Dealing with Cat Poop in Bathtub

cat poop in bathtub
Written by Arlene S. Lane

Cat poop in bathtub is one of the major concerns among cat owners and not only in the US but around the globe as well. If you happen to be a cat owner, you surely understand the frustration. You will be annoyed when your feline companion chooses to relieve themselves anywhere other than their designated litter box. The urination or cat pooping in bathtub can cause a mess and odor. The burdensome cleaning process can be quite frustrating at next. This is especially problematic when they decide to do it in a bathtub that you personally use. It can be hard to imagine leaving a hint of stain but the poop!.

There are several common explanations for why a cat might forsake their litter box. While this behavior is often attributed to manageable behavioral issues, it occasionally serves as an indicator of a more serious underlying problem. Within this article, we will explore six prevalent reasons behind your cat’s choice to defecate in the tub, along with the steps you can undertake to rectify the situation. Continue reading the following to understand the reasons why your cat is pooping in the bathtub and how you can eradicate the problem.

Why Is My Cat Pooping in the Tub?

Here are the possible reasons and treatments for this Question.

1- Behavioral issues

The primary factor contributing to the cat poop in bathtub is typically related to behavioral issues in the cat. These issues may arise from significant disruptions within the household. That can lead to heightened stress levels for the cat. Also if your cat doesn’t have adequate litter box training then be ready for the problem. Cat pooping in bathtub is a commonly observed problem, especially in cases with kittens who are afraid or inexperienced with using a litter box. Also, adopted adult cats who may not have received proper litter box education can have this problem.

Addressing cat pooping in sink or bathtub issues often involves resolving the underlying behavioral concerns. First of all, it is crucial to examine any recent household changes that may have triggered stress in the cat, such as alterations in their living environment or a lack of privacy near the litter box area.

Ensuring that the litter box itself is maintained in a clean condition and positioned appropriately is essential, as cats possess a natural instinct to utilize a designated area for elimination. By providing a hygienic litter box situated in a suitable and secluded location, the cat can be encouraged to resume using it. This is perhaps the best way to eradicate the problem of cat poop in bathtub.

2- Stress

Another common reason why your cat poop in bathtub is the stress. If your cat has been frightened or stressed by something that is close to their litter box, they may associate these feelings of stress and fear with the litter box itself. This will lead them to choose alternative locations for defecation resulting in cat pooping in sink or bathtubs. Changes in your household can also easily cause stress in cats, such as the introduction of new pets or a move to a new home, further causing them to not use their litter box.

If you are wondering why is my cat pooping in the tub then you can address this issue by considering the relocation of the litter box to a different area within the house. That area should be quiet, private, and clean. This is because they don’t like to get disturbed when they are doing “their business”.

Additionally, if any significant household changes are causing stress for your cat, take measures to minimize their exposure to these stressors. For instance, keep new pets away from the litter box area or provide your cat with its own designated space for a few days following a move. As your cat gradually feels less stressed, anxious, or scared, their behavior should naturally realign, and they will likely resume using the litter box appropriately.

3- Health issues

Another common reason behind your cat poop in bathtub could be an underlying health issue such as diarrhea. This could be the reason why your is unable to reach its litter box on time. If this would be the reason then the problem is to wait for your cat’s health recovery. Once it is good the problem will not be there at all.  Make sure you know what to feed your cat for better health of it.

On the other hand, constipation can sometimes be the underlying reason why your cat pooping in bathtub and not using the litterbox. Constipation can cause discomfort or even pain for cats, leading them to associate these unpleasant sensations with their litter box. Consequently, when they finally feel the urge to relieve themselves, they may opt for a private location like the tub to avoid their litter box.

On the other hand, if your cat pooping in sink and the feces are loose or watery, it could indicate diarrhea. Several factors can contribute to diarrhea, including changes in diet or excessive consumption of unhealthy treats. However, it could also be a sign of an infection. If you have not made any changes to their food and the issue persists, it is advisable to take your cat to the veterinarian for a thorough examination.

4- Litter box aversion

Your cat poop in bathtub instead of their litter box due to an accident or a distressing event that took place. It’s also possible that their litter box is either too small or difficult to access, or perhaps you recently introduced a new litter box that they feel apprehensive about, which is a common occurrence with automated litter boxes.

It’s a good practice to have an extra litter box available. As a general guideline, it is crucial to provide one litter box per cat in your household. This way, if you decide to switch their litter box to a different type or if something causes them to feel fearful towards one litter box, they always have an alternative option available instead of resorting to the tub. This can be helpful in eradicating cat poops in tub issues significantly.

5- Cat Litter Repulsion

Cats are famous for their pickiness when it comes to various aspects of their lives. From food, and bedding, to litter they can be picky about any of them. If they are not happy with the litter in their litter box, they may simply choose to eliminate it elsewhere. This could be the problem of a cat pooping in bathtub or sink. If you have recently made any changes to their litter, such as introducing scented litter or switching to a different brand, this could be the cause of the issue. There are numerous types of cat litter available on the market, and your cat may have a preference.

To address the cat poop in bathtub problem, you can try reverting to the previous litter or gradually acclimating your cat to the new litter. If the two litters are similar, you can mix them together and gradually decrease the amount of the old litter over time. This approach helps your cat adjust to the new litter gradually, increasing the likelihood of them using the litter box consistently.

Conclusion on Cat Poop In Bathtub

In conclusion, cat poop in bathtub is a common concern among cat owners worldwide. It can be a result of various factors, including behavioral issues, stress, health problems, litter box aversion, and litter repulsion. Understanding the reasons behind your cat’s behavior is crucial in addressing the issue effectively.

If your cat poops in tub, it is important to evaluate any recent changes or stressors in their environment and address them accordingly. Providing a clean, suitable, and secluded litter box can help encourage your cat to use it instead of the tub. If health issues such as constipation or diarrhea are there, it is advisable to consult with a veterinarian to ensure your cat’s well-being.

Additionally, ensuring that your cat has access to a comfortable litter box and using a litter that they prefer can significantly reduce the likelihood of them choosing the bathtub as an alternative. Gradually introducing new litter types or reverting to their previous litter can help in this process.

By taking these steps and addressing the underlying causes, you can successfully resolve the issue of cat poop in bathtub. Remember, patience and consistency are key when modifying your cat’s behavior. With proper attention and care, you can create a clean and stress-free environment that encourages your cat to use its litter box, eliminating the problem of cat pooping in bathtub. Follow our blog for the latest pet behavior guides.

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