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Problems With Pet Monkeys

Problems With Pet Monkeys
Written by Arlene S. Lane

A large number of humans tend to have pets. They will look for the best pets to own y considering different reasons. However, some will even go beyond and look for exotic pets. These are the pets that we don’t consider pets in general or don’t think about it. However, one of the weirdest types of pet that you may or may haven’t heard of is the monkey.

Can You Have A Monkey As A Pet?

If you want to own the best exotic pet for beginners then there are several other types of exotic pets that you can go for. You may also wonder “can you have a monkey as a pet ” a simple answer would be “NO”. While some have claimed that they have opted for pet monkeys the certain requirements of monkeys that makes it hard to keep them as pets. But there are certain problems With pet Monkeys that makes it hard to keep them as pets.

Are Pet Monkeys Legal?

People often search the internet for the answer to “are pet monkeys legal”One of the major questions that pet owners have in mind when they want to own a monkey is whether pet monkeys are legal. Well, currently 17 states in the US don’t have any restrictions to own a pet. So you will need to search for the law regarding owning a pet. And even if it is legal to own a pet you will still need to consider the overall cost of adopting a monkey and trust me that is tremendous.

Problems With Pet Monkeys – Behavioral, Legal & Medical Issues

Due to some classic Hollywood movies, people tend to be thinking about owning a monkey. However, these fun-loving creatures aren’t easy to be kept as pets. There is a number of problems with pet monkeys or problems that makes the monkeys the worst pets ever.

Monkeys Have Complex Requirments

When it comes to owning a monkey then you should have in mind that they have very specific needs. Even start with the diet. Their requirements may reach from fruit and veg to supplements and protein. You will need to figure out what they will need for a full-time job. And if you have figured out what they want and what they like then they will fall ill and you will need to figure out what is right for you.

Before you look the answer are pet monkeys legal then mind that what will you do and how well you treat it? Vets that deal with the monkey illness are rare and they will cost huge.  

The Traumatic Past

You may want to know how can I get a pet monkey which may be fine for you but what you don’t know is that the small monkeys are often taken out from their mothers when they are too young like two or three days. They are taken away from their mouths and sold to humans who will keep them as pets. Not only this will be a traumatic experience for monkeys but for mothers as well. They will breed again and the cycle will go on again. 

Expansive Care and Adoption

Owning a monkey may be a tempting idea. After all, we all have seen how intelligent and fun-loving a monkey can be. However, when you are thinking about having a monkey for a pet then mind the fact that primates can be costly, and taking care of them can break the bank. You will need to consider a very specific diet, housing requirements, and entertainment. You may have no idea that some primates can even develop diabetes. Hope you already understand how costly its treatment is before looking for “how can i get a pet monkey” on Google. Even if you found a vet to treat your pet monkey then it will cost considerably high.

Messy and Un-Hygiene

One of the major Problems With Pet Monkeys is that they are hard to tame and they tend to be messy even with their owners. Unlike dogs and cats, you cannot find a pet sitter for them so leaving them alone in your house means you are going to destroy your home and make it stink. They are messy and unhygienic by nature. They will throw feces and urine and may even put poop on the wall. You will never know where a monkey will urinate because they can urinate anywhere in a human home.

You might want to spend on diapers but then get ready to treat painful rashes and sores.  When it comes to having a monkey for a pet with diapers on then you are actually causing restricting the growth of their tail muscles which will directly damage the primate physically. Not only this is cruel but it will miss the point of being a good pet owner. 

Human Companionship Isn’t Enough

Let’s just say you are searching for answers to “can you have a monkey as a pet” because you know you can spend quality time with monkeys etc. But the monkey is the type of primate who tends to live with other monkeys. They are social animals and they prefer the companionship of their own breed. You may be a good pet owner and you can take care of him but that is still not enough for a primate. They want to live in packs and the companionship of a single human will result in depression in them. 

Unpredictable Behavior

When it comes to owning a monkey then you will want to start with taming the babies. While the idea can be great because babies are adorable and sweet. However, you will be surprised by their attitude and unpredictable behavior when they will reach puberty. You will see their demeanor is changing.

Having a monkey for a pet means a pet getting aggressive, dangerous, and unforgiving towards even their most favored caregivers. No amount of care and taming will keep them calm and change their behavior. Also, the average lifespan of monkeys is 20-40 years so this is quite a hard and lifelong commitment for any human.

Health Issues for Humans

Other Problems With Pet Monkeys include them carrying multiple parasites and zoonotic sicknesses that are dangerous for humans. They may look perfect in good health but if they ever bite you or scratch you then you may have to face different health issues that were a part of the monkey.

They Are Overall Dangerous

Even if you are having a monkey as a pet for a long time, you know how unpredictable it can be. This is one of the major problems with monkeys. An alone ad depressed monkey will be unpredictable and dangerous for any human around. They will attack everyone including their owner. This is because they want to declare their dominance in the hierarchy.

Plus, they will never share their place which means if you are close to monkeys then they will never want you to go away from them. Just imagine living with a monkey and leaving your friends and family behind.


Monkeys are fun-loving and cute animals. But they are primates and they should be in their natural environment for better living. Even if you believe you can take care of them then there isn’t any guide for pet care available for monkeys because they are the most unsuitable animals as pets. For us, they should remain in their natural environment with their pack for better living. There you have the problems with pet monkeys when it comes to owning them as pets. Hope this article will help you to understand. Hope you understand the answer of “how can i get a pet monkey”. Just follow our blogs for more pet care tips and tricks.

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