How to Find a Cat Sitter

How to Find a Cat Sitter
Written by Arlene S. Lane

Staying away for a while, knowing that your cat will not be comfortable without you can be stressful. But, somehow will have to. As a cat parent, leaving your cat home while traveling out can be a saddening experience but it can be stressful to know how to get your cat taken care of. This is where a trusted and caring pet sitter can be helpful in the great possible way. Your cat will love to be around you and when you will have to leave it behind then it can be stressful for both.

These days there are several pet sitting and pet boarding services available that can take care of your cat without an issue. However, the problem would be how to find a cat sitter. Though both of these options from finding a pet sitter to off-boarding can work for you it is mostly your cat type and its lifestyle that determine what will suit you most. Here is how you can find a pet sitter service or individuals.

How to Find a Cat Sitter?

Now let’s talk about how to find a cat sitter for your cat. Afterall knowing how to be a good pet sitter can help your cat to stay comfortable.

1-What Do You Need?

When it comes to finding the pet sitter for your cat then you should make up your mind about what you expect from your cat sitter. Make a list of expectations that you have for your pet sitter. What services do you want him or her for your pet? How much experience do you expect for your pet sitter or you are OK with your next-door neighbor looking for a pet sitting job. Are you OK with your cat being left in the pet care center? Make a list of all of these factors and then start looking for the cat sitter.

2- Ask For Recommendations

When you have no idea about how to find a cat sitter then things can be a little complicated for you. You may end up stuck with a bad or irresponsible cat-sitting service. So what you should do? Start your search by asking for recommendations. Recommendations from your family and friends are a good start. Most of them especially those who have a cat pet must have an idea about either the individuals who can be good pet sitters or the companies that can provide good cat sitting services to you. Either way, they are in your favor. You can make a list of recommendations and start searching for them. 

3- Friends, Neighbours, or Family

If you find a pet sitter that belongs to your family and it has been nice around your cat then asking it to become a pet sitter is also a good option. Not only this is a great stress reliever for cat parents but for cats as well. If your cat is shy then leaving it at the cat shelter may stress it out and it may not act well. This is why it is a great option for cats who like to stay in their place all the time.

This is also a low-cost option as a neighbor’s child or family member who wants to earn a few bucks can do a great job of being a pet sitter. Familiar faces can be a great option for your cat. Not only just that, but you can also meet your neighbors who also have cats that play with your cat. This is greatly helpful to those who don’t know how to find a Cat sitter.

4- Location

One of the major factors to consider for pet sitting is if you are fine to take your cat to the cat sitter’s house or if they can come to your house for cat sitting. If you have more than one cats that need cat sitting then you will need to call them to come to your house for cat sitting. This is a much more convenient option as having someone come and stay in your house will not disrupt your cat’s routine and they will not have any problem while staying in the familiar environment.

However, mind the fact that if you want to know how to be a good pet sitter some cats love socializing so taking them to meet with other cats can enhance their mood as well.

5- Space Consideration

If your only option is leaving your cat at someone’s place then consider taking it to a pet sitter who has a similar setup to yours. Such as, if your house has a cat play area or backyard then ask them about it before leaving it there. Or if you are living in an apartment then your cat will not mind staying up there. 

6- Vet Visiting

Also, if you have to take your cat to an individual cat sitter then it is better to visit the vet first with your cat to see its latest health condition. This should be helpful to know if your cat is doing fine or has any health issues that may disturb the pet sitter. She or he may even be in the time of the year when cat vaccination is required. This can only be found by visiting vet.

7- First Aid Training

Cats love to play around. Especially when they are in their familiar space. If you are expecting a cat sitter in your house then make sure that it has pet first aid training. You never know how your cat may cause trouble for itself. It may cause physical injury, choking, or any other problem that may require quick first aid. Ask them about this before leaving your cat under its supervision. 

8- Medical Requirements

If your cat is suffering from some medical conditions then you should find a pet sitter that has veterinarian experience as well. Apart from the basic first aid training, they should know how to deal with a cat in certain medical situations. Your goal is to look for a cat sitter who can take of your kitten as its original owner can.

9- Important Questions To Ask? 

In the mission “How to Find a Cat Sitter” you should ask some important questions to the potential cat sitters. This will help you to get through the right and deserving person. The question includes:

  • How long have you been in the field or cat sitting?
  • If it is a pet sitting service then ask about their accreditation and licensing. A licensed service will let your cat has the best cat sitting experience.
  • Let the potential sitter spend some time and see how your cat is behaving as well as the sitter.
  • Ask the service if there will be other sitters as well who may come to take care of your cat. If so then ask about their name and reference.
  • Ask them about their most recent references. They shouldn’t be hesitant to provide. When you get them, contact them and ask them about their experience.

10- Where To Find A Cat Sitter?

To give your cat a good company when you are out then you should where to find a Cat sitter. When you are trying to search for cat sitters then you will come across different options. The best option would be google. Try to search by your locality or zip code. You can contact different cat shelter pages on Facebook. They can also refer to some of the best cat sitters. You can get recommendations directly by posting to your Facebook wall. This will help you find some best pet sitter names.

How To Be A Good Cat Sitter?

A huge number of people search for how to find a Cat sitter. This is why it is a good idea to know how to be a good Cat sitter. Being a good cat sitter involves a lot more than simply feeding and playing with the cats in your care. It involves providing a safe and secure environment, understanding cat behavior and needs, and having the patience to work through any potential issues that may arise. First, it is important to make sure that the cat is comfortable in their environment. Provide them with a comfortable bed, familiar toys, and a variety of food and water dishes. Make sure to provide plenty of places to hide, both in and out of the house, as cats often feel more secure when they have a safe spot.

It is also important to understand basic cat behavior, such as how they communicate, their grooming needs, and what types of activities they enjoy. By understanding these basics, you can better meet their needs and keep them happy. Finally, be prepared for any potential issues that may arise. Cats can be unpredictable and may not always act according to expectations. Being patient and understanding can help to reduce any potential stress and ensure that the cats in your care are safe and happy.

Bottom Line

Know you will have an idea about how to find a cat sitter and how to be a good Cat sitter. As a cat parent, you will want to make sure that your cat will be doing fine. Especially when you can’t take it with you. Traveling alone for longer and leaving your cat alone is not a good idea. Find a pet sitter that has good experience in taking care of cats. Your cat deserves a caretaker who knows the best about them. You can browse further to find more about cat care guides and tips.

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