How to Stop Destructive Cat Chewing

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Written by Arlene S. Lane

Cat chewing is one of the most normal behaviors among cats. It is natural for cats to chew on. However, even if this is normal behavior but you shouldn’t ignore this. It has been observed that cats chewing on things can sometimes get out of control and that can be quite damaging not only for cats but for your house and belongings as well. While cat chewing is natural, it is better that you should keep an eye if your cat is chewing everything even if you know what to feed your cat. If this behavior is interfering with your daily life and becoming injurious to it then you should take steps for this asap.

Why Is My Cat Chewing Everything?

While there are some medical conditions that may cause excess chewing behavior among cats. However, the most common reason behind overly cat chewing behavior is boredom. If you find your cat chewing things out of nowhere then consider checking its routine to find if they are doing it out of boredom which can easily be eliminated with the best cat toys.

Common Reasons Behind Cat Chewing

You may wonder if your cat is chewing everything because of boredom but before you settle for the boredom then consider visiting the vet to find out if there are any medical conditions with your cat.

– Cat chewing on things can commonly be caused by nutritional deficiencies, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and early weaning are all possible medical conditions behind cat chewing everything.

– One of the major reasons behind excessive cat chewing is none other than oral health issues. Cats can get gum problems called periodontal disease. The gums and teeth tissues get inflamed, and bacteria cause it. The vet can clean their teeth to get rid of the bacteria. 

If the condition is severe then the vet might remove some teeth. If your cat has any stomach problem, the vet will treat it depending on how bad it is. Sometimes, the reason behind cat chewing things excessively can be an indication of stomach problems as well.

Why You Should Worry About Cats Chewing Everything?

As mentioned earlier that cats chewing on things is the most common behavior among cats. This is to encourage their carnivorous natural behavior even when they are domesticized. However, their teeth are much sharper than the dogs or humans so they are prepared to chew on every level and they will not get damaged.

So when your cat chews on things like wires then you should be concerned. Cats will tend to chew on wires that will cause huge damage to your belongings your home along with themselves. The electricity flowing in the wires can be too dangerous for them. That can be lethal in every possible way.

Another problem that can rise due to cat chewing on things is the ingestion of dangerous materials. Cats have quite sensitive digestion and they can digest string from fluffy material which can be dangerous for their health.

Cat chewing everything can lead to other major issues. They can chew on toxic plants, small toys, ribbons, tinsel, and yarn. This can be risky because they might swallow something that can get stuck in their digestive system or even stuck in their esophagus. If your cat eats something big or stringy that it can’t digest, the vet might have to do surgery to take it out and fix any damage.  If you find your cat is chewing everything or has eaten something dangerous then immediately call your vet.

How To Stop Cat Chewing on Things Behavior?

Sometimes it is ok to opt for an easy solution. If you want it to stop chewing your personal belonging then keep them away from cats. Things like plants and wires should be kept away from cats. You can use a wire fence to keep the plants away from cats. If there are wires that are easily accessible to cats then you block the access by using furniture items. 

There are some scents that find unpleasant such as rosemary, lemon, and cayenne you can use them to make your cat stay away from that area. Also, cats chew can be treated by giving them clicker training.


Cat chewing things is one of the most common behaviors among cats and it is natural instinct in cats. However, excessive cats chewing behavior can become a major problem if you find out that it is destroying your belonging or swallowing items that can put its life in danger. So it is better to understand the motives behind this. Check the cat care guides online or you can contact your vet if you find this behavior going out of control.

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