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List of Hairless Cats

List of hairless Cats
Written by Arlene S. Lane

So, here we are with our List of Hairless Cat Breeds because we believe that they can be one of the unique cat species to own as pets. One of the oldest cat breeds which were even found in the records of Aztecs and Egyptians was the Hairless Cat Breeds. However, they gained popularity in the early 2000s and breeders saw the potential of Hairless Cat Breeds. Breeders start to create other hairless cats that have no hairs on their bodies.

If you haven’t checked our List of Long Hair Cats then check it out but if you want something unique in cats then hairless cats are for you. Hairless cats have a unique appearance but these baldies have a very warm and affectionate temperament. They love to snuggle with their owner and do different activities all day. If you are about to consider Hairless cat breeds then here is our List of Hairless Cat Breeds that you can consider adopting.

List of Hairless Cat Breeds

Here is our List of Hairless Cat Breeds that will sure worthy adopting.


Hairless cat breedsThis is perhaps one of the most popular Hairless Cat Breeds that made the hairless cat trend mainstream. They look bald because of recessive genetic mutation. They are considered to be one of highly intelligent cat breeds. It has deep-set lemon-shaped eyes, long legs, and a fine-boned body. This hairless cat breed looks elegant and regal.

Though they mostly have hairless bodies, they do feature. They hair’ like patches on their legs, tails, and face. If you are an outgoing person and love cats then the sphynx is the perfect cat companion for you. You will be surprised to know that the sphynx Hairless cat breeds originated from hairless kittens that were 3 in number dated back in 1978.

Ukrainian Levkoy

Hairless cat breedsThis is one of those Popular Hairless Cat Breeds originally bred in Russia, in 2004. The Ukrainian Levkoy is a hairless cat breed that is the result of mating between Scottish Fold and Donskoy. You can tell about their parents by looking at their hairless bodies and folded ears. Their body may have a velvety layer or a completely bald appearance.

These cats are very affectionate and have playful personalities. This is why you will have to provide them with a bunch of toys and entertainment accessories so they will not climb the walls. They are incredibly intelligent and they are great at finding things. So take note of where you are about to put the treats.


Hairless cat breedsThis is one of those hairless cat breeds that is a hybrid between sphynx and munchkin. This cat has a distinct personality with a tall body but short legs along with pointy ears.  Some Bambinos cats may have fur on their face, ears, legs, or tail, and some will have completely hairless bodies.

They are on our List of Hairless Cat Breeds because of their adorable looks and affectionate nature. They weigh about 9 pounds and they are the perfect harness breed for individuals with low living space.


Hairless cat breedsThis hairless cat breed is the resulting breed of mating the Oriental Shorthair and Donskoy. This cat breed possesses charming qualities in both breeds such as almond-shaped big eyes and large ears. Some Peterbald kittens may be born with a soft and light downy coat that may or may not shed. Not every Peterbald is born with hair.

Sometimes they may feature the qualities of Oriental and may be born with a full coat. This is one of those Hairless Cat Breeds that is often considered to be dog-like. They are loyal and affectionate. What is unique about them is their front toes which are nimble so they can hold things and can even open the door.


This is another popular Hairless Cat Breed that was first bred in 2004 and was the result of mating the American curl and sphynx. They have a rather soft body compared to other hairless cat breeds and they sometimes feature peach fuzz on their bodies. Sometimes it may not be their full body but patches on ears, tails, nose, and paws.

They have a friendly nature and love to socialize. They love attention and would like to be a part of it. Also, they love to climb so you should have some taller surfaces to satisfy their needs. Also, make sure to take extra care of such breeds in colder climates.


They also have the name don sphynx. This is one of those Hairless Cat Breeds that have a distinct look. They feature big ears, wrinkly skin, almond-shaped eyes, and long webbed toes. Some of the Donskoy kittens are born with fur which they shed over time. When they were first born, people thought that these kittens had an illness.

However, it was then added to the hairless cat breeds list because it was discovered that hairlines were due to dominant genes. They have a friendly personalities. They love to play with their favorite people. Sometimes, the Donskoy will grow a winter coat and will shed it after the season changes.


This is one of the cutest cat in our list of hairless cat breeds.  As the name suggests, they are the dwarf elf which is a hybrid between Munchkin and Elf. It has curved ears belonging to the elf and has the short legs of a munchkin. These are the best hairless cat breeds that have a dog-like nature. They are extremely affectionate and extremely playful.


Hairless cat

Though we are creating the List of Hairless Cat Breeds, the lykoi are not completely hairless cats. However, many of the lykoi are completely hairless. They are also known as wolf cats because they have dark black fur and grayish circles around their eyes. Despite their looks, they are very playful and loving cats. They are smaller in size and weigh around 4-7 pounds.

Bottom Line On Our List of Hairless Cat Breeds

If you are looking for unique cat types then Hairless cat breeds are just for you. Our List of Hairless Cat Breeds has the best and most popular Hairless Cat Breeds that you can own. Just make sure that you know how to take care of your pet cats. Also, make sure to take good care in winter because they don’t have enough fur to stay warm. You can check out to learn about cat care tips and tricks.

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