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Low Maintenance Pets – Best For Busy People

low maintenance pets
Written by Arlene S. Lane

When it comes to low maintenance pets then we don’t mean that people should overlook the basic care of the pets but we know that there are some pets that are perfect for busy people or people with a busy lifestyle and routine. They are also known as independent pets for busy people as well. Not only these are the best pets to have for busy adults but they are the easiest pets for kids as well. So whether you are looking for the lowest maintenance cats or you are looking for easy pets to own. Our list of low maintenance pets got you covered.

The Low Maintenance Pets Basics

In general when we talk about low maintenance pets then we don’t necessarily mean that you can act neglect once you own them because pets are either bigger or small exotic ones or just some common lowest maintenance cats, they will still need your attention and don’t forget to spend some time with them to give them a good company. Having this in mind check out our picks for pets easy to take care of by busy people.

1- Guinea Pigs

Guinea PigsIn our list of low maintenance pets, guinea pigs are among the top for all the right reasons. They are just required to be groomed once a week and they can be easily trained for the litter box. Their favorite diet consists of fresh fruits, veggies, pallets, and hey. You will need a water bottle and a cozy place for them. You should also consider placing them in an area where they have consistent access to sunlight. It can grow upto 8 to 12 inches so it is the pet easy to take care of even for kids.

2- Fresh Water Fish

Fresh Water FishOften times when we talk about low maintenance pets such as fish then we consider owning goldfish. However, Goldfish isnt as easy pet fish as fish like mollies, platys, neon tetras, bettas, guppies, and zebrafish. The major chores of maintaining the fish are changing water and feeding. These pet fishes don’t require intense care at all.

3- Rats

RatsYes, Rats can be great pets. Those looking for low maintenance pets can easily choose rats as pets. They are easy pets that are intelligent and can be trained for different tricks. This rats can be great companions for kids as well. They can grow upto 12 inches long and you can give them interactive toys to give them mental stimulation. Just like other independent pets, they require an enclosure with lots of bedding and a bottle of water. They can also be litter trained as well. Their diet consists of fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, small insects, and grains.

4- Pet Frogs

Pet FrogsIf you are looking for a pet easy to take care of and also unique then pet frogs are a good choice. Though not every frog can be your pet frog there are some species that can be great independent pets. They do not take up much space and they are the easiest pets that are also the low maintenance pets without a doubt. Some pet frogs live their life like fish in the water while some are terrestrial that live on a tree or land. You will not have to worry about cutting veggies and fruits for them. However, you will need to take care of their environment which should mimic their original habitat.

5- Hamsters

HamstersHamsters are one of the cutest small pets and they are also the easiest low maintenance pets that you can own. Hamster is the easiest pet that will not require much maintenance and attention making them an excellent choice for kids. Though they nibble sometimes they are not dangerous. They can grow up to six inches long, excluding their tails. If you want to own one then put them in an aquarium, wire cage, or plastic bin. Being the pet easy to take care of, their diest is rather easy to maintain such as fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Make sure to include a water bottle for continuous access.

6- Butterflies

ButterfliesButterflies are not only low maintenance pets but they will not even require human interaction at all. They are rather cost-effective options for beginners who want a pet easy to take care of. Their life span is smaller which is just a few weeks but they can do a lot for your plant. You just need to grow some nice flowery plants such as zinnias, butterfly weeds, and lavender. You can opt for butterfly feeders as well.

7- British Shorthair Cats

British Shorthair CatsThe British Shorthair is a breed of cat that is known for being one of the lowest maintenance cats. They require very little grooming and are the easiest pet for busy people. These cats are one of the best pets to have, especially if you are looking for a low maintenance pet. They can live in a small living space and have a friendly demeanor. They can have both dry and wet food. However, whatever you feed them make sure to provide them with fresh water. If you have a small apartment living they can live in there without a hitch. Just make sure they have proper litter and water around them The British Shorthair is generally an easier pet to take care of.

8- Pet Tarantulas

Pet TarantulasThere is something mysterious about spiders. But don’t think too much because tarantulas are low-maintenance pets that one with a busy life routine can own. However, it isnt a pet for everyone. They don’t require much space or an intense diet making them the easiest pet to own. They just require occasional maintenance. 

9- Praying Mantises

Praying MantisesIf you want something unique and exotic then praying mantises are one of those low-maintenance pets that you can choose from. They can live in an aquarium filled with moist substrate and branches. Don’t forget to put a lid on the aquarium. They are one of those independent pets that don’t require high human interaction. You just need to spray their bodies once a day. 

10- Snakes

SnakesWhile snakes are not everyone’s pet but they can be the low maintenance pets that one can own. There are some of the best pet snake species that one can own without a hitch. They don’t require intense maintenance or human interaction. They can live without food for more than a week and need to bathe once a month. Your tank should have at least 10 hours of exposure to light and 12 hours of darkness. Also, include moist paper towels in their tank. Their diet often consists of rats and small animals. If you want the easiest pet then you should go for a snake for sure.


When it comes to low maintenance pets then there are plenty of options to choose from. However, most of them are usually unique and less mainstream. Though some lowest maintenance cats, dogs, and birds are available you should only choose the one that is best for your busy schedule. Because owning a pet can be a major responsibility in the end. So consider checking your options or visit your local vet for better guidance before woning any of these pets. Browse through our small pet care guides to get a better idea about taking care of your pets.

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