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what do cats like
Written by Arlene S. Lane

What do cats like? This is probably one of the most favorite things to tell any cat owner. If I ask you right now then you will start to make a list of the things cats like or specifically your cat like the most. From playing with the best cat toys to different indoor activities, there will be tons of questions in your mind regarding this. It is totally fine if you are curious about keeping your feline friend happy after all you want to be a good cat owner.

You will have questions like what does your cat like to eat? What are the best toys for a cat, should I take her out daily, and what about its health and so? If you are concerned regarding this, make sure to read this article as we have listed some of the best things that your cat loves to do. Read out the following for more information.

Why Do I Care About This?

Cats love a lot of things inside and outside. However, not every pet cat owner understands this and they will do things cats like according to them but the fact will be the opposite. Your cat might feel stressed, and show signs of unhappiness and it eventually makes it stay away from things (toys, etc) that you have spent bucks which will be useless in the end. This is why you will need to make sure that you understand very well what do cats love.

Cats Love Scratching

One of the things that cats like and have natural behavior is that they love to scratch any inanimate object they find around. However, pet cats will not scratch furniture and other household items unless they want to send a message.

If your cat is scratching furniture, it may be because they’re bored or they’re trying to mark their territory. To stop your cat from scratching furniture, try providing them with scratching posts or cat trees to scratch on. You can also try using double-sided tape or furniture covers to deter them from scratching. If your cat is scratching because they’re anxious or stressed, talk to your veterinarian about possible solutions, such as anti-anxiety medication.

Even a better solution would be providing them with their own personal space for scratching. This would great idea if you have little to no idea regarding what cats like on daily basis and according to their behavior.

They Love Grooming and Being Groomed

This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that cat is a rather hygiene animal. What makes cats a great pet is that they love to clean their fur and claws clean or want others to clean them. They keep themselves tidy and can spend as long as 2-6 hours in a day just to keep them clean.

This means what cats like the most are to groom themselves and get groomed by someone, most preferably by their owner. One of the unique features of cats is their rough-surfaced tongue which can clean the dirt on their fur and keeps them clean. This simply means that you should spend time with your cat, grooming it to make it feel loved by its owner.

A Dedicated Place to Hide and Observe

Modern cats have come from a long line of domestic cats and share the same ancestor named Felis sylvestris lybica, an African wild cat. This cat breed is both a prey and a hunter in its natural habitat. And when they are hunters, the things that cats like the most, in that case, they hide from the other animals and observe the approaching prey. Even when they are prey, they will need to hide at some height to stay away from the other hunters. What this means is that you will need to provide the cat with a place to hide.

Some active cats will make their way to the top of the bookshelf and refrigerators. However, there are a variety of ways to do this, depending on what you have available. You could put your cat in a carrier and place it on top of a high shelf, or put your cat in a room and close the door so it can’t get out. If you have a window with a good view, you could place your cat in front of it on a cat tree or in a window seat.

Spay or neuter your kitty

The most important thing you can do to help your kitty stay healthy and reduce their chances of getting cancer is to spay or neuter them. Spaying or neutering your kitty will also help reduce the number of homeless animals. what cats like when they are not neutered or spayed are that they will look for a mating partner. This means they will encounter some stray female cats that could result in some dangerous health issues. Also, it is less likely that your cat will mark its territory.

Cats Love Napping

If you ever wonder what does a cat like the most in its entire day then it is sleeping and napping. They love this a lot that they would spend nearly 16 hours sleeping. This is one of those things cats like most on daily basis. However, some senior cats can sleep upto 20 hours a day. They would prefer anywhere that is separate and clean for sleeping. So you can make your cat happy by gifting a cozy bed for its living space.

Clean and Quiet Litter Space

One of the things that cats like the most are a separate and quiet litter box. Just like humans, cats also like to have their litter boxes placed in a calm and quiet space. A comfortable litter box should be your first priority. Consider the space, size of the box, and the gravel used in the container.
One litter box per cat in the house, plus one additional, is the standard rule of thumb. The busiest places of your house should be avoided when placing them. Many cats like unscented clumping litter when it comes to litter. To find a litter and box combination that works for your cat, you might need to experiment.

Indoor “Hunts” For Physical Stimulation

Cats are natural hunters and are born with this instinct. If you have some distinct cat breed then it would be a great idea to create some “hunting” activities for it inside the house. What is surprising about this is that they will love to do hunting even when they aren’t hungry. And if you want to know what cats like to play with then get a meal dispenser filled with cat food and a little bit of treat. In this way, you can keep your kitty busy for longer and keep it physically and mentally stimulated.

Provide Plenty of Excercise

When it comes to what do cats like then most of us will least give importance to exercise or any other physical activities for cats. We have seen cats being couch potatoes most of the time. However, with the help of regular exercise, it is possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle among pet cats. Just like us humans, cats do have overweight issues and they may suffer from being overweight if not enough physical activities are being provided.

Avoiding high-calorie intake, too many treats, and an active lifestyle will greatly be helpful for your cat. Manipulate things that cats like such as following laser dots or playing with feather toys. Use them as a help to keep your cat active and maintain a good weight.

Add a Window Perch

You know what cat like a lot in their home is to observe the daily life of its human and other humans, birds, and wildlife around it. They like it anyways because of their basic instinct. It is their favorite time pass so what you need to do is to provide them a secure way to observe everything through the window. This can be done by adding a perch to the window. With this, your cat can safely view birds, squirrels, and outside wildlife for hours without a hitch.

Organize Your Cat’s Meals

Do you know what cats like the most in their daily routine? Get their food on time. This method of teaching your cat not to wake you up at 4 in the morning is not only successful, but it also gives your cat a sense of security. While some cat owners may want to schedule feedings and provide dry kibble for free-feeding, it is best to make this choice with the advice of your veterinarian to maintain your cat’s weight in the healthy way possible. Your cat would love this.

Pet and Interact with her Accordingly

This may be surprising for many pet cat owners that cats will not enjoy getting pets how you like. Though love being pet by their human but only when they want. You should learn by their attitude and reaction to understand what they like. Trust me This is one of those things cats like the most.

Wrapping Up

Cats are cute feline companions for humans. With a cute face and sweet aura around, they are perhaps one of the best pets to be owned. However, it is important to understand what do cats like and how you can make sure that you make things great for her according to her choice and attitude. Make sure to follow our guide and for more pet care tips and tricks follow our blog. Thanks for reading.

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