How to Care for Pet Birds in Cold Weather

How to Care for Pet Birds in Cold Weather
Written by Arlene S. Lane

Cold Weather Bird Care is something that many don’t associate with winter. This is because when we think about winter then we often think about hot chocolate, cozy couches, blankets, fireplaces, and everything that makes us feel cozy. But for some winter can be a tough season, especially for birds. Your responsibility as a pet owner and stress in winter will increase especially if you own a pet bird. When it comes to the care for pet birds in cold weather then you will need to be extra cautious about them. 

Birds like to live in warm weather. This is the reason why they will fly to areas with warm temperatures in winter. While pet birds do not require much attention but they will require extra care in the winter season. Don’t worry if this is your first time facing winter with pet birds. This guide will surely help you to care for pet birds in cold weather. Continue reading the following to learn about pet care in winter.

Cold Weather Bird Care Guide

Here is our simple yet comprehensive guide for Cold Weather Bird Care.

No Outside Visits

One of the best tip for Pet Care in Winters is to avoid unnecessary outdoor visits. Birds love to fly around even when they are indoors. While this can be a cute scene to watch, avoid letting them fly while it is freezing outside. Though pet birds will not fly outside of the window in cold temperatures you should take extra care to keep them indoors at any cost. This thought the best thing about pet birds is still you will need to take care of them.

Unlike bigger pets, birds cannot sustain longer in winter climates. So follow any other winters pet care guide as well that teach you further steps to make this shift comfortable for pets and bird. You can also create some DIY toys for pet birds or garden to keep them busy if you feel that they are stressed.

Maintain The Room Temperature

One of the major factors to consider for Cold Weather Bird Care that will help your pet bird is to keep them warm inside a temperature-controlled room. You don’t have to go for a high-end system to keep the birds warm. Even a cheap electric heater will do the trick. Don’t just think that you have put your birds in a room and now they will stay warm and safe from cold temperatures.

Usually, the concrete structure can get extremely cold during harsh winter winds which is why getting them a source in a room to keep their temperature good will be enough for them. Just make sure that the heater is not near to the cage as it will make the steel wires hot. Also, the humidity of the room should be your consideration. Dry air can cause problems for the bird’s mucus membrane.

Maintain the Humidity

Room heaters are a good option for Pet Care in Winters. They are great to maintain the temperature of the room in winter. However, excessive use of room heaters can cause dryness which is not a good thing for pet birds. For proper bird pet care in winter especially for indoor pets like birds, a humidifier should be used so birds can inhale some steam while the heater is being used in a room. If you want some even cheaper alternates then you can simply put your bird’s cage in the bathroom so they can breathe in steam while you take a hot steam bath.

Change The Drinking Water Often

To take care of pet birds in cold weather you shouldn’t forget about the water. The given water will get instantly cold in winter. This can be hard to drink for pet birds. However, you should take care of the water and change it often so they keep themselves hydrated. Freash after is an important part of cold weather bird care.

Provide Them with Propper Food

Now, this is one of the most important parts of any winters pet care guide. You should take care of its food while keeping them warm and hydrated indoors. However, the problem with garden pets is that it can be a little hard for them to arrange food for them that is also perfect for them. So it is up to you to take care of their proper diet by providing them with food with good calories and other nutrients.

Keep The Room Safe

Another important thing to consider for Pet Care in Winters is to keep their room safe. If you have put your birds in a room without a cage then make sure that the room is safe. It is better to avoid burning wood, charcoal, and gas burners. This is because fire can cause smoke in the room and gas burners can consume oxygen in the room. Such environmental factors are lethal to a bird’s respiratory system. So take care of pet birds in cold weather by keeping their room safe.

Warm Bath

Birds love to play in the water. You are about to keep them indoors and want to make sure that they will have all the fun. You should give them some warm water daily. So they can play in it and take a bath in it. If your pet bird loves to play in water then this will be a great favor for them. Not only it will keep them entertained but clean as well.

Bottom Line

Pet Care in Winters can be a challenging situation. This is especially for tho see who have little to no knowledge about pet care basics, especially pet birds. This is why it is better to learn about Care for Pet Birds in Cold Weather. This will give you the best idea about how you can take care of pet birds in extreme weather. Birds and winter have never been a great combination. They avoid cold seasons. However, If you want to care for pet birds in cold weather then you should follow this guide to make sure that you are taking good care of your pet birds while enjoying the winter season with it.

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