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List of Short Haired Cats

List of Short Haired Cats
Written by Arlene S. Lane

We have just compiled the list of short hair cats why! because they have a unique persona and are somewhat bossy by nature. However, it is considered one of the favorite pets to own after a dog in the USA. People love to own a cat but what is bothering them the most is its fur. If you didn’t opt for Short Hair Cat Breeds then you will have to deal with the cat fur around your furniture too often.

If you are looking for short haired cat breeds then our List of Short Hair Cats will surely be helpful for you. Keep in mind that even if there are short-haired cat breeds, the cost of owning the cat will remain the same as a large fur cat except it has low maintenance. Here is our list of short hair cats to consider.

American Shorthair

List of Short Hair Cats | American ShorthairThis is perhaps one of the most famous cat breeds that have been pedigreed for too long in North America. It has a calm nature. If you are looking for a family-friendly cat then this cat is perfect for you. It is friendly around the other pets and kids. They are highly adaptable as they can adapt themselves according to the home environment.

Though American shorthairs have playful nature and personality, they also have independent nature. They aren’t known for being very athletic. However, the short-haired cat breeds have rather stronger muscles and have adapted a faster persona over the years by hunting small rodents. The best feature of American short hair is their comprehensive set of eyes and a bit of flat face. They have rounded ears and the coat is short which comes in a wide range of patterns and colors.

British Shorthair

List of Short Hair Cats | British ShorthairAmong the famous Short Hair Cat Breeds, this teddy bearish and adorable-looking breed of cat is one of the most popular short haired cat breeds around the globe. Such popular short-haired cat breeds usually have these blue-gray coats and this is why they are also known as the British blues. These cute and chubby British shorthair cat breeds have friendly nature and can become a good family companions. They are active as well so you can play with them over time.


List of Short Hair Cats | BurmillaIt has a weird origin story. This cat was actually an accidental hybrid between female Burmese and male chinchillas in 1981. This is one of the most popular Short-Haired Cat Breed with a heavy build and two notable features. It comes with green eyes and a stunning silver coat because of the Chinchilla bloodline. This cat breed features the Burmese’s mischievous looks and nature combined with the Chinchilla’s calm nature making them playful, affectionate, and social cats. They require very little maintenance and can get along with other pets.


List of Short Hair Cats | BurmeseThis cat is on our List of Short Hair Cats because of its soft, silky, and dark sable cost. It comes in different colors such as blue, cream, and even red and brown coats. They always have a single solid color. If you think that dogs have a better social side then you haven’t met the Burmese. They have a playful and social nature and they always want companionship. It has Nature close to dogs. They will never want you to leave them alone for long. They prefer stimulating environments with their families. You can also play the game of fetch with them as well.


List of Short Hair Cats | Sphynx If you’re looking for the best Short Hair Cat Breeds then sphynx is more than perfect for you because they have a hairless body. Technically they do have hairs on them but they are too light that you can see their skin most of the time. These cats can’t withstand harsh weather, especially cold ones. They have triangular heads and their build is rather muscular.

Their eyes are spaced out and their cheekbones are rather prominent. They do have a resemblance to the old Egyptian cats. Despite being hairless, you can still recognize this Short Hair Cat Breed by looking at its triangular-shaped ears similar to bats. They have an energetic persona and they can be a great companion. They support acrobatic skills, devotion, and humor.

Havana Brown

List of Short Hair Cats | Havana BrownThis cat has a distinctly triangular head with a muscular build body. It has a medium height and comes with a silky coat that is short and shredless. It has dark green eyes and large ears. This is a hybrid by mating a Black Shorthaired Persian cat with a Siamese about 50 years ago. This is also one of the most popular Short-Haired Cat Breed that looks graceful, dignified, and elegant. If you are a busy person then go for this breed because it has an independent nature. It means you will not have to spend too much time with it.


List of Short Hair Cats | SingapuraThese Short Hair Cat Breeds have low weight which is as low as 4 pounds. This petite cat is known to be the smallest domestic cat breed. They have some cutest features such as large eyes and ears. Also, they have larger-than-life personalities. They want attention even with their interesting appearance. You can get them some good toys for cats to provide them with an interactive environment. If you believe that you have a lively personality then you will surely enjoy this companionship with this kitten.


List of Short Hair Cats | MunchkinThe Short Hair Cat Breeds, these cats have small heights but they have higher intelligence among different cat breeds. Mostly the munchkins have short height but they can get along with any longer-limbed cats and pets and even be better than them.  They have a cute look, curious nature, and a love for small shiny objects such as keys and jewelry.

Munchkins will love to stash them away so they can play with them later. And they are smart hunters. This cat will quickly chase the mouse without warning and wants a pat from their owner. They have short legs and comparatively large heads, long spines, erect tails, thick muscular bodies, wide-spaced walnut eyes, and round-tip ears. Munchkins remain short most of their lives and they are easy to handle.

Cornish Rex

List of Short Hair Cats | Cornish Rex

They have lovely, silky, and short hairs and they form like waves. These Popular Short-Haired Cat Breeds may seem short until you pick them up. The cat features impeccable energy and athletic tendencies which is crucial for them to maintain their weight. You can observe them doing this by providing them with a rather larger empathy space to perform activities. They love to play around with their families and they do their best to stay with their parents for longer. If you have a tiny home or apartment then it should be on your List of Short Hair Cats.


List of Short Hair Cats | TonkineseThis short haired cat breed is much similar to Siamese cats. However, these popular short-haired cat breeds have larger bright whitish eyes and a unique triangular face. This cat is known for being good with children and families. You choose this breed if you like your pet cat to be calm and friendly with other pets as well. This kitty belongs to Asia and they have such a beautiful and soft coat that they carry gracefully.

Exotic Shorthair

List of Short Hair Cats | Exotic ShorthairIf you just take a look at them then you might call them Persian cats but they aren’t. Exotic Shorthair looks exactly like their Persian cousins but they do have a major difference. They have thicker yet shorter hair coats. This breed is a rather low-maintenance cat breed that just requires regular brushing of their short hairs. Such popular short-haired cat breeds have almost got their title of Popular Short Haired Cat Breeds in the world but got the number two spot. However, Persian cats in 2020 got the 4th position in that list.

European Shorthair

List of Short Hair Cats | European ShorthairThis Short Hair Cat Breed is known for having a rather muscular build and is famous for being a good hunter in its locale, though they aren’t available in huge numbers around the other parts of the world. They are much different than the American shorthair breeds as they have a healthy build and feature different colors.

They are suitable for small families and some of these breeds aren’t welcoming toward strangers. However, the temperament, nature, and eating habits of cats depend on different breeding. These kitties take pride in how they look so you can work weekly on brushing their fur and it will do things in the most effective way.

Is there a difference between long and Short Hair Cat Breeds?

By reading this now, you must be wondering why these breedings may be different from other cats. Well, in terms of appearance, they are but in general, every cat breed is different from others. This is what makes them good pets. If you are looking for Short Hair Cat Breeds then this List of Short Hair Cats might have helped you. If this is your first time adopting a cat then continue reading our other cat care guides for more information regarding pet cat care tips and advice.

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