Exotic Birds and Humidity

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Written by Arlene S. Lane

Exotic Birds and Humidity

humidifier for birds is something that makes me wonder the pet bird owner if they should get one! Owning an exotic pet bird is an amazing experience. In fact, owning an exotic pet is generally an amazing feeling. You can own the best reptiles as exotic pets which can make you look edgy and unique but having these beautiful feathery fellas can double the joy as they can enhance the aesthetics of your interior as well.

A huge number of exotic pet bird owners already know how important humidity is for their pet birds. But how much humidity is too much for them? What do you need to know about Exotic Birds and Humidity? And most important how to maintain humidity levels for birds? These are the questions that hopefully you will be answered in this post. Continue reading the following for further information.

Exotic Birds and Humidity

Though humidity, in general, is a crucial part of any living environment, most exotic pets are brought from a rather warm and humid environment. That tropical weather is perfect for their bodies and it helps their body to perform better. Having a humidifier for birds can be helpful in this regard. This is especially important in winter when the room heaters have dried out the humidity in the room making their body uncomfortable. 

The environment where they come from plays an important role in their survival and their body’s function as well. When we talk about Exotic Birds and Humidity then we indirectly talk about ambient moisture. It is important to keep the bird’s natural grooming instinct intact and It is also helpful in keeping the feathers healthy, shiny, and clean. Most exotic birds cannot live in dry air. This is because they can breathe freely and remain fresh in a humid environment.

Humidity helps them to avoid any serious breathing problems. Too much dry air can cause your exotic pet bird’s lungs to dry. They will be prone to infections and this will be an extremely uncomfortable condition for exotic birds. This problem may sound severe but the solution can be very simple. You can invest in a humidifier for birds if you want a more modern solution for Exotic Birds and Humidity issues. Also, you can add much-needed moisture to the bird’s environment by spraying 1-3 times a day on your pet. Not only will this keep the H2O level maintained outside of the bird’s body but it will also remove any residue on the skin and feathers. It will make your exotic pet bird look fresh and clean.

How to Maintain Humidity Levels For Birds and Getting Humidifier for Birds?

Now, this is something that every exotic pet bird owner or in fact every bird owner should understand. knowing how to maintain humidity levels for birds is actually great for humidity as you may already have known is the major part of keeping the pet bird environment better. But maintaining the humidity can be a stressful task especially if you have a busy schedule. However, you can buy the best humidifier for birds to keep the humidity level controlled.

If you are wondering, are humidifiers safe for birds? Then don’t worry, if you know how to use them (which most likely you do) your birds will be safe. These electric humidifiers are usually inexpensive and there are even recommendations from the sellers as well. You can choose what you find the most useful for you online.

Give Them A Shower

The third option is better if you want to spend quality time with your pet bird but don’t have enough time. You buy the shower perch for your bird and allow them to get in the shower with you. Your birds will not only get the humidity that always wanted but they will also like to socialize while doing this as well. If you aren’t sure about buying a humidifier for birds then this would be a great idea.

Exposing your pet bird to a humid environment should be your daily routine. You will quickly notice an improved look in your exotic pet bird’s look and appearance. Many bird owners even claimed that it improved the overall mood of the bird because they started to feel fresh, much like in their natural environment.


Exotic Birds and Humidity level is something every pet owner should understand to keep their birds fresh. However, you will also need to make sure that they are required to stay in a humid environment so they will stay healthy and fresh. While In this article we included everything regarding Exotic Birds and Humidity and we are sure that you will have an idea regarding whether are humidifiers safe for birds. Even after knowing how to maintain humidity levels for birds, if you ever find them in an unusually silent and slow state then you should call your vet immediately or take them to one. You can find more exotic pet bird care guides on our blog for better ideas to care for your pet exotic bird.

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