Cost For Owning a Dog

Cost For Owning a Dog
Written by Arlene S. Lane

The cost of owning a dog is a major consideration when you want to own a dog. After all, when it comes to having a pet then most of us will consider owning a dog. This fury fellow has something in its personality that can make us feel happy. When you own a dog then you must know that this will cost a little or maybe a little extra.

Owning a dog can be fun for the first time but the cost of owning a dog should also be considered. Even with all the costs involved owing to the dog, it is still one of the most famous pets in the American household. Owning a dog means having some extra expenses to keep your dog in good condition. After all, what is the point of owning a dog that looks exhausted and weak? The dogs monthly cost includes the cost of regular veterinary care dog food and things in between. 

The first year of owning a dog can cost you huge. So if you are planning to adopt a dog then here are the monthly expenses for a dog that every dog owner should know about.

How Much Do Dogs Cost Per Year?

So when you are thinking about adopting a dog, then you should have an idea about the cost of owning a dog. Continue reading the following to learn more.

1- Regular Veterinary Care

When you will get a dog for the first time you will have a responsibility to take care of its health which is why you will need to take your dog to the veterinary regularly. You will have to pay for the annual medical examinations, vaccination, and any other regular preventive care. Though vet visits aren’t crazily expensive. But for the first-timer monthly cost of owning a dog may disturb their budget for a little while. It is better to discuss the vet cost of owning a dog to have a better idea.

2- Buying Toys

For some, the toys for dogs aren’t as important as other items. What you don’t know is that toys play an important role in the mental stimulation of the dog and exercise. Though you can save on buying at discount, the overall monthly expenses for a dog toy can reach from $25 to $150 per year. but don’t worry about them as you don’t have to buy them too often so the dogs monthly cost won’t hugely be affected because of toys. If you find some cute dog toys and you cannot resist buying them then the average cost can reach several hundred dollars. However, your dog is also the culprit behind this as some dogs can be quite destructive and maybe break the toys too often. The tip is to invest in the toys that come with the “tough chewing” tags.

3- Breeder And Adoption Fees

When it comes to the cost for owning a dog then the adaptation cost only can make you think twice about buying the dog. The fees for adopting the dog may range from $150 to $700. And the cost for the purebred can go beyond this from $1000 to eve 4000$ depending on the breed. Add the pet license fee which can be $20 to 100$ and the cost of adding the microchip which can be $80 or more depending on the location where you are living.

4- Grooming

Depending on the breed of your dog and the hair coat he has, the cost of grooming may vary. Grooming is an important part of winning a dog and you should consider the grooming cost in the overall cost for owning a dog. If your dog has short hair then it will require less frequent visits to the grooming saloons. On the other hand, if your dog has good hair growth then it will require routine visits to the groomer. Depending on the grooming requirements and tools used during the procedure, the cost can range between $30 to $500 a year.

5- Dog Daycare Or Dog Walking

Dogs might get panic when they have to live alone for longer without their human. If your job requires you to work for long hours outside of your apartment or anything that makes you stay away from the dog then you may consider spending money on the dog daycare. They can provide dog boarding or dog walking services. The monthly expenses for dog daycare or walking services are optional. However, you may find this service helpful in your daily life. Price can vary depending on the service you obtain.

6- Cleaning Supplies or Services

Though cleaning supply expenses aren’t included in the dogs monthly cost you might have to spend on them a little more often depending on the type of dog you have. Cleaning supplies for your home may seem a little addition to monthly expenses for a dog Dogs as initially, dogs will not have any idea about their cleaning routine. Dogs with heavy fur and outgoing nature may require cleaning too often. Dogs will leave dirt in the house. And when they are puppies they may have some “other” accidents on furniture and carpets. This is why you will need to pay for cleaning services and supplies as well.

7- Leashes and Collars

Your dog should have at least one high-quality collar and leash. The leash and collar come in different sizes and qualities. Normally the owner of dogs will spend $30 to $50 on average per year on them. But this isn’t the monthly cost of owning a dog because they can last for years.

8- Pet Fees For Rented Homes

One of the most overlooked costs by the first-time pet owner is pet fees when you rent a home or apartment. Pet fees vary from location to location. The pet fee and deposit can range from $150-$500 when you will be allowed to move in with your dog or pet. Some landlords may charge the pet rent. This can range from 10$ to $100 per month.

While making your monthly budget, you should consider your monthly expenses for a dog as well. If your dog has caused some damage to the property then it will exceed the deposit amount. You will have to pay for them as well.

9- Pet insurance and deposits

Just like a general insurance plan, your pet insurance may also be helpful in reducing veterinary expenses. Though some may consider it an optional part of being a pet owner. If you want to add this then add this to your dog’s expenses as well. Usually, the cost of the insurance will cost you between $370 to $750Dog annually. Don’t worry, this would be an annual expanse for being a pet owner. However, as mentioned earlier, you will need an additional deposit if you want to get your dog into your rented house.

How Much Does Dog Food Cost?

Dogs though have a tough digestive system but as a pet, you will need to make sure to provide high-quality food along with healthy treats. The cost of dog food range from $20 to $65 per month. The annual cost can reach up to $250 to $700 annually. However, the average dog food cost per month may vary. As it highly depends on the dog’s food and the dog may require heavy food consumption. If you opted for the prescription diet then you may have to add $100 extra in that month as the dog food cost. If you want to have an accurate idea regarding how much does a dog food cost then consider contacting a professional breeder or vet.

Bottom Line

Owning a dog as a pet is great. However, good pets come with some great responsibilities as well. Hope you will have got an idea regarding how much does it cost to own a dog after reading this post. After reading this you should have the idea about “average dog food cost per month”, “how much does a dog food cost”  and overall “monthly cost of owning a dog ” If you are considering owning a dog then make sure you have searched for dog care guides. Make sure that have mentioned the annual and monthly costs of owning a dog as well. You should be prepared for them if you want your dog to stay healthy.

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