How to De-Mat a Cat – Tips to Painlessly Groom Your Pet

How to De Mat a Cat
Written by Arlene S. Lane

How to de mat a cat is a common concern among cat owners who own a cat with long fur. Having a cat, as we know can be great fun. And you probably have an idea of how well-behaved this pet can be most of the time. People often love them because of their hygienic habits. However, sometimes cats will develop matting. This happens when a cat has long fur which is often left untamed which will gather dust or hairs will twist and form the shape of some sort of long and hard clumps. 

If you love long haired cats then you should know that cat fur is matted when it is not trimmed or being taken care of regularly or on time. In the scenario when matting cat fur is causing problems, especially for cats with a healthy body then you will just have a few options. Either you can shave them or you can comb them with a special brush. Learn more about how to get rid of mats in cat fur down below.

What is Cat Mats?

The cat mats are usually dead hairs or oily skin cells or they can be an accumulation of the things the cat has been rubbing against, from the floor, furniture, or perhaps visited under the bed, or something from outside. However, the mats are basically dead hairs so they cannot be brushed out. These mats can be so hard that you may feel like they look like a brillo pad. You can use scissors for cat matting removal but they are still not easy to remove with this. Sometimes the skin is also stuck in it and using scissors can even be harmful in removing cat hair mats. Which is why knowing how to get rid of mats in cat fur becomes even more important. 

Why You Should Take Care of The Mats

Removing cat hair mats is important for several reasons. Even if it is your first time owning a cat, learning, and knowing How to de mat a cat is a crucial part of the cat care routine. Mats in cats can cause some serious health issues in cats from discomfort to various skin disorders and infections, mites, worms, flea infestation, and different other parasites. This is why regular brushing of hairs can avoid tangling the hairs that can turn into mats. If you believe that you don’t know how to get mats out of cat fur at home then don’t spare a moment to seek professional help for this. Here is what you need to know.

Using Clipper For Cat Matting Removal

Sometimes, matting can be greater in size, too tight, or perhaps in an area that is too sensitive for cats. So for the de-matting in cats, shaving can be a better option. Combing will not work effectively in such areas because it can pull the hairs and will rip the cat’s coat. This will be a painful process for the cat and its skin. You can use a professional pet clipper with blade #10 to remove the mats without tugging the skin.

However, using clippers for matting in cats does require some safety precautions as well. If you didn’t appropriately use the clipper on the cat’s skin then it can cause damage the sensitive skin. Because clipper blades are supposed to cut so they are always sharp. While removing long hair cat matted fur with a clipper, touching the wrinkles of the skin then it can cause cuts on the skin and it might bleed as well. So if there is any injury happens during demating the cat, contact your vet immediately for better treatment, This is because a small cut can rip the skin over time and can become a serious wound. 

This procedure of cat hair mats removal may sound harsh but sometimes, de-matting can only be done in this way. Make sure to sit the clipper on the cat’s skin flat and also it should stay still while you are cutting the mats. Do small areas a single time and don’t try to cut large chunks. While de-matting, the cat’s skin might get into the mat. Cat’s skin is prone to cut at that time so take care of this particularly.

When Your Cat Needs Shave?

If you are wondering how to remove matted cat hair then shaving can be a good option. However, depending on the cat hair type and mats, sometimes using anti-mat sprays and brushing can be helpful.

However, if the mat is totally looking like a mess of dead hair clumps from a distance then shaving will only be the suitable option. You will need to have a professional pet clipper. However, your groomer can guide you better in this regard. It is better to leave it to professionals to make the de-matting process less painful and injury-free. The groomer will need to consider the following things

  • Location and size of each matted area
  • Size of each mat
  • Cat’s age, skin condition, and behaviors

When the cat fur is matted, the de-matting process can be stressful and somewhat painful for cats. This is the reason why most cats don’t like the de-matting process. This especially happens when a cat has large and tight mats that are causing discomfort to the cat. However, keep in mind that matting will not go on its own. Not removing it, will damage the cat’s skin and cause more pain to the cat. This is why contact a professional pet groomer for de-matting cat fur.

Brushing Techniques

in the learning process of how to de mat a cat, you will learn about different techniques. If your cat’s fur coat is medium then you might notice the mats are a little low but still, they are equally painful and disgusting looking on a cat. To avoid this, regular brushing of the fur is crucial. Not only it will avoid detangling the cat’s hair but cats love when you brush them. There are special brushes to brush the cat’s fur. You can also use the wide-teeth comb if your cat fur is matted but it is small in size.

If the mat size is small then comb them out by holding the individual mat closer to the skin to avoid any skin pulling and causing discomfort to the cat. With a thicker under-coat, you can use an undercoat comb in the process of cat hair mat removal which can also avoid pain in the process as well.

When Cat Fur Is Matted

It isnt very common for old, sick, and overweight cats that find it hard to be taken to a groomer on regular basis. Also, cats do lick their fur for any necessary cleaning but over time when they don’t feel well then they will stop grooming themselves. They sometimes may be in pain and facing problems like arthritis or nausea. If you think that long hair cat with matted fur is a common thing then don’t worry. Even cats with short hair can face this problem as well. 

How To Avoid This Happening

As long as you are thoroughly brushing your long hair cat then they are less likely to be facing the mating problem. Also, keep the hair dry as much as possible while brushing or grooming. Wet hairs are prone to the mat over time. Always visit a pet groomer when you know you cannot handle the cat grooming requirements or don’t have enough time because of your busy schedule. 

Bottom Line

If you own a cat then knowing how to de-mat a cat is an important part of cat care. Though most mats are easy to remove with regular brushing, hard mats will always require hard hands and techniques. If your cat has long hair then keep an eye on its fur and body hair situation while brushing. Don’t let it untrimmed or fuzzy for longer. This is the only way to keep the mating off from the cat’s hair. Hope this article has provided you with some useful information regarding how to get mats out of cat fur. Follow our blog for more pet care guides and information. Thank you for reading.

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