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What Are The Best Cat Toys

What are the best cat toys?
Written by Arlene S. Lane

What are the best cat toys? is a major concern among pet cat owners. Unlike outdoor cats, pet cats need a simulated environment by their owner where they will need to have some high-quality best toy for cats so they will have a healthy development and stay entertained. Most of us own indoor-only cats so they don’t have as much stimulation as the outdoor cats. There are different types of cat toys and each toy type has a different impact on the cat’s mood. Toys for cats can do different things.

However, one thing that is common among all of them is that they help keep the cat’s senses sharp and they will help your cat to maintain a healthy weight as well. This is especially beneficial if toys involve a lot of jumping and physical activities such as big cat balls. On the other hand, when you will get interactive cat toys for them, then this will be helpful in creating bonding with the owner. Your cat will love to snuggle when the playtime is over. However, it can be a little hard to pick toys for cats. This is because of the picky nature of the toys. They can be very picky about the toys that get their attention or what bores them the most.

Why Choose Best Cat Toys?

Cats are social animals. Except for some breeds, most cats will love to socialize with other pets. They will not like it when you leave them home alone. Even though you have spent a full weekend with your cat by watching movies, sitting around with it, and playing with interactive cat toys, you cannot do it in your daily life.  When you have only one kitty at home, you should better get the best toy for cats. Feral cats spend most of their life hunting for food and therefore they interact with everything when they are awake.

On the other hand, domestic indoor cats have a much different lifestyle but this doesn’t mean that they don’t have that instinct anymore. They have their natural behavior of stalking, hunting, and sneaking with their other social behavior intact while they are domesticized. This is why getting the best interactive cat toys or outdoor-specific toys for active cats is crucial so they can live better and have healthy development which will also impact their mental health as well. Here are the best toys for cats that you can consider. And, don’t worry because they won’t add a huge difference to the average cost of owning a cat.

Three Big Cat Balls

One of the most common problems is that they either break easily or they have low batteries most of the time. You may have thought to leave your cat with them but just when you thought, the batteries are out or the toy is just done from its side. A much simpler solution is these felt big Cat Balls. They will keep your cats entertained for hours. They won’t get damaged easily and you don’t have to do anything extra with them.

Frisco Colorful Springs

If you are low on budget then don’t worry. Your cats will love to play with these Frisco Colorful Springs. These best cat toys are affordable, simple yet entertaining for your cat. These are colorful and bouncy springs that will keep the kitty busy for hours as she would love to chase it around. Also, they come in good quantities so when one is lost or has been stuck in hard-to-reach areas then there will be plenty of them.

Kitty City 3-Way Tunnel

If you have ever wondered what are the best cat toys that are good for their physical activities then this is the answer. The 3-way tunnel is perfect for cats to wander in. Each tunnel comes 11 inches in length. This is perhaps the largest tunnel size available in the market. So if you have some chunky cat breeds, they can also fit in hassle-free.

Cat Treat Dispenser

Cats love treats. While it is recommended to give them in moderation rather than on a regular basis, you can use this beautiful yet practical cat toy. This is one of the best toys for cats that can keep your cat busy for longer your cat will love to play with it and it will also fulfill their needs. The toy is durable and it is made of pet-friendly material so she or he won’t get any allergies. Both of you will have peace of mind.

Cat Activity Play Mat

If you think you are too lazy to play with your cat or you want your cat to play by itself then this is a great toy to buy for cats. You can get this mat as this has all of the cat activities options in it. It has a bunch of stuff to do from pouncing, stalking, hiding, and resting. You can easily use the treats under the folds and they would go on this treasure hunt. Not only that, you can use the wand to play with the cat when they are hiding under it. Cats have a bunch of thighs to do with this rug. This has holes in it so cats can pop their head out and play hide and seek.

Denim Catnip Kicker Cat Toy

If your cat is alone and doesn’t play with those kitten balls then she would love to play with the catnip kicker toys. Some cats love to play on their backs and they would do bunny kicks while playing. This catnip toy is perfect for cats who don’t have a playmate and are solo. The denim is already durable material so this cat toy can withstand some rough playthroughs and with high-quality catnip, your cat will have the idea that this toy belongs to it. 

Cat Teaser Wand

If you often wonder what are the best cat toys for your lazy cat then this is what you need. This toy is comfortable to hold as the wooden handle is sanded with the best sandpaper so the holder will have that smooth grip. If you love wand toys for cats then you can go for some eco-friendly options available online. They are often hand painted and look very elegant.

Cat Laser Pen

This is the most simple yet effective toy for any pet owner. It is dirt cheap but your cat would love to play with it. These are the best cat toys that will keep your kitty mobile. She will love to chase after the dot around the room plus, it’s good to see them doing it for every owner.

Are There Any Diy Cat Toys?

Depending on the nature and temperament of your kitty, if she loves to play with common household objects then you can use them as DIY cat toys. Some cats just love to snug in the boxes. You can decorate the boxes with some old t-shirts and keep them in the corner of the room. She will love to sit in it.

Bottom Line

Toys for cats are one of the best things to have for cat owners. However, you don’t have to spend huge on cat toys. Stay in your budget and see your cat’s interests. If she is too picky then an expansive scratch post or battery-operated cat balls will be useless if she doesn’t like it. Our list of best toys for cats will help you to look for the right cat toys so they can have a good time. You can browse for more cat care tips and guides on our pet care blog.


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