Snakes as pets- 9 Best Pet Snake Breeds

snakes as pets
Written by Arlene S. Lane

snakes as pets isnt very common yet but still, people love to own such exotic animals as pets. Snacks in general have mysterious nature, amazingly beautiful skin, and an appearance that can make a striking impression at first glance. However, not all snakes are good to keep as pets. The snakes pets are usually smaller or somewhat medium in size. They require a very specific diet and living environment that you need to provide so they could nourish themselves.  However, if you have chosen to look for snake breeds to keep as pets for your love of  low manitaiance exotic pets, our list of snakes as pets will surely be helpful for you to continue reading the following.

Types Of Snakes For Pets

Following are our picks of snakes as pets.

1- Green Tree Python

Green Tree PythonThis is the pet snake types known as the emerald arboreal serpent as well. This is one of those non venomous snakes that features a distinctly green hue, diamond-shaped cranium, and uneven scales. Some of these snake breeds feature white or yellow vertebral stripes and yellow, green, or blue spots as well. These particular snakes as pets are usually located in the tropical rainforests of New Guinea, eastern Indonesia, and the Cape York Peninsula of Australia. They have a great ability to blend in with their surroundings, specifically among the foliage of lofty trees in the rainforest.

2- King Snake

King SnakeIf you just want a single pet snake then king snakes as pets is a good choice. They are closely related to the milk snake and they feature vibrant and cherished color stripes. However, they are famous to eat other snakes as well so you should keep them in a separate enclosure. They can grow upto 5 feet so they can live in a comparatively small region. This breed is native to North America. You can find these non venomous snakes as pets easily as they are usually kept by breeders in captivity.

3- Garter Snakes

Garter SnakesIt is one of the most common-sighted snake breeds in the USA. This snake bread is very papular among children and even most of us have done our hands-on experience with this snake breed. They are good snakes as pets for those trying to adopt snakes pets for the first time. Because of their contrasting skin texture, they will surely look good in the enclosure.

4- Kenyan Sand Boa

Kenyan Sand BoaThis snake belongs to the unique pet snake breeds because of their docile nature. They usually bury their body under the sand and just keep their tiny head outside to attack their prey. These snakes are usually one and a half feet long. They feature beautiful and shiny black and orangeish golden marks on their skin.

5- Gopher Snakes

Gopher snakesIf you are looking for gentle snakes as pets the Gopher Snakes is just the right option. It is a commonly found pet snake breed and they are commonly found in North America. They are known to have the ability to thrive in various environments. So, you will not have to worry about their adaptability. 

The bull snake is considered to be one of the largest snake breeds among the gopher snakes. However, it is often considered a separate snake breed but it gopher snake breed. All of its breeds have a similar appearance and are nonvenomous ground-dwelling snakes that utilize constriction to overpower their prey.

If you want to own non venomous snakes as pets then gopher snakes are a good choice. As captives, they are relatively uncomplicated to care for and possess a hardy and resilient constitution. Their calm and somewhat friendly nature has made them a beloved favorite among snake enthusiasts. By ensuring their proper enclosure and living environment, these snakes can thrive in captivity.

6- Black Rat Snake

Black Rat SnakeOftentimes, snakes pets are considered lazy because people don’t see them moving around much. However, the black rat snakes as pets are unique. They are known to be active reptile types. They will climb up the trees or swim in the water. What makes them unique is the fact that they will mimic the rattlesnake by curling their body and even vibrating the back of their tail when they find themselves in danger. They are native to the central and eastern united states.

7- Rosy Boa

Rosy Boa

If this is your first time with exotic pets or with pet snakes in general then Rosy Boa is the best types of snakes for pets. They have a very calm and gentle demeanor and can handle the touch and holding without any issues. They are commonly found in California sections of the Mojave and Colorado deserts.

Usually, the rosy boa has a light gray skin tone but they also come in orange, deep maroon, or brown stripe colors. They are among those snakes as pets that will rarely show aggression but it happens only when they are alerted.

8- Corn Snakes

Corn SnakesWhen we talk about snakes as pets then we cannot overlook the corn snakes. They are one of the most common snake pet types that have a small size so they are the best pet snakes types for beginners. They feature varying skin patterns that look cute.  Corn snakes can grow upto 5 feet and are excellent escape artists. These snakes are nonvenomous and not known to be the biter and are pretty docile snakes.

9- Milk Snake

Milk SnakeMilk snakes have rightfully earned their status as a highly sought-after and admired Snake Pet Breed, thanks to their impressive characteristics as pets. They meet all the necessary criteria that define a good pet snake, as they are of modest size, fitting comfortably in standard-sized enclosures while still satisfying the preferences of most snake keepers in terms of size.

These snakes are known to thrive in captivity and will readily consume frozen or thawed rodents as part of their regular diet. They also have an amicable disposition, and with routine handling, they can be easily domesticated.

However, their popularity as a pet snake goes beyond their suitability for captivity, as milk snakes are also visually striking creatures that exhibit a broad range of colors and patterns, dependent on their subspecies.


So here we are with the list of snakes as pets. We have compiled a list of non venomous snakes as pets so you can select the best one for you. Just make sure to choose the right exotic pet that suits your environment and life routine. Follow our blog for updated pet care information and lists.

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