Clipping Dog’s Nails- How To Trim Your Dog’s Nail

Clipping dog's nails
Written by Arlene S. Lane

Clipping dog’s nails is something that most dog owners want to do to make sure their dog doesn’t have any problems in terms of movement and playing around. trimming a dog’s nails is helpful in maintaining both physical health and grooming. However, when you are going to trim dog nails, he will not like it. Trimming a dog’s nails is one of the most important parts of dog grooming. Several dog owners feel nervous when it comes to nail trimming in dogs for several reasons. 

Just like human nails, dog nails will continue to grow. Unlike indoor dogs, dogs living outdoors can trim their nails by walking on concrete, pavement, and gravel. However, dogs living inside cannot do that because they cannot walk on these surfaces for longer especially the small dogs.

Why Clipping Dog’s Nails Is Important?

If clipping a dog’s nails are not done regularly then some dig nails will start to grow and will reach the foot pads. Not only this will interrupt the dog walking especially on a smoother surface but it will also cause infections as well.

Also, not having nail trimming in dogs will cause overgrown nails that can easily get caught and result in partial tearing or nail splitting which can be a painful condition for dogs.

How To Trim Dog Nail?

When you are about to trim dog nail then you will not only help them to stay in good shape but this will be a good indication of your pet dog’s good health as well. Professional dog trimmers know how to trim a dogs nails but not every dog owner understands this. Mind the fact that nail trimming in dogs is quite a stressful situation.

They don’t like to trim their nails. If you just adopted a young adult dog then things can even be stressful for both of you because you may end up damaging its nails which can be a painful experience for them. However, clipping dog’s nails among young dogs or pups can greatly be helpful. So it is better to start trimming a dog’s nails at a young age by holding them in your lap. 

They will be accustomed to the process over time. Some dogs love to sit on your lap while cutting nails but some will show resistance to the process. But keep in mind that clipping a dog’s nails shouldn’t be a forceful thing for your dog. He will never like it at all.

Easy Dog Nail Clipping Guide

As mentioned earlier that dogs do not like their nails to be cut. However, they will get used to it over time but this can be a little time-consuming. Be patient for the best of your pet dog. Continue reading our dog nail clipping and trimming guide for better learning.

1- Gather Supplies 

Before you start clipping a dog’s nails you should gather the required supplies so you will not have to leave your dog in the middle of the nail trimming session to look for the nail trimming and clipping stuff.

– Styptic powder or cornstarch

–  Dog nail clippers and nail grinder

– Dog Treats

– Helping hands (if your dog isnt willing for the task

– A lot of patience and a calm attitude

2- Let Your Dog Get Ease

– Now this is one of the most important parts of trimming a dog’s nails. If this is your first time then don’t do things in a rush. Instead, take some time. Let your dog sniff the clipper and give them a treat.

– Now start the nail grinder and start to cut the extended nail get your dog used to it and then give your dog a treat.

– Give them a treat every time you cut a nail

– Remember to cut a single nail at one time. Nail trimming in dogs will take some time but let your dog get used to it. Increase the number of nails over time until your dog is still for the whole paws.

3- Pick Up the Foot

Picking the dog’s feet for clipping dog’s nails can be tempting for dog owners. Some dog owners may find it convenient to pick the dog’s paw from the front side to cut or trim the nails. According to some pet parents, it can be easier to sit beside your pet dog and hold the paw from the side. Now with your other hand trim dog nail conveniently. 

Clipping dog’s nails among some breeds will require you to sit behind your pet dogs and lift their paw from behind as this will give you a good view of the nails so you know what to do with their nails.

3- Isolating The Nails

Another important aspect of clipping dog’s nails is to decide what nail you should choose. Once you have decided you will need to isolate it for better nail treatment. Pet dogs with heavy fur will require you to trim it a little to expose the nail better. It is also crucial for nail drills as well. Just make sure the fur shouldn’t stuck in the drill. When you are about to trim dog nail then put your forefinger under the nail pad and lift it for trimming the nail.

Rewarding Your Dog

After trimming a dog’s nails reward them with a treat. Some dog owners even state that they always reward their dogs after each nail trim and now the dog arent nervous this whole time.


After reading this dog nail clipping guide, you should be able to understand how to cut nails of a dog. We have included every important aspect of clipping a dog’s nails so you can understand how to cut things without any issues. Clipping a dog’s nails can be a daunting task especially if you have long haired dog breed as the grinding tool may grab some of its hair or skin. So make sure you under every aspect of trimming dog nails and then start to do it yourself. Browse our more pet care guides to become a good dog parent.

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