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What should you feed to your cat?

what to feed your cat
Written by Arlene S. Lane

Cats are cute and are the second most popular pet in the USA. Though they have playful personalities, feeding can be quite hard. It’s not like every cat is a picky eater but many cats can be tough to feed. Feeding your cat is one of the most important parts of owning a cat. Cats are carnivores so you will need to provide their protein on a daily basis. “What to feed your cat” is one of the important things that every cat owner should know?.

You will need to find a high-quality commercial cat food that suits your cat’s health and age. If you haven’t checked any pet care blogs and have no idea about the cat diet then you should visit your vet first and talk about your cat’s diet first. They can assess their health status and will let you know about what to feed your cat.

Tips For Feeding Cats

When it comes to the question of what to feed my cat then you should have in mind that they will never survive only on a vegan diet. They require meat protein in their diet. Though you can easily provide the cat the commercially produced wet cat food. You can also provide them with a wide range of other food such as fresh meat or either raw or cooked.

A huge number of cats love fish. So if you wonder “can cat eat fish” then yes, they sure can. However, you cannot give them on a daily basis as fish has a high amount of fatty acid. This can cause vitamin E deficiency among cats and they may suffer from painful health conditions.

Feeding Tips For Your Cats

Most cat owners wonder “what to feed my cat”? And as mentioned earlier this is one of the most important things to consider for the better health of a cat. So to feed your cat properly, you should prepare to feed your cat several times in small proportions if your cat is an adult. You should provide them with food 4-5 times a day as smaller meals at different times of the day are helpful in maintaining their urinary tract health which is directly linked to their proper dietary routine.

How Much Food You Should Be Feeding Your Cat?

When it comes to feeding your cat then you will need to determine the age, size, and weight first because it heavily depends on these factors. So, just because your friend is telling you about food good for cats. You will not want your cat to be suffering from obesity. It is quite common among cats and this can shorten the lifespan of the cats as well.

So, you will need to make sure that your pet cat is having the best cat feeds according to its age and weight. If you are in doubt then you should consult your vet for the best Cat nutrition tips to feed your pet cat effectively.

Canned Food for cats

Finding food good for cats is something that every pet cat owner wonders about. They love their pet cat and want to give them the best. You can go for quality canned food for your cats but not every canned cat food will be accepted by your cat. You will need to first try different canned food from different brands and your cat will let you know what brand they like the most. Stay consistent with it and don’t change the brand and food too often unless your vet has advised you. This can upset the stomach. 

Toxic Foods For Cats

When it comes to Foods bad for cats then most of us will think about some expired canned food or so but there is human food that is toxic for cats. While it will not quickly kill the cats, they will suffer from health issues that will be painful for them.

Items such as onions, chocolate, garlic, onion and garlic powder, caffeine or coffee, avocado, bread dough, any food with mold and spoiled in general, grapes, raisin, cakes (in general) fruit pits, and stones such as avocado, apricot stones, and mango seeds, fruit seeds, tomatoes, cooked bones, mushrooms, and raw bones Pisces even mildly cooked, any food with high amount of fatty acids, salt, and vegetables.

Fish though have high amounts of fatty acids but this shouldn’t be included in their daily diet. Remember, when you want to know what should feed your cat, mind the fact that your pet cat then should get close to absorbent pads found under roasted meats and any strings wrapped around as well. They may face choking hazards.

Don’t Forget The Water

While a healthy, balanced, and nutrition-filled diet is compulsory for your cat, don’t forget to provide fresh and clean water to your cat. It is good to know what to feed your cat but don’t underestimate the access to clean and fresh water 24 hours. Don’t feed them with milk as it can upset their stomach. Always provide them with water in ceramic or metal bowls.

According to the experts at the best pet care blog, placing a secondary bowl under the bed or desk can greatly be helpful for cats as well.

Cat Nutrition Tips- Kittens Addition

Kittens are small and just like human babies, they need to be fed with the right type of diet because this will affect their jaws and bones that are growing. Apart from feeding cats, feeding kittens is a major responsibility. They need to have high-quality and premium kitten food. They can also be offered raw meats as well. However, you should avoid raw meat unless they are 2o weeks older. They will not have a strong immune system to the pathogens.

For older cats and kittens, raw meat strips can be helpful in removing plaque. If you have access to raw bones and have no idea if this is what to feed your cat then the answer is “NO” cooked bones are a big “NO” for kittens. The splinter can cause internal damage and may even clog the intestinal tract. You should also add some wet foods to the kitten’s diet. Wet canned food and cooked meals are a good start for your kitten diet plan. It is even helpful in their urinary tract health.

To get the best idea about the good food for kittens then the factors are the same as the food good for cats. It depends on their weight, breed, and overall health. You should provide your kitten food at least four times a day. Though they wouldn’t eat all of it it should be available to them.

Cat Nutrition Tips That Every Cat Owner Should Know!

Following are the tips that will help you to fulfill your cat’s nutrition tips. 

Know its specific needs

Not every cat is the same and many pet cats have health concerns. You should consult your vet first to learn about its health. And it will also let you know about their specific required supplement. You will not want your kitty to have some serious health issues. 

Maintain The Ideal Weight

While feeding cats, don’t forget to keep an eye on the weight of the cat. You should learn about the ideal weight and height of your cat. So you know your cat isn’t suffering from obesity or is underweight.

Don’t Change The Cat Food Suddenly

Even if the food good for cats isn’t working for your cat then you should change it. However, change the food gradually. A sudden change of diet will upset the cat’s stomach. This is why you should change the cat’s food gradually.

Avoid Toxic Food

Even if you are tempted by a video or your friend advised you about a certain diet for cats then it is better to stay away from them. If your dog has told you about the food element in its cat care guide, then you should follow it rather than what your neighbor told you. If food is harmful to your feline friend then keep it away from your cat.

The Sanitary Matters

Something that is as crucial as feeding cats. Make sure that all of the bowls and food items are placed away from the litter box. This will help your cat to stay away from unhealthy interactions with germs. Food and water will be cleaned and fresh and it will have a lasting impact on your cat’s health.

Bottom Line

If you are wondering about what to feed your cat then hope this article has covered most of the things regarding the diet and Cat nutrition tips. You should understand the importance of feeding the right things to your cats as they play an important role to keep your cat healthy. For more cat care guides and tips, you can follow our blog for the latest content about pet care.

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