How Can I Choose a Bird That Will Talk?

Choosing a Bird that will talk
Written by Arlene S. Lane

Choosing a Bird that will talk can be great fun. We all know that birds are papular to be the best animals as pets. And, one of the best things about birds is that they are the only animals that can imitate human speech. This is one of the major features that make them stand out among other pets. A huge number of pet bird lovers will want to know “where can I get a talking parrot ” and this is quite a common search term online. However, there are only a small number of talking birds that can speak due to their advanced brain and high intelligence. One of the best birds to be adapted as a pet that can speak very well. Parrots are known as advanced talking birds. Such as African grays, amazon parrots, and Eclectus parrots.

You can look for talking parrots for adoption as your talking companion. There aren’t any other birds that can do this such as crows and ravens but there are bird species such as mockingbirds, starlings, and magpies that can talk. Birds like Myna birds can mimic human speech and can practice more than 100 human words in their speech. However, you should know that they can only learn the human language when they can listen to specific words repeatedly.

If you are Choosing a Bird that will talk then you will need to make sure that you are giving them regular training as well. You should encourage them to imitate the sound they hear. 

Choosing a Bird that will talk

Before you wonder where you can get a talking parrot or bird in general then make sure that you aren’t just looking for a pet bird based on this. Birds are good pets despite their ability to talk or not. You can spend quality time with them even when they cannot speak. But, several pet owners look for talking parrots for adoption and the most beneficial thing in this regard would be having them as babies because this would even be easier to train them to talk.

However, when you are looking for talking birds as pets, you should have in mind that they just only talk when they like to or they want to. They will not just act like a toy and talk whenever you want them to. This is why a bird that doesn’t speak can generally be a very good option as a pet bird. Parrots, on the other hand, can be an interesting speaking companions for anyone. What is more interesting is that when it comes to choosing a bird that will talk, parrots are the ultimate option. However and again, don’t just choose a bird on this merit only. Birds in general can be your lifelong companion.

If you still want a talking parrot and looking for talking parrots for adoption then it would be better to look for different species first. Different types of parrots can talk. However, you will need to brush up on their skill of talking over time and learn to train your pet bird for talking as well. This will not only help you to teach your pet birds to talk better but it will help you to bond with each other. You should do positive reinforcement training because it has been admitted internationally that this is the best way to train humans and animals.

Species Of Talking Parrots For Adoption

If you have understood the above tips about choosing a bird that will talk then the following is the list of parrot species that can talk.

Indian Ringneck Parakeets: These parrots mostly have green feathers and a distinctive red ring around their neck. They have beautiful colors and medium body sizes. Their personalities are joyful and social plus they are one of the best human speech mimickers among all parrot species.

African Grays: Another most popular talking parrot species known for their cognitive abilities and extensive vocabulary. They don’t have implacable looks but they are extremely smart as well.

Budgies: They are not the kind of parrot species that can learn easily as they may require a bit extra effort from their owner for training. However, once they are trained, they will become extreme talkers.

Quaker Parrots:  These parrots have medium body size and may appear animated sometimes. They are small but they can be impressive talkers and they can imitate short words and phrases and even ambient sounds around them.

Amazons: One of the best species with a good reputation for speaking ability is the Amazon. They are the wonderful pet if you spend quality time training them

Cockatoos: They are cute and famous for their whistles. They can imitate ambient sounds as well. However, with some extensive training, they can learn some great vocabulary. 

Where Can I Get a Talking Parrot

You might be wondering where to get a talking parrot right now. So, here is our guide regarding choosing a bird that will talk. After reading this you will have an idea regarding where can I get a talking parrot? As mentioned earlier, not every parrot is a good speaker. Some have a good ability to imitate human speech and some can learn human vocabulary well. Having this in mind, search online for the best candidate for your speaking pet bird. You can then visit your nearest pet bird shelter and centers where they can get your desired birds.

Your question of where to get a talking parrot can have a good answer which is pet breeders. Several authentic pet bird breeders can provide you you talking parrots for adoption. Also if you are looking for talking parrots for adoption then keep in mind the cost of owning such exotic pet birds can be huge. They can cost around $600 to as high as $2500.

It mostly depends on the type of parrot species and the rarity of the bird. If you are willing to pay that then you can talk to them so they can arrange one for you. On the other hand, talk to your local vet as well before going for talking about parrots for adoption. Talk to them if they have specialization in treating the birds so just in case things get messy, they can deal with it. Don’t forget to follow the pet bird care guides for a better idea of taking care of your pet.

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