Common Bird Health Issues

Common Bird Health Issues
Written by Arlene S. Lane

Common Bird Health Issues can be too tough to identify for a new pet bird owner. They can be sneaky at first but over time you can find some significant damages that have been done because of it. Birds are naturally cute and this is the reason why they are number 3 on the list of top pets in the USA. While they just want attention from the owner, not knowing if they have any health issues can cause some serious problems among them and even death as well.

This is why learning about the bird’s health issues is as important as a bird feeding guide. Also knowing about the health issues of the birds will let you understand the health situation of the birds and how they can recover from it. Here is more to know about.

Why Do Knowing About Common Bird Health Issues Matter?

There is a common myth that animals often heal themselves when hurt or require general treatment when you find out. However, bird or animal health conditions aren’t easy to understand for most of us. You may feel calm that birds are tweeting nicely but there can be some underlying bird health issues that may be causing some serious problems internally.

Your precious pet bird will be in pain and may end up dying. This is why learning about your parrot’s health problems (if it is a parrot) or bird health issues is important. Continue reading the following for more information.

(PBFD) or Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease

This is one of those serious health conditions that scare pet bird owners the most. This is one of those parrot health problems where a deadly virus will cause abnormal growth of feathers and beaks among the parrots along with lesions and other health issues. PBFD is a health issue that can affect any parrot species and this doesn’t have any cure or known treatment as well.

However, the worst part of PBFD is that it is highly contagious. This means that it can quickly spread in the flock that is kept in close quarters. This sure is a nightmare, especially among the breeders. If you see any abnormality in your parrot’s feathers or beak then immediately contact the vet to see if they are suffering from PBFD to save other birds from it as well.

Avian Flu

Though the news about the avian flu aired several years ago. In recent years, it is making news once again. This is one of the most Common Bird Health Issues that is associated with the birds that are raised for food but any bird species can get affected by it. This means that any parrot species can be affected by it if they are exposed to it. While pet parrots have little probability to get such parrot health problems, it is still possible for the birds kept in captivity in flocks will suffer from this. This is why you need to take a little extra care to make sure your feathered friend is secure from this.

EGG Binding

If you own a male parrot or bird then don’t worry. This is one of those Common Bird Health Issues that only happens with females only. However, it can only happen to female birds that are in their breeding age. This is a painful and serious condition among female birds where eggs will take more time than usual to pass from their reproductive tract.

Though the time of passing eggs may vary from species to species and even individual birds. However, most of the birds will lay eggs between 24 to 48 hours. If your parrot is laying normally then it is still possible that she may face egg binding with her next egg. You should take a look for the signs and symptoms such as lameness, sitting on the floor, fluffing up feathers, etc. Make sure to contact an expert avian vet to eliminate this health issue.


Parasites are one of the most common bird health issues along with humans, animals, and birds. The health of pets whether it is cats, dogs, or the ones with feathers, can also get sick due to parasites. When we talk about bird health then one shouldn’t avoid the problem of parasites. Take a closer look at the health of your bird by taking a regular look at the bird’s body to check for any internal and external infestation of parasites.

They can make their way from pet birds to other pet animals and can harm, especially children. They can be deadly for parrots’ health and they can cause sudden death as well. This is why you should take care of the pet birds and visit the vet regularly and learn about this as much as possible.


Yes, you read it right. Not only humans can have stress but animals and birds also very much feel stress as well. Stress is one of those common bird health Issues that can be hard to detect. It can cause some serious bird health issues among pet birds. Having stress consistently can cause a decline in their immune system and they will be prone to illness more often.

Other problems related to stress are feather plucking among parrots, eating disorders, and sickness. Though they may look subtle most of the time, there can be different signs and symptoms to see if your bird is having a stress issue or not. If you find their behavior weird then you shouldn’t ignore it and contact your vet as soon as possible.

How To Deal With The Common Bird Health Issues

Just like humans, your pet birds can get sick as well. However, instead of losing it, you should focus on dealing with the condition. Though you can search the reputed pet blog to learn about pet bird care but don’t forget to visit an experienced Vet. Spend time with your pet bird and monitor their health, body, feather condition, beak, and nails for any serious change.

While trimming the pet bird’s nails, don’t forget to see if their feet or any hard-to-see areas of the body are also found or if they are having any pain upon touch. Remember, whether it is your pet cat, dog or parrot’s health issues don’t overlook it until they are fine. Also, don’t forget to ask the vet if you should put your bird separately or in isolation with contagious birds health issues.

Bottom Line

Learning about parrot health problems or any other kind of birds health issues will let you understand your pet bird health situation. You want to take care of your pet bird’s health so make sure you know about their physical health. Browse our pet bird care guides for more information.

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