7 Cheap Bird Toys You Can Make at Home

DIY bird toys
Written by Arlene S. Lane

Diy bird toys can be a fun project for you and a great option to enjoy for your pet birds. Birds are known for being fun-loving active pets almost like a dog. However, dogs may get lazy over time but birds will not because it is in their nature to fly around and vocalize because they love to socialize like that. If you want to own a bird then you will need to take care of its mental and physical stimulation. This is where the toys come in handy. They can be helpful in keeping your pet birds busy for quite a while and not making them feel bored. If you need homemade toys for parakeets then we have got a solution for you. But you don’t have to visit amazon for the best bird toys all the time. Instead, a bird toy DIY project can be a great thing to do for your pet bird.

Why DIY Bird Toys Matter For Your Birds?

You might be wondering why should I spend on bird toy DIY for my pet parrot or cannery. Especially when you are new to owning a bird pet. Toys play an important role to stimulate your pet’s mind. With proper toys, your birds can even learn some amazing skills such as matching shapes, counting, and performing physical tricks. This is why you should opt for proper toys for your bird. Depending on the toy type you are going to buy, the pricing is the major factor that will not let bird owners get toys for their birds.

However, a wide range of options for DIY bird toys is always available. You can search on the internet for homemade bird toys tips and guide for any information. Continue reading the following to check out our hand-picked guide regarding homemade bird toys.

Climbing frame made from Wire Hangers

If you don’t want to build diy bird playground then don’t worry. One of the easiest bird toy DIY project requires a wire hanger and some creativity. The best thing about the wire hanger frame is that it can be hung in any room with a hook. Because cages aren’t long enough so it is better to hang them in a room. You will need to have a hook in the ceiling and if not then hang one. You will need three hangers that should be tied below each other. Tie some treats and chew objects to the bottom of each hanger and you just have made a DIY climbing frame.

The dishwasher Basket Feeder

It is Probably the coolest idea ever when it comes to making DIY bird toys. Not only this idea is super cute and on point but it is also very effective when you want to make it a practical one. All you need is a dishwasher foraging basket (you can pick the large one as they can be helpful a lot in this regard) Lock the lid of the basket in place with zip ties. Stuck it with some fruits, vegetables, treats, and seeds. This is one of those DIY bird toys that will keep your birds busy for hours. You will not have to worry about your pet a bit. You can even add some leafy veggies as well for a better food combination and your pet bird will enjoy playing with it for longer.

Ropes In Rooms, Aviary, And Cages

Another cheaper yet effective homemade toys for parakeets are the ropes hanging around the rooms. You may have noticed how these dangling or empty ropes are a great way to stay entertained parrots and others birds. This is why you can use some hooks around the room and tie some ropes for your pet parrots and you are good to go. They will spend hours playing on it around. On the other hand, you will need to make sure to check these ropes every day so there won’t be any frayed ends. Your birds may stick their feet and even necks in it which can be dangerous for them.


This may sound weird when it comes to finding homemade toys for parakeets toys but trust me, paper can be a great addition to a DIY bird playground for many birds. They love to shred paper on a daily basis. If you have plain paper without any dye then you should make stripes of them and put them in their cage. They will love to shred the paper stripes. Cut the paper into different shapes and you can keep them busy for a longer time. However, if you find your pets uninspiring from this then you can simply make some small balls out of them and dye them with the food dye, Wait for it to dry, and then just watch them play with them peacefully.

Makes A Bead Swing

Technically this is not a DIY bird toy but an accessory. Whatever you say but this will be a great addition for your pet in its cage as they just love to sit on swings. What you will need is twine or some woolen thread whatever option you have near to you. Just make sure not to use any fish wire as it can hurt your bird’s feet. Next, you will need some wooden beads.

They are crucial as plastic beads can be bitten by the strong beaks of parrots and they get hurt. Now make a bead necklace sort of but don’t fill it. Instead, you should leave some sides from both corners. Now you have made a beautiful DIY bird toy and accessory for its cage and aviary. Now your birds will just enjoy swinging around it. Also, opting for such homemade bird toys often let you enjoy some quality time with yourself like meditation.

Willow Wreath

It is a cool idea for a DIY bird playground. You must get a flexible wire and make a hoop out of it. Make sure you have tied the ends tightly. As an alternative, you can use a hula hoop if you have a large space. Now tie the willow around the hoop. You will need to have about 18 and 50 sprays of willow, soft bendable ones ranging from 30 cm to 2 m that can be threaded easily.

You can either shred the leaves or let them on the wire circle. Leave it overnight and the very next day, the wrath will keep maintaining its shape. With the completed wreath, you can hang treats and foods that your birds can eat easily. If you want to make DIY bird toys then this will just take about 35 minutes depending on the size. It took me around 35 minutes to build these homemade bird toys so you can give it a try as well. 

Popsicle Sticks

For your parakeet homemade toy options, popsicle sticks can be a great idea. You don’t have to go overboard or do anything extra with it. This is because birds such as parrots love to chew on popsicle sticks. If you provide them then they would be happier than ever. They just love to do that as it isnt just for their physical stimulation but they also like them as an exercise for their mouth and jaw muscles. They are cheaper and can be found at any craft store or you can buy them from a dollar store. Your pet bird will be thankful for this. 


Going for DIY bird playground can be a great idea. But if you live near a park and have greenery in your residence or near you then this can also be a great way for your pet birds to enjoy cutting branches, leaves, and flowers on them. Also, you will not have to worry about toxic fumes and dangerous insects. Also, there are shy birds that feel very comfortable sitting among large leaves, hidden among others. However, if you are worried about birds getting infected with the insects then you should disinfect them to make them safer for your birds. 


DIY bird toys are one of the most important things to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. On the other hand, some people don’t like to spend extra bucks on toys for their pet birds. This is why homemade bird toys are a great idea for bot owners and birds. Both of you will have a great time, you while making it and the birds while playing it. If you find this helpful then continue browsing our pet bird care guides for more information.

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