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Teacup Dog Breeds for Tiny Canine Lovers

Cute teacup dog breeds
Written by Arlene S. Lane

Teacup Dog Breeds for Tiny Canine Lovers

Remember how smartphone and pc companies started the trend of making things smaller? From Nokia to Samsung and even apple that came with the first iPod then the iPod mini then the shuffle. The same happened with the Cute teacup dog breeds. They are actually the pocket-size breed of the original breed.

They work best for people who don’t want to own large dog breeds and even standard dog breeds due to a lack of space or personal preference. The teacup dog breeds are trends made popular by celebs especially in the early 2000s when Paris Hilton showed up everywhere with her chihuahua. These days, almost every social media contains images of celebrities having Tiny teacup dog breeds. 

What Are the Tiny Teacup Dog Breeds?

As the term “Teacup” refers to the smaller than the average and this term captures the attention of the reader seeing ads in social media feeds especially when they see the cute teacup dog breeds that can fit into a coffee cup. The teacup dog breeds are just the smaller version of larger breeds. They are pocket-sized dogs and can fit into a pocket.

Due to their smaller size, they have low weight as well as the standard size. There are different breeds available when we talk about cute teacup dog breeds. You can find any dog breed’s teacup dogs. The weight is surprisingly low which could be as low as 5 pounds. The size is still less than 17 inches even in adulthood. There isn’t any standard size for the tiny dog breeds but yet they can fit into the teacup. This is the reason why they are called teacup dog breeds. Some of the famous tiny dog breeds are Maltese, Chihuahua, and Teacup Yorkie.

Best Tiny Teacup Dog Breeds

There are different types of cute teacup dog breeds that one can choose from. Some of the best teacup dog breeds are:

1- Teacup Yorkie

Teacup Yorkie | thepetsrise.comYorkshire terrier breeds are one of the most adored breeds among terrier breeds. They have unique furry face and personality that seems rather regal. You will find it hard to avoid them. This tiny dog breed weighs just around 4 pounds and regular breeds may grow up to 7 pounds. Yorkies is a famous dog breed among celebs and people living in big cities.

They require a lifestyle where full attention and love 24×7 should be included. They have a rather bossy nature and you may feel that they are being opinionated. Being a terrier, they have an alert and watchful nature. They don’t go well with other pets especially if they are teacup-sized. Though you will love to carry around these teacup dog breeds they still require enough leg time. If you don’t care about this then their muscles will get weaker.

2- Teacup Pomeranian

Teacup Pomeranian | thepetsrise.comThis Cute teacup dog breed will require some anti-bark training. They have an active and alert nature and will stay curious about the world around them. Pomeranians are one of the most famous teacup dog breeds, but their constant barking over something suspicious matters for them. They will make you follow them until you get up and see them. You will find this dog breed mostly laid back in its beds just like any other Tiny Dog Breeds. They are suited mostly inside the house with other children and adults. They are the best breeds that you can keep in your purse. This teacup breed is mostly suited for women.

3- Russian Toy

Russian Toy | thepetsrise.comThough most of the Cute teacup dog breeds are selectively bred down to size, the Russian toy has a small size by birth. This breed is just like the chihuahua but belongs to Russia. The size of this dog can reach up to 11 inches but the weight would be just six pounds. This dog breed is selectively bred by breeders to create more pocket-sized dogs.

The Russian toy dog is very playful and their puppy-like nature and persona will remain the same even in their adulthood. This is why they are the perfect playmate for kids as well. Unlike other teacup dog breeds, they have better health and a lifespan of 15 years. If you want a rather healthier teacup dog breed then the Russian toy suits you most.

4- Pomsky Teacups

Pomsky Teacups | thepetsrise.comThis tiny dog breed is a hybrid between a Siberian husky and a pomeranian. There isn’t any standard size of the pomskies depending on how many breeds they have in them. This hybrid Tiny Dog Breed has a greater energy level so if you have kids in your family then they will surely enjoy having this tiny dog as they love to play games and stay active.

5- Mini Pug

Mini Pug | thepetsrise.comThis dog breed is more like a swarf dog breed of pugs. However, there are hybrids of Chihuahuas and Pugs. They look just like standard-size pugs but in tiny sizes. A standard pug can weigh up to 20 pounds while the Tiny Dog Breeds can weigh just up to 5 pounds. If you are looking for your first dog then going for a smaller-sized Pug would be a greater choice. 

This is also suitable for people who don’t have enough space in their homes and energy for a standard dog. If you want for your children then keep in mind that they aren’t so active and like to relax most of the day. So your children may not like them. If you want a companion dog for your senior loved one then this dog is perfect for them. A tiny pug may look tempting but it isn’t the healthy option as the teacup dog breeds. This breed often suffers from breathing problems.  This breed is known to be suffering from Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome.

6- Teacup Poodle

Teacup Poodle |

This tiny breed of poodle is known for being friendly, active, and intelligent. They are one of the best family dogs and most suited for people who suffer from allergies because they have rather hypoallergenic coats. The Tiny teacup dog breeds of poodles have quite a history. At first, they were hunting companions for germans, then the french nobility got them for pampering and they even became popular in Spain. These days, this breed is still adored by many.

They come in three sizes, standard, toy, and miniature size. The teacup poodle is even smaller than the miniature but the look stays the same. They have dark and bulky built with oval eyes, They are intelligent and alert in nature. One of the major features of this Cute teacup dog breed is its fur. It is dense and low shedding, curly and hypoallergenic. If you are worried about cleaning the house with dog then a poodle is best for you as they are sophisticated and easy to train.

You don’t have to maintain it too often but you will need to groom it to tame it. However, if you want this teacup dog breed then you will need to prepare yourself for the health complications such as epilepsy, gastric torsion, and cataracts. If you and your family are living in an apartment then this breed is most suitable for you. You can train them easily. They have an energetic and friendly nature. A huge number of people want to own them.

7- Micro Chihuahua

Micro Chihuahua | thepetsrise.comAs we already know, the Chihuahua is one of the smallest dog breeds but its teacup dog breeds version is even smaller. So small in fact that it can fit into the palm of a human. It weighs around 4 pounds. Just like their larger counterparts, they do have a bossy persona and are noisy. They have sharp and loud voices for their small size.

Your neighbors will not like this dog so warn them especially when you are living in an apartment. They don’t have a friendly persona so if you want a cute teacup dog breed then this dog is not what you are looking for. Also, they don’t go along with other dog breeds so you should get them if you don’t have any other pets in the house. If you are single or newlywed then this could be the best Cute teacup dog breed for you.

8- Pocket Shih Tzu

Pocket Shih Tzu | thepetsrise.comThis dog breed has an interesting origin. They first appeared in the royalty among the Chinese. Till now they have the same temperament and require royal treatment every day. You will love to spoil them but you shouldn’t. The Tiny teacup dog breeds of them require socializing even if they just weigh around 8 pounds. They are very warm towards strangers. Other than that, they have a happy temperament. 

Normal shih tzu may look like a lion but the Tiny teacup shih tzu will look like a cotton ball. They have distinct fur coats which require constant grooming. You will need to look for special grooming combs that can work with long fur and shouldn’t injure the body. 

9- Glove Beagle

Glove Beagle | thepetsrise.comTheir history dates back as far as the 13th century. They were first known as the beagles. If you want to own a beagle but due to lack of space you can’t afford it then beagle as Tiny Dog Breeds is best for you. Though the standard beagle is large, again, the Tiny Dog Breeds of beagles is possible. Even in pocket size, they act as hunters first. They love to socialize so keep them happy by helping them socialize.

Are Teacup Dog Breeds Worth The Hype?

As mentioned earlier that social media and celebs have made teacup dog breeds a household name and people love to get them. However, selective breeding has its price. These dogs will require care as you give to the infant. Due to their tiny size, they suffer from medical conditions more than standard dogs. They undoubtedly look cute and tempting but make sure you know the pet care tips and tricks for taking better care of them.

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