How to Kitten Proof Your Home

How to Kitten Proof Your Home
Written by Arlene S. Lane

Everything You Need to Know About “How to Kitten Proof Your Home

Bringing a young kitten to your home can be a great experience. Who wouldn’t like to own that little ball of fluff, doing cute little things and goofing around? They will surely be a great addition to your family and your home. But, what about the stuff in your house? An older cat can be handled easily and she may not be as mischievous as a small kitten.

She will be learning to be a part of the family so you will need to keep an eye on her whenever she is moving around. She will not have any idea about the dangerous stuff around the house which is why you need to learn about how to kitten proof your home. From taking care of furniture to the elegant China décor pieces, from falling off the stairs to chewing some harmful plants, you will need to make sure that your house and stuff are completely kitten proof to give your kitty a safe environment. Here is what you need to know.

Why Kitten Proofing House Matters?

Kittens are always curious and have a great sense of smell, they can leap around things and can use their claws without a problem. This is the reason why your house must be kitten proof as they can lead themselves to risky situations. Such as They love moving things around or anything that can be moved with their paws. This includes wires, table clothes, items in the bathroom, and alike. Some of these items can be dangerous for them such as wires.

Another reason for kitten proofing your house is that they love to climb around. They may try to climb everything in front of them and this is why they may climb somewhere that may cause them to fall. This may cause injury to them. They are much like human babies. They will want to put everything in their mouth. The bits of trash can sometimes be dangerous for them.

They can not tell the difference between human food and cat food. They can sometimes chew on human food and not every human food is cat friendly.  This is why kitten proofing your home is crucial for any kitty owner. And if you are going to hire a cat sitter then it will be convenient for it as well. To know further about how to kitten proof your home continue reading further.

1- Start With The Plants

As we all know how plants can greatly help keep your house fresh. But you will need to be careful when you have a small kitten in your house. Not every plant in your house is good for your kitten. Plants such as mistletoe, poinsettia, Philodendron, and lilies are some of the plants that can make your cat sick if they are constantly exposed to them. Lilies, azaleas, and daffodils are common garden plants that look great in any home but they can be toxic for kittens. If you want to save the kitty then you will need to bring the flowers cautiously.

2- Check The Window Screens

Cats will love to sit on the windowsill and watch the outdoors. However, window screens are something that can potentially be dangerous for small kittens. They aren’t durable enough to withstand the kitten’s weight. If you are living in a multi-story apartment building then a kitten proofing house is even compulsory regarding window screens. You should check if they are firmly installed and if it is durable enough to stay in their place. You can take a step further and keep it tight with the help of the screws.

3- Paw and Chew Safety

Small kittens love to paw and chew everything that is moving. They are also curious by nature so don’t get surprised when you find them screaming in dangerous situations. They love to play and everything in front of them is their toy. From baby toys, dolls, and accessories to small legos, trash items, canes to even electrical cords.

Everything is OK for them which isn’t a good thing. You will need to take care of them while kitten proofing your house. Take everyday items such as iron or any electrical item that has a long wire. While using, the moving wire will be tempting for them. This is why you will need to tape down the wire if you cannot move them. These normal-looking wires can cause serious harm to them. Nonelectrical wires can cause some serious problems to them as they have no idea that they may get strangled in them.

So don’t ignore these non-electrical wires while kitten proofing your house. Make sure your cable management is on point. Secure the cable so it won’t hang down.

4- Not All Plants Are Healthy

Yes, the houseplants look great in any interior. They add a splash of greenery to your home. However, having houseplants while your kitten is playing around may not be a completely good idea. Not every houseplant is safe for kittens. Aloe Vera, lilies, Philodendron, and mistletoe, and are a few of the more toxic houseplants that can cause illness to your kitty if they are exposed to them for longer.

Azaleas, daffodils, and lilies are common garden plants; they may look cute but can be toxic for kittens as well. While kitten proofing your home, you should make sure that you have understood the good, bad, and ugly sides of owning plants while owning the kitty. Though houseplants are bad for humans, animals have some types of allergies and health issues with them.

This is why you should either do your research online for dangerous plants for kittens or ask about it from your vet and cat shelter. They can guide you about this very well.

5- Keep Fragile Items Away

This is an obvious part of how to kitten proof your home task. Not only is it good for those fragile items but kitten safety as well. After all, you want to take better care of the kitten but you also love your home. Those beautiful china pieces and crockery, even your laptop and pc that can be fallen on the ground and have the potential to be damaged should be kept away from kittens.

Unlike mature cats, kittens are relatively more curious and want to explore every corner of your house. So keeping such things away from them makes sense. Fragile electronic items can even harm them in general as well. Even when these things are put higher, these furry friends of yours may still have access to them. This is why make sure to keep fragile items away while kitten proofing your home. 

6- Securing The Hotspots

Cats love hotspots. Be it near the fireplace or near your heater, they will love to stay there, sit there and even sleep. However, not every hotspot is secure for them. Make sure that you can secure spots such as fireplaces. Make sure you keep them regulated all the time. You should walk your cat every 20,30 minutes to see where they are or make them move.

Adding “unplug any electric heaters” should be in your kitten proofing house plan as well. Even if they are plugged in, make sure that you are keeping an eye on them. Also, the small spaces in your house shouldn’t be ignored while doing this. 

7- Securing Rugs and Furniture

Now, this is something that you will have an idea about. Cats love to scratch and if you didn’t buy the right cat toys and accessories for them then your furniture would be a great toy for them. The same applies to your favorite rug and carpets as well. So, how do kitten proof your home in this regard? Well, keep your favorite rugs or carpet away for a while. You can put protective covers on your furniture for a while as your kittens are learning to be in the home.

8- Protecting The Chemicals

Modern house cleaning items consist of harmful chemicals. They’re not safe to touch barehanded even for humans so securing your kitten’s access to the kitten should be your first consideration. If you have placed floor cleaning, bathroom cleaning solutions, or any detergent and fabric cleaner in a compartment then make sure that they are in their place safe and secure.

Make sure that there aren’t any spills around that they can lick and suffer from some serious health conditions. Safety from chemical exposure should be a great concern in your kitten proofing house plan.

9- Buy the Right Toys and Accessories

While kitten proofing your home is a thorough task if you want to become a good pet owner. However, don’t forget to provide them with enough suitable toys as well. Not only those toys (chew, non-chew, squishy and soft toys) will keep them busy for a while but they will keep them distracted for the better. Just make sure they are durable enough. The kitten shouldn’t be able to shred or break them easily. Also, there shouldn’t be any pointy sides on the toys of choice, especially for small kittens. They may injure themselves easily. 

Bottom Line

Kitten proofing your home may seem a stressful and time-consuming task but it is worth the effort. A safe kitty environment is essential to raise it properly. Just make sure to follow this guide for better kitten proofing your house. Remember to be patient while kitten proofing your house. After all, you want to be a better pet owner and want to provide a better and more secure environment for your furry fella. If you like this article then consider browning the pet care guide and how-to-s articles as well. 

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