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List of the best dog toys

best dog toys
Written by Arlene S. Lane

Often time, dog owners wonder what can be the best dog toys to make their dogs happy? Dogs mostly have playful and joyous nature. They will love to interact with their owner and with the help of the best dog activities, the bond between the dog and its human can even get stronger. But humans cannot stay around dogs for the whole time.

This is where the toys for dog come in handy. Do you wonder why I should buy toys for dogs? Well, dogs need to have a simulated environment and they will need to stay active. This is why you should get some of the best toys for dogs so they can spend some quality time with them.

Importance of Right Toys for Dog

Because of their playful nature, they love to play with dogs. You can find them playing catch, roll shake, and chewing with the toys. Toys are important for their mental stimulation. NOt only that, they keep them busy and avoid boredom and it helps the dogs to burn energy. However, not every toy is accepted and adored by the dogs.

And not every toy can survive from its jaws as well. Especially if they love to play with them for extended periods. Right toys will not only help the dogs to stay active and happy but they will also last longer. So we came up with our picks for the best toys that your dog will love and they will last longer. Other benefits include:

Physical Activity

Toys such as balls can be a great way to give your dog physical stimulation. You can play fetch games, or with rope toys, you can play tug-o-war games and keep your dog healthy.

Mental Stimulation

Dog toys such as threat hunting can be helpful to keep your dog’s brain active as they will need to play with a specific treat ball to find the treat from opening. Not only will it mentally stimulate them but they will get their treatment on their own as well. Also, they can be helpful in being sober and behave better so they will avoid over chewing and so on.


The right type of dog toys can be helpful in creating a bond with the dog’s owner as well. The owner can spend quality time with their pet dog. These pet toys will be helpful in training them to behave well. This can enhance the bonding of humans with their pet dogs. 

Here is our list of the best dog toys.

Ultra Rubber Ball

This is just like a tennis ball except it isn’t. There are different brands that offer Ultra Rubber Balls that are tougher than regular tennis balls and they are soft enough that will not hurt your furry fella’s jaws. However, it isn’t soft enough that your dog can chew. This is a perfect pick for those dog owners who love to play with dogs.

However, regular tennis balls can be shredded by dogs such as Pitbulls which are known for their strong grip. These dog ball toys are bouncier than regular tennis balls so your dog will love to play fetch games with them.

Soundless Squeakers

Now, this is something that some pet owners may find a blessing. ( Don’t get me wrong) Dogs, when they are full of energy, will love to bounce around and dig out their toys and squeak everything in their way. However, this can be a problem with the pet owners who have to work with focus and the constant squeak can annoy them. These soundless squeakers will be just like a normal one but it doesn’t have sound for humans.

It features ultrasonic sound waves that can’t be heard by humans but by dogs only. So humans can stay in peace while dogs play around with their squeaks.

Bouncy Ball With A Twist

This is a pointy ball that is just like a bouncy ball for dogs but it has pointy ends. This is one of the best cute puppy toys because not only it can bounce but it can be chewed by your dogs as well. Though these pointy balls such as Sprong are durable enough that can withstand the dog chews. But this is only suitable for small dogs such as chihuahuas.

Some dog owners have claimed that they own such balls for more than 3 years. However, they aren’t a good choice if you have dogs with strong jaws.

Special Cheese Dog Chew Treats

Some dogs don’t care about traditional dog chew toys. But here we found this cute yet practical chew that is great for the dogs. This chew for dogs such as Himalayan Dog Chew is made of cow and yak milk. One of the best things about them is that they can last for at least 3 days till the end. But even with their durability, they are soft enough that they will hurt the mouth or teeth of the dog. Just when the treatment ends and the last piece you see, take it and microwave it for some cheesy treat.

IQ Treat Ball

This is one of the best interactive toys on our list of the best dog toys. This toy is shaped like a ball and it can be filled with treats. You can fill the ball with your dog’s favorite treats and now the game begins. Your dog will need to interact with it to find the treats in it. This is one of the best dog toys that will mentally stimulate your dog’s brain. This ball is usually made of hard plastic so it can be hard on some hardwood floors or concrete floors but the carpet surface will be good enough for them.

Affordable Dog Plush Toys

If you want something cheaper but cute for your dog then the cute dog plush toys should be your choice. These cute squeaky dog plush toys can be a great gift to your dog and he or she will love them. It can squeak so your dog will love to cuddle with it and hang with it around. Because it is very affordable, even if it is lost by your dog, you can get a new one or you can buy 2-5 dog plush toys in advance. It won’t add hugely to the overall cost of owning a dog.

Knotted Rope Toy

If you just look for the best dog activities then you will find tug o war top of the list. This is one of those pet toys that are great for exercise as well. This noted rope is helpful in making their jaws strong by playing tug-o-war with the dog. When they aren’t playing, they can chew on it. It comes in a variety of sizes so you can buy whatever color you like the most. Also, it features fibers that can be helpful in flossing your dog’s teeth.

Teething Toys for Dogs

If you believe that dogs ball toys aren’t enough for your dog who wants to do the teething but can’t then this is the right pick for you. When puppies are growing their teeth then they may get destructive with their constant chewing.

With help of these teething toys are perfect for anyone with puppies. The teething toys help the puppies to distract them from destructive behavior. High-quality chew toys for puppies made of pet-friendly material. It is a non-toxic and durable material that can squeak. However, you may find plush, chew, rope, and dogs ball toys.

Frisby for Dogs

Just like real Frisby, it is a plush ring that is made of soft plush material with some heavy-duty stitching and it has multiple squeakers in it. This toy is easy to handle by small dogs and is durable enough that it can withstand the jaws of large dog jaws as well. You can even play fetch games with it especially if you are living in an apartment. 

Bottom Line

There are several best toys for dogs to choose from but you should know what your dog loves the most. Dogs love toys but they will not just accept every toy you gift them. Your puppy may show a sudden interest in some nice and cute puppy toys that may cost less but not interested in some expansive chew or modern toys.

This is why make sure to understand what your dog’s temperament is, what type of activities they love the most, and then follow our List of the best dog toys for best buy. If this is helpful for you, you can browse our other entries for further dog care guides and posts.

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