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quietest pet birds
Written by Arlene S. Lane

The quietest pet birds can be a dream for future pet bird owners who want to own a bird as a pet but cannot keep them mostly because they cannot afford noise due to their lifestyle (apartment living mostly) or they personally need some calm space to live and work. However, they still want to own pet bird species to enjoy the beauty of nature’s beautiful creation. But the problem is that not every pet bird species is meant to be silent. Birds are known for having a lively persona.

They like to make sounds to connect with one another. Even if you already know the best pet bird species for newcomers knowing that there are quiet birds for pets available can be a dream come true moment for such individuals. So don’t worry if you like birds but not the sounds because it’s a free world and it is totally fine to have a choice when it comes to owning a pet bird.

List Of Quietest Pet Birds

As we all know how vocal birds can be natural. It isnt just for sake of a cute gesture but it is also for the birds in the wild to alert their flock if there is any danger lurking around them. However, not every bird has the same level of vocalness. And even the quiet birds aren’t totally silent. Some of the quietest birds have soft voices rather than screeching sounds that will suit individuals. Here are our picks for the quietest bird to own as a pet.

1- Finch

FinchIf you like tiny birds as pets then finches fit the description. They have smaller bodies and tiny voices. For apartment living, this is one of those pet birds that are quiet and don’t take up much space. They are famous for creating small chirping sounds the whole day. What is even interesting about them is that their voices are too small that even their flock won’t create much higher sounds. If you ask us what is the quietest pet bird to own then our best recommendation would be a finch. They can handle human handling if they are gentle. You will need to own an enclosure where they can fly because they have active nature and need to physical stimulation by flying even in captivity.

2- Bourke’s Parrot

Bourke’s ParrotWhen it comes to the quietest pet birds than most of us will not think about parrots because they are quite vocal and loud. However, Bourke’s parrots are one of the parrot species that is fairly quiet. Though they aren’t fully silent and they do make noises in the dusk and evening that sound is still too low than the “parrot standards vocals”. These are smaller bird species so they are easier to handle than regular parrots. While they are the quietest bird to own but you will need to provide plenty of space to fly around and toys to keep them busy.

3- Senegal Parrot

Senegal ParrotThis is a medium-sized bird, and it has the reputation to be one of the quietest pet birds to own. This parrot species don’t scream and scratch like the other parrot species. Also, this parrot species has a very affectionate personality and once they got close to you then they will want nothing but your attention and will want to stay with you. However, just like any pet bird, they do require an enclosure where they can move easily and to keep them quiet, you should keep them away from boredom.

4- Budgerigar

BudgerigarAlso known as parakeets,  have great skills in learning to talk like their larger counterparts.  While they aren’t completely the quietest pet birds because they like to chirp throughout the day but they cannot scream physically like the large birds. It isnt just the quietest bird to own but it is the smartest one as well. They will want their caretaker’s attention. To own them, get them out for a while in a day so they can have out-of-the-cage exercise and provide them some toys as well to keep them busy.

5- Canary


This shouldn’t come as surprise when we include the canary as the answer to what is the quietest pet bird. With a height of just about 5 to 8 inches, they are the most gentle pet birds to own. They are one of the best pet birds to own by the first-timer. They are comparatively quietest pet birds that have a soft voice and their chirp is often considered melodious to listeners. Also, you should be getting a pair if you want to reduce the noise that male canaries can make. 

6- Diamond Dove

Diamond DoveIt is hard to find a quiet animal and when it comes to the quietest pet birds the Diamon dove is your best option. They have a reputation to be a social birds and they communicate via cooing and not tweeting and screeching like many other birds. Their size is rather smaller than the actual pigeons so their cooing feels very soft and nice.

7- Dove

DoveDove is not one of those pet birds that are quiet but they are still silent enough. You can expect a little bit of noise but that is usually the cooing sound it makes. They are considered gentle and sweet pet birds that don’t require intense attention.

Doves are sweet, gentle pet birds that don’t demand a lot of attention. They have a calm nature and are not difficult to raise. They grow upto a foot in length. They have pale gray tiny spots while some have orange, white, and paid feathering.

8- Pionus Parrot

Pionus ParrotAnother parrot species can be defined as pet birds that are quiet and they are parrots. They have shy nature and they mostly don’t like the company of other large and noisy birds. If you want Pionus parrots then keep them separate where they can live peacefully. However, don’t just isolate them and spend some time daily with them, or else they will grow an aggressive temperament.

9- Parrotlet

ParrotletOur recommendation for the “What is the quietest pet bird” is none other than the parrotlet. Theta e considered the quietest pet bird that one could opt for. They are the smallest in our list of quietest pet birds that weigh as low as 25 grams. Their small size makes their loudest noise the shortest one that will last a short period.

10- Cockatiel

CockatielIf you want one of the quietest pet birds that are a little larger than a finch or Budgerigar then you should go for Cockteil. Though can be vocal but you will hardly get irritated with it compared to the larger birds. They are a quick learner and can mimic household sounds and whistles. Many of them will love to whistle whole day their favorite songs.

How To Make Regular Pet Birds the Quietest Pet Birds?

Birds normally have a tendency to be vocal naturally. In the wild, they will use sound to communicate with their flock or mate if they are alerted. However, pet birds in captivity will scratch louder when they aren’t getting enough attention or out of boredom. So you should socialize with your pet bird once a day. Not only just that, but you should also consider getting them some best pet bird toys o go DIY bird toys so they will remain busy for a while. However, they still require your attention so make sure you spend enough time with the pet birds that are quiet. 

Conclusion on Quietest Pet Birds

Though pet birds that are quiet aren’t actually the “quietest” they usually make sounds that isnt screeching and are loud to the ears. With our picks for the quietest pet birds, you should have an idea of what and why you should choose one. Just make sure to get the right pet bird that suits your lifestyle and fits your routine. Follow our blog for more bird care guides.

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