Cost For Owning a Cat

cost for owning a Cat
Written by Arlene S. Lane

Everything You Need to Know About Raising Your First Cat

Cats are the second-most beloved pet after dogs in the US. Even if you browse the internet you find communities divided because of these two pet options. There are dog people and then cat persons. What is a better option as a pet is totally a subjective thing. You are free to choose between the dog and cat and can even choose both if you want to.

However, owning a cat may sound like a tempting idea to you but do you know how much it cost for owning a Cat? Yes, this is true that it would be a great experience to own a cat but knowing the cat’s monthly cost of food medications, and other expenses may seem a burden after a few months. You should understand how much does own a Cat cost for a better idea.  So don’t decide to own it without knowing the monthly cost of owning a Cat. Here is what you need to know.

1- Adoption Expenses

Unless you stumble upon a box of kittens abandoned in an alley or park you will need to visit your local shelter to adopt the cat. The cost for owning a Cat through adoption will cost around $50 to $200. If this cost seems a lot to you then keep an eye on the adoption events around. Animal rescue shelters often run adoption events where the adoption of kittens requires less fee and many of them even eliminate the fees of adoption so you can save on getting your first kitty. The adoption fees usually cover the medical screenings, spaying or neutering, and vaccination prior to adoption.

2- Breeds of Cats

The initial cost of owning a cat depends on the breed of cat you want to own as well. If you get your short hair cat breed then the cost may range between $500 to $1000. But the cost can get higher for more exotic breeds of cats. Though these expenses aren’t included in the monthly cost of owning a Cat to become a cat parent, you will need to consider it.

Breeders will make sure their cats stay healthy and in great condition before adoption but the cost doesn’t include neutering and other medical costs. If you don’t want to spend much initially then you should go for the mixed breed as it cost less to adopt it.

3- Cat Vaccinations Cost

The cost of getting your cat vaccinated is about $0-$50/year. You may also have to opt for $50 and $150 for the booster shots every three to seven years. You can talk to your vet about the vaccination frequency. It also depends on the owner’s choice as well. Depending on the environment where your cat is living, you may have to add the vaccination cost to the monthly expenses for a Cat as well to avoid any serious medical condition.

4-Flea, Tick, and Mite Treatment

Living in an area where you have to deal with mites, ticks, and fleas can be problematic. It isn’t just for you or your pet cat as well. If your cat likes to spend time online then it would be crucial to make sure to keep it safe from them. You may have to spend on fleas, ticks, and mites which can be expensive. However, in terms of monthly expenses for a Cat, it will not huge enough that you may want to skip them. Cats love to eat wild prays. However, if your cat regularly eats wild prays then you will need a dewormer as well. However, these expenses will not incur if your cat is an indoor cat but for an outdoor cat, it is highly recommended.

5- Regular Vet Checkups

For the better health of your pet cat, you will need to take your cat to a vet for regular medical checkups. They can reach around $40 and $55 for a single visit. These visits aren’t really the Cats monthly cost as the recommended visits will be once a year once it reaches it gets senior. Once your cat reaches between 9 to 11, you will have to take it to the vet regularly for checkups after every six months.

6- Dental Care

Cats just like any other pet may suffer from dental conditions which is why regular dental care is crucial. You do not want to add the dental bill to the monthly cost of owning a Cat so you should invest in a cat’s toothbrush and toothpaste as soon as you get them to your home. It will cost as high as $15 but it will help you save in long run. 

Dental conditions can affect several, if not most senior or middle-aged cats. They may bring other health issues to your cat as well. If your cat’s teeth are covered in calculus then you will need professional dental service to get them clean you will need to add $150 to $500 cats monthly cost
for every visit. If didn’t care about oral hygiene first then it may lead to some severe organ diseases and may require you to spend thousands of dollars in the future.

7- Emergency Medical Expenses

Though they may not be included in the monthly expenses as well when you are wondering how much Cats cost per year, you shouldn’t overlook these expenses as well. According to experts, the cat owner spends around $2000 to $4000 dollars once in the lifetime of his or her pet as an emergency medical expense.

8-Cat Food

How much does a Cat food cost is also a major concern for a first-time cat owner. After all who wouldn’t like a healthy pet cat? The type of food you select for your cat can affect your monthly budget for owning a cat. There are different types of cat foods from brands to even food types and the average Cat food cost per month may reach around $90 to $2520 a year. You can spend as much as $7 daily on cat food or spend $0.25 on some grocery store cat food cane. Your food choice for cat food affects heavily your cat’s health. You can call this an investment. The average Cat food cost per month can add hugely to the cost of owning a Cat that you should consider before owning a cat. However, you don’t really have to spend huge on quality food. As there is some economic cat food brand as well that offer good quality cat food. 

9- kitty Litter and Bedding

On average a cat will use around 25 lbs of clay litter per month. However, the usage also depends on the health and size of the cat as well. The average litter of cats monthly cost will be around $72 – $240/year should be added to the monthly expenses for a Cat. Cilicia gel-based litter will cost around $10-$25 and clay-based litter will cost around $2 to $6. Biodegradable litter is eco-friendly but it will cost way higher than most litter types. You should also include:

  • Deodorizing granules or spray – $20/year
  • Litter box liners – $18/year
  • Litter mat – $25
  • Vacuum for litter box area – $35
  • Dedicated trash can – $30

And consider adding the expanse of owning a bed that can cost around $200 to $300

10- Toys and Fun Accessories

Cat toys and other fun accessories may cost you around $10 to $200. These toys are essential for the mental stimulation and physical activities of the cat. However, they aren’t crucial to add in the cost of owning a Cat. There are some cat owners who tend to go DIY. But if you don’t have time for this then consider visiting some reputed online pet accessory stores for high-quality cat chew toys.

How Much Do Cats Cost Per Year?

Sometimes you will want to own a cat but wonder how much does it cost to own a Cat! However, you may not have an idea if this is the best time to do it. Especially when you are already on a tight budget. Don’t worry if you cannot bring your cat some fancy cat food or litter or if you cannot afford to provide it with a soft and fancy bed. Consider looking for alternatives. Don’t worry, this is how to become a good cat owner. It is absolutely fine. Knowing the average cost of Cat food per month and adding them to the monthly expenses for a Cat will help you to determine the average monthly cost of owning a Cat.

Cats can find something to play with while roaming around the house. There are several DIY videos where you can learn to create bedding for your pets from your old clothes. It will be easy to wash and can e replaced without an issue. The average cost of owning a Cat can be subjective. Things depend on what type of lifestyle you choose for your pet. Just make sure to stay under your budget while keeping your kitty in good condition.

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