mealworms and even larger ones can also be part of protein-rich fox foods.

Fruits and Veggies for pet foxes

Fox is an omnivorous animal. They can eat fruits, vegetables, and meat. When you search for what do pet foxes eat then you will find a bunch of different options. Whether they are in the wild or as pets, they should be provided with fruits and vegetables as well. You should give vegetable fruits bite-sized and don’t feed them too many of them at once. Giving them only a few teaspoons size of fruits and vegetables is enough. However, bigger foxes will require a few tablespoons. If you want better pet fox food then adding cherries, apples, persimmons, berries, and plums will do a great job. However, avoid giving them raisins and grapes to avoid kidney damage in foxes. For a better experience, give them fruits as treats.

What About Raw Meat?

Often time foxes favorite food is considered raw meat. Pet Fox owners often wonder if the meat is a good pet fox food or not. There is even an ongoing debate that if you should feed your fox raw meat or not. If you are feeding your fox with raw meat then make sure you are feeding them only prey meat. From chicks, squirrels, rodents, and rabbits so they can get a sufficient portion of protein even in captivity. Don’t just feed them with the breast or thigh pieces as they will want to enjoy a whole portion of protein.

Don’t Feed Them With Cereals

There isn’t any single answer to “what do foxes eat and drink ” because foxes have different types of diet. Foxes cannot digest any kind of grains. So if you are wondering what do foxes eat and drink then don’t even think about any grains as food. Wheat, rice, oats, and other types of cereals are the big “NO” for them. They can damage the pet fox’s health badly. If you want to keep your pet fox in better condition then you should stick to its natural diet as much as you can. Some pet foxes may develop a taste for human foods but again, the best food for foxes is fresh proteins.

Other Foods To Avoid

Foxes cannot tolerate the increased toxin levels in their body. One of the worst pet fox food is green potatoes. Green potatoes have a high amount of solanine,  glycoalkaloids, and chaconine. They can increase the toxin levels and this can harm the body of the pet fox. Another source that can increase the toxin level in their body is leaves, some types of berries, tomato plants, and stems. Walnuts and macadamia can also cause nausea and tremors among foxes. While searching for what pet foxes eat, keep in mind the food we talked about. And food including garlic, chives, and onions that you should avoid. They belong to the genus allium which can cause a toxic reaction in your pet fox. Because of the existence of sulfur compounds, it will result in red blood cell damage if eaten in large quantities. Any Pet Fox Diet that is dry including meat is a big no.

Fox Foods For Vitamins And Supplements

One of the most crucial parts of pet fox food is taurine. This is an organic compound that is available in animal tissues. However, you can go affordable with the grainless dog food as well because it is also available in them. For small foxes, you will need 500mg of taurine every day and larger foxes will require even more. You can discuss this with your pet as well for a better idea.

Keep in mind that dog kibble does not contain enough taurine to fulfill their dietary requirements even if it is fox favorite food. The best food for foxes is meat as they can disgust it easily. Also, meat contains oil and fats that are good for the body. Rodents and small rabbits with fruits and veggies will be the most nutrition-rich pet diet for your pet fox.

Bottom Line

Though keeping a fox as a pet isn’t a good idea for several reasons. Especially if this is your first-time pet-owning experience. You will need to consider knowing what pet foxes eat and make sure you understand the requirements regarding Pet Fox Diet. Fox however can be a good pet for the right type of people who understand animals and have been taking care of them for longer. You must check different high-end pet care blogs where you can find accurate information about what foxes eat and drink. If you find this information helpful continue reading more to learn about pet care tips and tricks for future pets.

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