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List of Long Haired Cats

List of Long Haired Cats
Written by Arlene S. Lane

Cats are one of the most popular pets after dogs in the USA. There are too many things to like about cats. They look cute, they are playful and they have that silky, luscious fur. When that fur coat is extra long then things even get more interesting. You can find Short and Long Hair Cat Breeds according to your preference but cats that have those long silky fur give special glamor and style to pet owners.

If you have limited knowledge about cats and you just know about Persian cats when someone says Long-haired cat breeds then don’t worry. We are here, sharing the List of Long Hair Cats that have gorgeous and luscious long fur. Continue reading the following for further information about the Popular Long Haired Cat Breeds.


Siberian | List of Long Hair CatsIt is One of the famous names in our List of Long Hair Cats. The famous thing about this cat breed is that it is considered to be the mother of all long-haired cat breeds. This cat breed features long and thick coats. It works as weather protection as well. Siberian protects the cat from the harsh cold climate of Siberia, Russia. They were one of the oldest long haired cat breeds in Russia but after the cold war, its export was closed.


Himalayan | List of Long Hair CatsThis Long Hair Cat Breed is known for having a friendly, affectionate, and mild temperament. It loves to be in quiet environments. They usually have lighter body colors, dark faces, and fur. Though they resemble the Persian cat they have a comparatively large head, short nose, and ears. Also, they just have blue eyes.


Persian | List of Long Hair CatsOne of the cutest yet posh-looking cats in our List of Long Hair Cats.  The Persian cat is one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. This is one of the most popular Long Haired Cat breeds also known as Persian long hair. This cat breed is known for having a friendly nature. Persian love to play around with their owner and family. They have cobby bodies and massive heads. It comes in a variety of colors and weighs about 12 pounds with females weighing between 8-12 pounds.

American Bobtail

List of Long Hair CatsThis is perhaps the most animated-looking cat in our list of long hair cats. This cat breed has a beautiful long fur coat that comes in different colors. It is known for having a bobbed tail. They are energetic and playful by nature. This cat breed can form a strong bond with other people.


List of Long Hair CatsThis is one of those Long haired cat breeds that is known for having curly and long fur coats. However, they do come with short and curly fur as well. They love to get attention from their owners and they are very close to them. They love to get around with other humans and will love to snuggle in their owner’s lap. Even your pet cat sitter will love to be with it.


List of Long Hair CatsThis is one of the ancient cat breeds in our list of long hair cats.  This cat belongs to the Abyssinian cat breed and is one of the oldest cat breeds featured in the list of long hair cats. Its history is as old as 1000 years. She resembles a wild fox, with tufted ears, bushy tails, and a shaggy fur coat. She was first considered to be belonging to Somalia but new evidence shows she is from southeast Asia.

Maine Coon

List of Long Hair CatsIf you are a fan of bigger cats then Maine Coon is one of the most Popular Long Haired Cat Breeds for you to consider. They also have a huge size as the domestic cat breed. Maine Coon has bushy tails and long and shaggy fur coats. They have a sweet and playful nature. You can find them mostly in orangish and brown colors. They have vibrant eyes ranging from green to blue and gold.


List of Long Hair Catsif you are fan of lean cats then this is the best name in our list of long hair cats. This is one of the best Long Hair Cat Breeds that features brown spots and friendly nature. They are a perfect housecat for families with small children, They are even suitable for adults as companion cats, especially for the senior citizen. They feature both long and short hair. The male cats can weigh upto 17 pounds which is why the male may appear larger than the female. 


This cat doesn’t resist when you carry it so this is an indicator that it has a friendly temperament. It is on our List of Long Hair Cats because of its calm nature. RagaMuffin features different patterns and fur coat colors. It doesn’t mat or clump. This cat has a friendly nature and they would love to be held like babies. This is one of the best Long Hair Cat Breed that is large in size. These gentle giants can go well with other pets as well such as dogs. You can search for the best cat toys to give them an interactive playing environment.


This cat has medium height and features silky fur. It is usually found in lighter shading and colors. These cats have a friendly temperament, affectionate, playful nature, and love to cuddle in laps. They also love to be held as babies. When you will carry them they will just relax their bodies, which is why they got the name rag dolls. They have lovable personalities that make them the most popular long-haired cat breed for families with kids.

Norwegian Forest Cat

List of Long Hair CatsThey are also larger cat breeds and these beautiful gentle giants may weigh up to 16 pounds. Norwegian Forest Cat love to jump around and will always act curious. It will love to roam around your house and explore every corner. The Norwegian first cats are on our list of long hair Cats because of their beautiful silky fur coat, and friendly temperament but not so friendly with strangers and guests. They don’t crave too much attention. They can entertain themselves conveniently and can get along with other pets easily.

Turkish Angora Cats

They are one of the first Long-haired cat breeds in Europe. This cat is famous for having a medium silky fur coat that is mostly of white color. They have an elegant slim body frame, plumed tail, and large pointy ears. Their elegant looks and those distinct different colored eyes make them a cat belonging to royalty. They have a friendly persona and they love to cuddle with their owner. 


This is one of the most popular long haired cat breeds you can own. This cat has a medium to large build and it is available with both long and short hairs. This Long Hair Cat Breed features a variety of colors and patterns. The unique thing about Manx’s is that it doesn’t have a tail. Manx shows high intelligence.  they can learn tricks quickly and love to play fetch with humans. This car also loves to snuggle with its humans and follow them in the house. They want a lot of attention and you cannot leave them alone for long periods.

Scottish Fold

This long-haired cat breed is one of the smartest cat breeds and loves to play with interactive toys where they have to figure out the solution. Also, they love to stay around with other humans which is why you shouldn’t leave them alone for long. They have large semi-curled fur that comes in gray, light grayish, black-cream, and white colors. They got their name due to their folded ears.

Selkirk Rex

This is a comparatively less popular long haired cat breeds but it has a distinct look. This is one of those Long Hair Cat Breeds that features straight as well as curly hairs. They may also have short or long hair. They have a dense body and friendly nature. This cat breed loves the other human’s company as well. This cat breed is famous for being too adaptive and can live in any environment and get along with other pets as well.

Japanese Bobtail

This cat breed is highly social and playful. They love to play fetch with their owner as well. They are much similar to dogs so a dog lover can also enjoy their company as well. Their life span is 15-18 years. Japanese Bobtail has ave a medium size body and will weigh around 10 pounds. They also feature a good variety of patterns and colors. They are famous to be the oldest cat breeds with long hair. And has reputation for bringing prosperity and good luck.


List of Long Hair CatsThis is also one of the most popular long haired cat breeds that you can own. This cat has a shy nature and looks like the cousin of the Russian blue. This cat was born after the mating between the Russian blue and domestic black shorthair. The resulting kitten was surprisingly beautiful and long-haired. Another good thing about them is their shimmering silky gray-white fur. It shines from the tips in light and a beautiful thick-plumed tail sweeps back on its body gracefully.

Taking care of Long Hair Cat Breeds

If you love to own long hair cat breeds then our list of long hair cats will surely help you to get one. However, keep in mind that they will require a little extra care if you want to maintain the beauty of their fur. You should do regular brushing of their fur or at least twice a week should be your priority. Bath them accordingly and use the best cat care accessories such as shampoo and lotions to maintain the look of the fur. Remember to check the best cat care guides to understand the basics of owning the Long Hair Cat Breeds and to give them the care they deserve.

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