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Dog Sports
Written by Arlene S. Lane

Most of the dogs we see are active by nature and there are some dog breeds that are known to be active and outdoor lovers. However, sometimes some conditions or perhaps the dog’s lifestyle is living may affect the dog in a way where he may not be as active as he is supposed to and he may need some stimulation. This can easily be done with Dog Sports. There is something special about dog playing sports that makes the owner feel great.

Dog Sports are the best possible way to keep your dog active. From dog running competition to fetching, there are exclusive sports for dogs to keep their active lifestyle sustained by all means possible. Not only this will affect their health positively but it will also affect their presence as well. Here are some of the best dog playing sports that you should take part in with your pooch. 

1- Canine Freestyle

Canine Freestyle | thepetsrse.comThe first game on our list of dog Sports is canine freestyle. This is one of the most fun dog Sports to take part in with your dog. It is a musical performance that is choreographed by a dog handler. This is a type of activity where your dog gets to dance. And as the name suggests, it is freestyle so anything goes in Canine Freestyle. In this type of activity, every type of move is allowed unless it put the dog or handler in danger. This is a type of dog competition that typically involves the dogs where they have to perform twists and turns, walking backward, moving, and jumping in sync with the owner or handler. This can also be stated as a dog running competition as well.

Getting the most from the Canine Freestyle will require the dog and handler to have a deep bond. In this way, the dog can understand the cues effectively. Before participating in such competitions for dogs, the handler should teach the “individual” move. It requires plenty of patience, a positive attitude, and creativity. If done right it will be a helpful long way.

2- Disc Dog

Disc Dog | thepetsrise.comAnother important sport on our list of dog Sports is the disc dog. This is another one of the most prominent dog Sports that have a long history. In this competition, the team of dog handlers will judge the accuracy of catching, the distance of catching, and the freestyle routine. One of the most used discs is used by “Frisbi” but the most used commonly uses the name Disk.

Every dog handler wants to become a successful dog disc team and wants to enjoy the types of dog competitions with the taste of winning. The handler should know to throw the disc properly and control the direction and distance of the disc. You can train your dog to chase the disc for winning the competition. There are dog breeds like Australian Shepherds, German Shepherds, Presa Canarios, and Border Collies that make these dog breeds excellent disc catchers.

When it comes to the distance competition, the field will be divided into yards for these types of dog competitions. The scores will be provided according to the zone where the disc is caught. For the freestyle competitions, the score is provided by the predetermined shops. Rules and scores are different with different disc dog groups, and associations of clubs.

3- Dog Flyball Competitions

One of the best competitions for dogs is the Flyball competition. It is also one of the best dog running competition as well. If your dog belongs to a fast and energetic dog breed then this sport is definitely for you. This is a type of relay race for humans except it is for dogs. The dog will need to race down a bunch of hurdles and obtain the ball from a flyball box. When the dog steps on it it will trigger it.

Once the dog will retrieve it will go back to the start. Then the second dog will come and the game starts again. If a team completes the game in the fastest manner they will be a winner. These types of dog competitions require extensive training and the agile nature of dogs to perform well in such competitions. This is quite exciting to watch.

4- Dock Diving

Dock Diving | thepetsrise.comIt has the second name of dock diving. This is a competition where dogs will require to jump from one dock into a body of water to achieve the highest distance and height. It is a dog equivalent to a game for high jumps for humans except it has water. The most suitable dog breeds for such sports are dogs that are super fast and active such as Labrador Retrievers.

This is one of the best games on the list of dog Sports. The distance jumping will include throwing a toy by the handler off of the dock in an attempt to get the dog to jump as far away as possible. They will measure the distance, from the place where the base of the tail meets the water. Judges will record the distance with digital accuracy.

Another type of high jump is the “Ultimate Vertical” which is the new high jump. They will place a bumper at a predetermined height. If your dog reaches the heights, they will record the height of the jump. It should be a little higher. In these types of dog Sports, the only dog will be a winner who will reach the highest height of the bumper.

5- Canine Agility

Canine Agility | thepetsrise.comThis is perhaps one of the most famous dog Sports in the united states. In the sports of agility tests, they will test both physical and mental abilities. Agility tests feature the obstacle course that the dog should navigate in the shortest time possible guided by the owner. 

The obstacle comes with different types of walkways, tunnels, jumps, walkways, A-frames, and more. Dogs should cross all of them in the most timely manner possible. This is the type of competition for dogs that has the potential of growing, there are an increasing number of entries every year. There are several private organizations that offer agility competitions as well.

6- Scent Work

Scent Work | thepetsrise.comIf you like the dog playing sports but it is a lottery playing sports then this competition is what your dog will love. The Scent work competitions work grateful for the dogs that have excellent sniffing abilities. However, any kind of dog can take part in it. This competition will include the scented cotton swab damped with essential oils. The dogs will need to find and will need to alert you once completed. This is one of the dog sports that doesn’t include much physical work but it is exciting to see your dog participate.

7- Lure Coursing

This is quite a fast-paced and exciting sport for your dog. It is an alternative to hare chasing. Lure coursing is much similar to it. However, the only difference is the use of artificial Hares. The competition will start in an open field but there are tighter turns that are often useful to see the attention of the dog.   As you might have understood, this is much like a dog running a competition where fast and agile dogs are involved such as greyhounds and whippets. But other breeds of dogs can also participate in it.

8- Trick Dog

Trick Dog | thepetsrise.comIf you didn’t understand its name, this is a sports activity for the dogs to perform multiple tricks in a competition where you can teach your pooch different types of tricks that it has to show for 4-6 minutes. The judges will evaluate the tricks. There can be different types of tricks in such dog competitions where tricks can range from props and costumes to music. Your dog will have to compete on different levels. What is exciting about these types of dog competitions is that they are organized virtually so you and your pooch don’t have to come to an arena instead you can do it in your home with a video submission.

9- Rally

Rally | thepetsrise.comThese types of dog Sports are much like the obedience ones but with fewer restrictions and with the difference that you will have to navigate your dog through several obstacles. Through the course, you will find different signs where you and your pooch must stop and perform the requested task/behavior it can be anything from sitting or retrieving. Your dog will get a point after performing every successful command. And will not get any points for any incorrect behaviors. There isn’t any breed restriction to entering these types of competitions for dogs and there are different levels of competing in this sport. 

10- Confirmation

Confirmation | thepetsrise.comIf you have some purebred dogs then these are the dog competitions to represent that breed proudly. competitions for dogs like these are a good way to display the breed of your dog. This is a pretty straightforward competition. your dog will have to act according to the standards of that breed. You may call it a dog pageant but dogs will not compete with each other. But rather are how closely they conform to the breed standards in appearance and behavior. These competitions aim to maintain the high standards of dog breeds for future breeding. You can follow our pet care blog for future updates and guides. You will surely gonna like it. 

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