What to Do if You Lost Your Dog

What to Do if You Lost Your Dog
Written by Arlene S. Lane

What to Do if You Lost Your Dog or what to do if your dog goes missing is a serious topic among the pet community owner. We all love our pet dogs and especially when we have seen them growing up with us as a part of our family. We feel attached to them naturally. However, losing our pets such as dogs can be a devastating feeling for anyone who loves his or her pet. It would feel like losing part of a family. 

However, most of the time people will just feel anxious or put their dog’s picture on social media with titles like ” I lost my dog what do I do” or maybe on milk cartons (classic) to find their dog. But you may not know exactly What to Do if You Lost Your Dog?

You don’t have to act panic during such a traumatic time. If you are unable to find your dog around you then you need to think clearly. Think and act quickly and create a thorough plan to recover your dog. This is What to Do if You Lost Your Dog but there is more to know.

What to Do if You Lost Your Dog?

Losing your pet dog can be quite a devastating situation for every dog owner. Most the dog owner keep them as family members so their major concern in such situations is how to find a missing dogs as soon as possible Here is what to do if your dog goes missing.

1- Perform a Search

Dogs have a tendency to go out every time they find the opportunity. Just when you are unable to find your dog then instead of panicking and worrying, start with a thorough physical search around your neighborhood. Think about where you last saw your dog! It can be your local dog park, your neighbor’s backyard, any green spaces between, or any other spots where your dog may possibly be.

Inform everyone around that you are searching for a lost dog. You can ask them if they can find your dog. You can ask them about how to find a lost dog or what to do if your dog goes missing out of nowhere

If your dog has a friendly nature and confidence around humans and other dogs then he or she will be more likely to be found around other people or dogs. If your dog is shy and frightened or injured then he is most likely on the run or hiding somewhere.

2- Put Other Tasks On Hold

If you have some other tasks or chores to do then cancel them all. From laundry to any personal tasks such as room cleaning, cupboard cleaning, attending a wedding, or any other task alike. Put them on hold because the life of your pet matters.  This is what to do when you lost your dog that many pet owners will not consider and some may skip the whole day thinking their dog might have been out on its own which shouldn’t happen. Do whatever it takes to find your dog around.

3- Don’t lose Your Phone

It’s not like losing your phone but it is more like don’t miss a single call on your phone on that day. You should be glued to your phone and wait for any information you get through your friends and neighbors. Also, you will constantly be thinking about I lost my dog what do I doand might act panicky but don’t get the stress getting over your nerves.

You should even change your regular voice message to something like “ I lost my dog and I need information about this. If you have any then leave your name and number and repeat them. Or anything like this so anyone who is contacting you will have an idea of what is going on with you and they will surely help you with their experience or knowledge they have.

4- Contact Animal Rescue Agency

If you don’t know what to do if your dog goes missing then the best helpful tip would be an animal rescue agency. Every town and city has its own animal or Pet rescue agency. If you don’t have any idea about what to do when you lost your dog then contacting a pet rescue agency will help you in this regard. They work with the local police and pick up stray animals. You can also check their shelter to see if they have found your dog as well. 

5- Call Out Their Names

Something that is obvious while searching for your dog in an open area such as in a park, yard, or some alley near you. Dogs mostly have active nature so it is highly unlikely they have got trapped somewhere while running after a squirrel, or just playing around alone. If you are unable to find your missing dog then shout their name to see if they are trapped somewhere. They will react to your voice and their names being called. 

6- Paste The Posters

You can post the poster with bold letters and sharp colors to make sure that they can be seen from a distance. You should add the name, phone number, and title of “Dog Lost” or “Lost Pet” in bold letters. Add some prize money upon finding to attract more people to the poster. Put them on polls, and trees (if allowed) in the parks and make a sign near your house so anyone who visits has the idea and may tell you what to do when you lost your dog.

7- Use Social Media

These days, social media has a huge impact on our lives. From business to personal, it is playing an important role in our lives. However, you can learn how to find lost dog from social media as well. If you have no idea about how to find missing dog then use your personal Facebook account and post “ I lost my dog what do I do ” with the picture of your dog. You will surely get some good responses there. Some animal security and rescue groups are actively working on Facebook and work locally as well. They have their Facebook pages as well. You can post your query on their page for a better idea. Not only just on Facebook but you can share the post on Instagram and Twitter as well to spread the word wisely and effectively.

8- Use Its Favorite Item While Searching

If your dog ran off while you were in the park or somewhere near its favorite spot then the best thing to do to find the missing dog is to leave their favorite item such as toys they love to chew, or a ball along with his or her favorite treats or food items on its favorite spot. Check back again to see if they have some back to get them. Use some dashcam to record its footage and use a dog-friendly trap from an animal shelter to capture it.

9- Check Local Shelters, Animal Rescue Agencies, And Groups

While searching for your dog around, you should consider checking around the local shelters and shelters from animal rescuers. Most of you don’t know what to do when you lost your dog and this is what most of you will overlook. There is a possibility that someone has found your dog and may have brought it to their shelter. You should check them out for a better idea.

10- Beware of Scammers

When you are wondering about how to find lost dog then you may get panic or feel stressed that you have no idea. The scammers will take advantage of such a scenario and may try to scam you. This is especially important when you don’t know how to find missing dog? If you get a call that someone has found your dog. They can bring it back but for a price. Then don’t pursue further before having the picture of your dog. Or you should ask them about describing the appearance of the dog. If they are constantly asking about money then avoid such scams. 

How To Avoid Such Situation?

Just like when you are thinking about what to do when you lost your dog, your dog will also be wondering what is going on around you in an unfamiliar environment. If you luckily found your dog then you should put your phone number and address on your dog’s tag. Not only just that, invest in some dog trackers that can be adjusted to the dog’s collar. You can track your dog with its specific application. Losing your pet dog can be a stressful experience. However, proper care and taking some advanced precautions can be helpful in this regard. If this was a helpful guide then follow our dog care blog for more information and guide. In This article, we help you to provide you the answer regarding “i lost my dog what do I do”  Hope this information was helpful to you 

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